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Top 10 Cheesiest Strategies in Video Games

Script written by Ty Richardson Looking for an easy advantage? Video Game strategies don't get any cheesier than this! Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Cheesiest Strategies in Video Games! To have your ideas turned into a WatchMojo or MojoPlays video, head over to http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and get to it!

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Top 10 Cheesiest Strategies in Video Games

You just can’t play an honest game of skill anymore… Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Cheesiest Strategies in Video Games!

For this list, we’re looking at the "strategies" certain players use to gain an unfair advantage in games. Whether it be exploiting a games mechanics, resorting to cheap tactics, or interfering with the games code, all forms of cheesiness will be explored!

#10: Camping

We’re starting the list off for what could be described as a housefly problem; its way too common and its beyond annoying. Part of the thrill of online games (shooters, specifically) is in hunting down enemy players and successfully eliminating them. So, when someone is sitting in one spot with their eye on one or two entry points, the game can get very boring. Are you really going to suck the fun out of the game just to up your kill/death ratio? Well, your idle stance says “yes”.

#9: One-Tricking

These players put the “one-trick” in “one-trick pony” … You know, those people who choose the exact same character and loadout everytime! Venture out of your comfort zones people! Certain games require diversity, not enough support and too many DPS classes can result in a terrible match. By the same token, choosing the same character and using only one attack, however effective, is pretty dull. If you don’t know how to play as the other characters or use different weapons, why not learn!?

#8: Save Scumming

Now here’s a cheesy tactic everyone has used at one point or another in their gaming careers. Losing progress sucks, so what better way to avoid it than saving your game right before a really hard level or boss fight! We understand this isn’t the cheesiest strategy, but it often removes the penalty for dying or making the wrong decision, taking away from the immersion and satisfaction of completing tough challenges and quests. Hey, we’re not here to tell you how to play your games, but you might feel a sense of accomplishment if you keep away from the scumming!

#7: Map Glitching

When a multiplayer game releases a new map, there’s bound to be glitches. Sometimes, they just appear in patches that improve performance! Of course, you get a handful of people who will happily exploit these glitches just to add to their win count. Exploits can allow players to go out of bounds without penalty, clip through floors, and squeeze into corners. Simply put, you’re taking advantage of unintentional bugs just to pull out a win. After encountering these players, we’ve never been more excited to see the new patch notes.

#6: Turtling

This method is an awful lot like camping, but it’s a problem that is all too frequent in fighting games. Turtling is when a player backs up to the far end of the stage, attacking only on occasion. We understand using this when health bars are low and time is short, but when a player is turtling the entire time…well, it doesn’t make us want to play anymore. Yes, it can be funny when trying to troll a sibling. Just leave that stuff for when you’re fighting friends, not total strangers who just want to go a few rounds online.

#5: Exploiting A.I.

Okay, this is one we can all admit to partaking in. We realize we could ignore the different ways to cheese bosses like the Shredder, but where’s the fun in that? Exploiting broken A.I. can be hilarious and take away hours of your time. Once you figure out how to wipe an enemy off the plane of existence just by walking to a different screen, it becomes an entirely different game. We just can’t help ourselves when we figure out how to play God! Yes, doing this can break a game on occasion. However, it can turn our favorite worlds into a playground of silliness. Just look at “Skyrim”.

#4: Button Mashing

It’s the strategy of having no strategy. This is exactly what it sounds like: mashing buttons. We understand why some gamers might do this; either to troll the other player or because they’re too lazy to learn their character’s moves. They’re basically just mashing every single button in hopes of unleashing their ultimate attack. This strategy can only get you so far, though. Kind of hard to block attacks when you’re frantically jumping about and pressing all the attack buttons, don’t you think? The lesson here is to make sure you know how to play…or at least put up a decent fight.

#3: Cheats

We aren’t really talking about cheat codes here. So long as our friends know infinite ammo, all weapons are unlocked, or big head mode is on, everything is fine. Our primary focus is on gamers who use cheating software: aimbots, wall hacks, auto headshots, the whole nine yards. Using cheats tells us that the player would rather sit back and let the computer help them get eliminations than play and improve their performance. While some people might find this funny, many see cheats as a shameful excuse for scoring victories and making players mad. There’s just no integrity in this case.

#2: Lower Settings in PUBG to See Better

Now here’s where the cheese really shines. By lowering your graphics settings, you can stop fog and grass from rendering at a certain distance, potentially revealing locations of enemy players. We can sympathize with those using less powerful computers, but for those who intentionally do this just to easily pick off opponents, it’s a pretty cheap trick. The worst part is that this is practically a legal form of cheating, since you can’t tell if your opponent is using a powerful enough computer. You can only hope that they’re playing with honor.

#1: Spawn-killing

There are much better ways to spend your time than learning every single spawn point on a map. Spawn killing is literally the cheapest strategy when it comes to getting up that kill count. Enemy players barley have a chance to react before they are shot or stabbed in the back or face. A skilled spawn killer can eliminate a team very quickly, leaving many angry players in his or her wake. While your teammates may be cheering you on for winning the game, deep down, you know what you’ve done is just bad gaming etiquette. Have you no shame!?

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