Another Top 10 Creepiest Real-Life Dolls
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Another Top 10 Creepiest Real-Life Dolls

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Sometimes the scariest things come in small packages. For this list, we're looking at spooky or unnerving dolls from the real world. WatchMojo counts down Another Top 10 Creepiest Real-Life Dolls.

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Another Top 10 Creepiest Real-Life Dolls

Sometimes the scariest things come in small packages. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for Another Top 10 Creepiest Real Life Dolls.

For this list, we’re looking at spooky or unnerving dolls from the real world. We won’t be including fictional dolls from film or television (sorry, Chucky.) Of course, details are scarce on many of these dolls, but we’ve endeavored to provide as much accurate information as is available.

#10: Amanda the Doll

This doll, crafted by Heinrich Handwerck in 1884, is known for strange things happening around her. First sold on eBay in 2003, Amanda has allegedly been put back on the auction block on more than 20 occasions. Each of her owners kept claiming the doll had been the cause of weird occurrences while they had her. There have been reports of Amanda moving rooms, causing nightmares and even scratching her victims while they sleep. Her seemingly innocent face has been known to shift to an evil grin when she’s in tormentor mode. Her activities even earned her a place in John Harker’s “True Tales Trilogy: Nightmarish Accounts of Paranormal Activity”.

#9: Caroline

Caroline reportedly comes from an antique shop in Salem, Massachusetts. This doll is believed to be inhabited by not one, but three spirits all battling for control over her. The subject of frequent paranormal investigations, it’s believed that the spirits possessing Caroline were her owners themselves. She’s also a prankster, known for playing tricks on her owners. She’ll hide books, move objects and even whisper in your ear if you hold her close. A previous owner allegedly claimed Caroline whispered “Make it you” in his ear, which he interpreted to mean good luck. Not known to be a malicious spirit, Caroline hasn’t been seen since she was last investigated in 2004.

#8: The Suzy Doll

From the case files of Lorraine Warren, meet the Suzy Doll. Suzy was given to young Heather Platt as a birthday present made by her Aunt Robin. That night, Heather’s parents were awakened by the sound of growling, and a dark shadow that seemed to come down the street into their home. After that, Suzy was known to move about the house on her own, move objects around the kitchen that were too heavy for the children, and pull the hair out of the sleeping kids’ heads. By the time Lorraine Warren arrived, it took an exorcism to get the doll out of the house for good.

#7: Old Man Puppet

This puppet came into the hands of paranormal investigator Jayne Harris when its previous owner claimed the doll had choked him. The puppet was inherited by the man, who claimed to have left the puppet in a drawer by his bed when he awoke to his throat being throttled by tiny puppet hands. In addition to strangling, this unnamed “Old Man” puppet is said to have caused bruises and scratches, and haunted the man in his nightmares. Jayne was contacted and took to recording the puppet in case of any suspect behavior. Night vision footage showed the puppet moving inside its sealed glass case, confirming suspicions that the puppet is possessed.

#6: Elmo

Yes, even Elmo dolls have been shown to have a dark side. In 2008, a Florida family made the news, and waves around the web, when the Elmo Knows Your Name doll started making death threats to their son. Melissa Bowman, mother of the two-year-old James, overheard the doll say “Kill James” while her son was playing with the doll. Though this version of Elmo is able to be programmed to remember your kid’s name, James’s doll didn’t start spouting threats until he got his batteries changed. Fisher-Price launched an investigation and offered the family a voucher for another Elmo doll.

#5: The Devil Baby Doll

19th century New Orleans birthed many stories of spells and curses, and one such curse supposedly brought about the Devil Baby dolls. A bride cursed by the Queen of Voodoo, Marie Laveau, was said to have given birth to a devil child, spawned by Satan himself. In an effort to protect themselves, creoles carved Devil babies, hanging them in their homes as protection. In recent years, local artist Ricardo Pustanio took the last pieces of the one remaining doll and recreated the devil baby, as well as replicas. These dolls have been known to rustle and whisper when they’re all together, move by themselves, turn over ashtrays, and cry when they’re apart.

#4: The Pulau Ubin Barbie

In Singapore, one Barbie doll is visited regularly so that the spirit of a young girl can grant health and fortune. The story goes that in 1914, a German couple, suspected of being spies, were detained while their young daughter got away. In her attempt to escape, however, she tripped off a cliff to her tragic death. Eventually, her remains were placed in an urn and a shrine erected in her honor. After having been visited by the spirit of this little girl three nights in a row, a man bought this particular Barbie as instructed, and brought it to the shrine to serve as her stand-in.

#3: Voodoo Zombie Doll

Originally from New Orleans, this doll made its way to a woman in Galveston, Texas in 2004. It arrived in a metal box with instructions not to remove the doll, as it was “almost alive,” according to its eBay sellers. She let the doll out, and claimed afterwards that it would attack her and haunt her dreams. To get rid of it, she listed it on eBay and successfully sold the doll to a new owner several times. Each time, the buyer would receive an empty box, and the doll would reappear on the woman’s doorstep. She eventually got it in the hands of a ghost hunter, who reportedly still has the doll today.

#2: The Doll at Hougang

Found by passersby leaning against a tree, this doll seems innocent enough, if you don’t think about its eyes being covered. Enter the doll at Hougang; found in Hougang, Singapore around 2014. When pictures of the doll were posted online, a Reddit thread explained that the writing was Arabic, meaning “in the name of God”. Apparently, this little dolly had been moving around by itself and talking in a woman’s voice. The original owner claimed the only way they found they could get rid of it was to take it far from home and blindfold it so that it couldn’t come back.

#1: Patty Reed’s Doll

This creepy doll is the only one on our list to be haunted by humans rather than the other way around. Patty Reed’s doll famously came along for the wagon ride when the Donner Party made the trip west to California in 1846. When the travelers were trapped by snow, people turned from eating bits of leather and mice to cannibalism for survival. The entire Reed family made it through the trip, and the doll can be seen nowadays at Sutter’s Fort State Historical Park Museum in Sacramento, California. Unlike the others, this doll seems to be shocked into silence. It might not be supernatural, but it certainly inspires horror.