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Top 10 Funniest Pixar Movie Characters

These are the funniest pixar movie characters! For this list, we’re looking at the very funniest characters to ever come out of Pixar Animation Studios. We’ve included characters like Bing Bong, Rex the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Dug, Heimlich and more!

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Top 10 Funniest Pixar Movie Characters

Whether their role was large or small, these Pixar creations delivered BIG laughs. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for Top 10 Funniest Pixar Movie Characters.

For this list, we’re looking at the very funniest characters to ever come out of Pixar Animation Studios.

#10: Dug
“Up” (2009)

Though he is surrounded by serious hunting dogs and serves a rather severe master, this portly pooch stands out despite himself with his lovable demeanor, eagerness to please and endearingly dopey ways. Dug is a Golden Retriever, and in contrast to his svelte peers, he is a little soft around the edges, but that just makes him all the more huggable. Pretty much every dog owner has dreamt of a dog translator so they could communicate better with their canine companion, but no one could’ve anticipated just how hilarious those doggie thoughts would be until being introduced to Dug. With his heart of gold and adorable voice, Dug is the definition of lovable goofball.

#9: Bing Bong
“Inside Out” (2015)

Pixar has a knack for creating characters that are both hilarious and heartfelt. This retired imaginary friend, who’s part cat, part elephant, part dolphin, and part cotton candy, provides some much-needed laughs after Joy and Sadness get lost in Riley’s mind. Though his goodbye is a real tearjerker, for the purposes of this list, we’re going to focus on the good times - and with his often-misguided attempts at helping, larger than life personality, and generally childish antics, in our short time with him, we shared PLENTY of laughs.

#8: Rex the Tyrannosaurus Rex
“Toy Story” franchise (1995-)

With his big head, little arms, and super-sized anxiety, you just want to give this worrywart of a toy dinosaur a big hug - even if he can’t really reciprocate. With Rex, it’s the disconnect between his appearance and personality that makes him such a comedic standout. He’s supposed to be modelled after a Tyrannosaurus rex, the fearsome king of his Prehistoric Kingdom. And though Andy might use him as such come playtime, when the humans are away, Rex is really self-conscious and clumsy - constantly seeking approval from others. His gentle, kind demeanor makes him undeniably endearing, while his excitability has resulted in some of the funnier one-liners in the franchise.

#7: Roz
“Monsters, Inc.” franchise (2001-)

In any film that involves bureaucracy, you need a surly older administrator who intimidates, well, pretty much everyone. And Roz… is the gold standard. With her monotonous husky drawl, indifferent stare, and complete immunity to all attempts at schmoozing and sweet-talking, she’s an absolute riot, as well as the perfect minor foible to Mike Wazowski. Though she initially complicates his life with her steadfast respect for the rules - particularly when it comes to paperwork - in the end she proves to be a significantly more important figure than anyone could’ve predicted. Of course, her “outtakes” in the end credits reveal a mischievous side too. You’re funnier than you’re willing to let on, Roz!

#6: Heimlich
“A Bug’s Life” (1998)

Even against steep competition from his fellow travelling circus bugs, Heimlich the ever-hungry caterpillar steals the show - at least as far as the laughs are concerned. With his hilarious accent, flair for the dramatic, and unbridled enthusiasm, Heimlich makes it nigh impossible for viewers to keep a straight face. From his over-the-top bumblebee routine, and performance as live bait, to his much anticipated and hilarious reveal as a “beautiful butterfly” at the end of the film, Heimlich is the sort of character that’s often quoted and imitated, but can rarely be duplicated.

#5: Tow Mater
“Cars” franchise (2006-)

What happens when you outfit a rusty tow truck with the personality of Southern “good ol’ boy” and introduce him to the masses by way of an animated film about talking cars? You get Sir Tow Mater - a character that kids literally can’t get enough of. Though very knowledgeable about all things relating to cars, towing and salvage, Mater isn’t what you’d call conventionally intelligent - or conventional in regard for that matter. As a result, he’s always getting himself into hilarious spots of trouble. With his heart of gold, good-nature and strong belief in friendship, he’s the sort of car whose infectious good-spirit will have you laughing in no time.

#4: Hamm
“Toy Story” franchise (1995-)

As the “Toy Story” franchise has shown us time and time again, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Or rather, in this case, you can’t judge a toy’s personality by its outward appearance. But hey, in a toy collection where the T. rex is a scaredy-cat, why can’t the piggy bank be a wisecracking, sarcastic swine? Often seen riffing off of Mr. Potato Head, he’s the closest thing to a stand-up comedian you can find in Andy’s toy box. Yes, Mr. Pig, we have heard of Kung Fu, and we’re VERY interested in learning more about Pork Chop!

#3: Edna Mode
“The Incredibles” franchise (2004-)

This fashion maven to the superhero elite will leave your head spinning with her quick-talking ways, loving yet stern demeanor and over-the-top energy. She’ll also leave you with sore ribs and a face full of tears by the time she leaves the screen. Inspired by larger than life fashion designers from the real world, this pint-sized, bespectacled master of superhero costume creation has enough personality to overpower even the mightiest of heroes. Whatever she says goes, and given her years of experience, you’re probably better off just shutting up and listening. Seeing her refer to Mr. Incredible’s worn out costume as a “Hobo Suit?” Priceless.

#2: Dory
“Finding Nemo” franchise (2003-)

Pixar is very particular about the films they make, so when a supporting character gets upgraded to the star of the show in a sequel, you know they’ve struck gold. Voiced by the incomparable Ellen DeGeneres, this little Blue Tang fish with the huge personality quickly established herself as a fan favorite character when she decided to help Marlin find his son Nemo. Though her short-term memory loss can be frustrating to those she aligns herself with, coupled with her overwhelming optimism, it also makes her a wrecking ball of comedic energy and good times. There isn’t a bad day known to humankind that can’t be cured by a quick clip of Dory’s antics.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions

“Toy Story 3” (2010)

“Ratatouille” (2007)

#1: Mike Wazowski
“Monsters, Inc.” franchise (2001-)

Mike Wazowski, voiced by Billy Crystal, is without a doubt the funniest creature in not just “Monsters, Inc.,” but any Pixar movie to date. Even amidst incredibly steep competition, he’s a true standout, and that’s because he’s more than just comic relief - he’s a nuanced central character who just so happens to be consistently hilarious - sometimes intentionally… other times not! A smooth-talker with a big but fragile ego, Mike’s inner struggle with his selfish wants, coupled with his high level of intelligence and compassion, makes for dynamic comedy that is sure to crack up both kids and adults alike. And yeah… the fact that he’s basically a walking eyeball and mouth doesn't hurt!

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