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Top 10 Funniest The Big Lebowski Moments

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Nick Spake

Way out west there was this fella... fella we wanna tell ya about. For this list, we’re looking at the scenes that best demonstrate why “The Big Lebowski” is one of the most surreal, inventive, and most hilarious movies of the past two decades. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest The Big Lebowski Moments.


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Script Written by Nick Spake

Top 10 Funniest The Big Lebowski Moments

Way out west there was this fella... fella we wanna tell ya about. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest The Big Lebowski Moments.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the scenes that best demonstrate why “The Big Lebowski” is one of the most surreal, inventive, and most hilarious movies of the past two decades.

#10: Maude Makes an Entrance

When you think about it, a lot of the scenes in this movie could’ve played out in a fairly straightforward fashion. Take this moment for example. Maude Lebowski simply needs to enter the room and introduce herself to The Dude. Instead, she comes flying in wearing a harness and splatters paint onto the canvas below. She then strips down, has her assistants robe her, and starts talking about the female form. Maude does eventually get into why she summoned The Dude, but not before listing off several synonyms for penis. The audience is unexpectedly submerged into a state of bewilderment where it’s impossible not to laugh.

#9: Nihilist Fight

It’s only natural that a film with kidnapping, ransoms, and German nihilists would build up to a big showdown. The climactic fight, however, somehow manages to be epic while also coming across as hilariously half-assed. Along with Walter and Donny, The Dude exits the bowling alley to find his car on fire (as if the poor vehicle hadn’t suffered enough abuse). They’re confronted by the nihilists, who want their money and won’t listen to reason. The nihilists may have swords, but they weren’t prepared to go up against Walter and his sharp set of teeth. Although Walter takes out all three, our heroes do suffer one causality as Donny has a heart attack and dies.

#8: The Drop-Off

In a tale full of colorful characters, Walter Sobchak is the wildcard that gives the film an extra layer of spontaneity. The Dude makes the mistake of letting him tag along on a ransom drop. Wanting to keep the money, Walter fills a briefcase with his dirty undies. Matters only get worse when the kidnappers call and The Dude stumbles through negations with no help from Walter. With no time to argue, Walter hurls the fake ransom off a bridge and rolls out of the driver’s seat with a gun blasting. Despite ruining the drop-off and wrecking his best friend’s car, it doesn’t take long for Walter to brush it off and go bowling.

#7: The Jesus

In the long run, Jesus Quintana really doesn’t contribute much to the plot. Without him, though, the movie would’ve been deprived of this uproarious scene. The Coen brothers reportedly gave actor John Turturro a lot of freedom in creating this over-the-top bowler. This resulted in some of Jesus’ signature moments, such has his backwards dance and the suggestive way he shines his bowling ball. Jesus seems like the most confident and magnetic person in the room, but it’s hard to have any respect for him when Walter reveals he’s actually a sex offender. This guy can talk trash like no other, asserting that “nobody f**ks with the Jesus.”

#6: "Gutterballs"

This dream sequence of a fictional film just drops in out of nowhere. So it’s only fitting that the scene is accompanied by Kenny Rogers’ “Just Dropped In.” With the essence of a trippy music video, the scene is so random that some viewers might not pick up on the numerous sexual innuendos. For example, take a closer look at how that bowling pin and those balls are positioned. How about the giant shoe rack skyrocketing to the moon? There’s also the domineering Maude wearing a horny Viking outfit. Just as life is full of strikes and gutters, the dream turns into a nightmare when the nihilists appear with giant scissors, personifying The Dude’s fear of losing his johnson.

#5: “I’m the Dude”

The two Jeffrey Lebowskis don’t have anything in common outside of sharing the same name. Actually, they don’t even have that in common, as one prefers to be called The Dude, which he makes clear upon meeting Mr. Lebowski. The differences between these men is only magnified, as the wealthy Lebowski condemns The Dude for being an unemployed bum who can’t distinguish a weekday from a weekend. At the root of this priceless conversation is an absurdly trivial matter. The Dude wants Lebowski to compensate him for his rug, which an intruder urinated on. You wouldn’t think this problem would warrant so much commotion, but then again that rug did really tie the room together.

#4: The Rug

Speaking of the rug, this movie might have the strangest inciting incident in all of cinema. Returning to this humble abode, The Dude is caught off-guard when a thug sends his head charging into a toilet bowl. Seeking the money Bunny Lebowski owes, the goons soon realize that they’ve confused The Dude for another Jeffrey Lebowski. You’d think they would’ve been able to tell The Dude wasn’t a millionaire based on his house. The lifted toilet seat also clearly indicates he’s not married. There’s no use in crying over literal spilt milk, but the intruders made the mistake of pissing on The Dude’s rug, thus sending our protagonist off on a journey unlike any other.

#3: Over the Line

It’s hard to say if Walter has always been a temperamental hothead or if his experiences in Vietnam turned him into an unstable nut. Either way, any situation can escalate out of control when Walter’s around. One minute, he’s explaining to his friends why he brought his ex-wife’s dog to the bowling alley. Then next, he’s lashing out at a fellow bowler for slightly stepping over the line. It’s Walter who truly goes over the line, however, whipping out a gun and threatening Smokey to accept the foul. Not wanting to enter a world of pain, Smokey does so. Nobody f**cks with the Walter, either.

#2: “You See What Happens, Larry?”

When Walter isn’t using a gun to resolve his problems, he’s using his crowbar to send a message. Thinking that a kid named Larry stole the ransom money, Walter and The Dude go to interrogate the high school student. When that doesn’t work, Walter resorts to Plan B. Thinking that Larry spent the money on a fancy sports car, Walter turns into a wrecking machine. while repeating one of the more memorable lines of John Goodman’s career. The damage is only made funnier when it’s revealed the car isn’t Larry’s, but a neighbour’s. To get even, The Dude’s already smashed up vehicle pays the price. This is what happens when you lose your cool, Walter.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

The Police Chief

"Nice Marmot"

Forget About the F**king Toe!

#1: Donny’s Ashes

We guess you could say that Donny died in battle, but his death still feels incredibly sudden and pointless. Of course that just makes his funeral all the more hysterical. Before spreading his ashes by the sea, Walter delivers a eulogy that abruptly takes a detour into Vietnam. Walter does get back on track with a few thoughtful words about the deceased, but any dramatic weight this scene might’ve carried is obliterated when he unleashes Donny’s ashes. We’re not sure what’s funnier, that they put Donny’s cremains in a coffee can or that most of the ashes blow into The Dude’s face. At least the guys are able to hug it out in the end.

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