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Top 10 Small Details in Brooklyn Nine-Nine You Never Noticed

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Jarett Burke
Blink and you’ll miss ‘em. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Details in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” You Missed. For this list, we’re looking at little things in or about “Brooklyn Nine Nine” that you may not have picked up on because you were laughing too hard at Peralta’s shenanigans. Hey, it happens…

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Blink and you’ll miss ‘em. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Details in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” You Missed.

For this list, we’re looking at little things in or about “Brooklyn Nine Nine” that you may not have picked up on because you were laughing too hard at Peralta’s shenanigans. Hey, it happens…

#10: Four Drink Amy

In a season two episode “Beach House”, Gina lists what happens to Amy after she’s had a certain number of drinks. For example, after three drinks, Amy dances, and after four drinks she becomes a little “perverted”. Well, during Jake and Amy’s date in season three, Amy orders four shots in order to calm her nerves . . . and, well, that’s the first night the couple sleep together. There’s no doubt that Gina is super perceptive, but it’s also really funny just how predictable Amy is as well.

#9: Hitchcock’s Tattoo

Hitchcock and Scully are two of our favorites on the show, and we laughed really hard when Hitchcock got a tattoo of himself and proclaimed that he’s “Mr. Nine-Nine.” This tattoo wasn’t just a one-off joke either, as in season five when Terry and Holt are visiting Rosa in prison, they bump into Hitchcock who’s there to see his prison lover. Yes, apparently he’s got a prison lover …. He strips off his shirt in a moment of passion and there it is again, keeping things nicely consistent! We love Hitchcock, but that’s got to be the world’s ugliest tattoo.

#8: Terry’s Football Past

There’s really not much you could do if you saw Terry Crews lining up in front of you during a game. The dude’s massive and totally in shape so he’s definitely going to score a touchdown. Just hope and pray that you’re on his team. In a first season episode, during a game of charity football, the New York Fire Department felt ALL of Terry’s wrath as he led the Police Department to a huge victory. This scene is a nod to Mr. Crew’s early days playing pro football for numerous NFL teams, including the Chargers, Redskins and Eagles.

#7: Captain Holt’s Portrait

Here’s a little detail you may have missed unless you were on the lookout for it: the portrait of Holt that Terry painted for him to cheer him up early in season one is actually hanging in Kevin’s office at Columbia University toward the end of the same season. In real life by the way, Terry Crews actually is a gifted artist, so it’s not such a stretch that his character is this talented at painting. Holt loves the portrait, and he thinks Kevin will too because he looks so happy in it… Well, happy for Holt, at least.

#6: “Parks & Rec” Props

Seeing as there’s a close connection between “Parks and Rec” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” what with writer and producer Michael Schur having worked on both shows, it’s not so surprising that props from “Parks and Rec” were reused in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, as this Instagram post from Melissa Fumero, who plays Amy, points out. Could you imagine a crossover episode from the two shows? How amazing would that be? We think Amy and Leslie Knope would be super-good friends and organize lots of binders, or something…

#5: Terry’s Twins

You may have thought that Terry’s twins – Cagney and Lacey – just had really cool sounding names, but there’s more to it than that. “Cagney and Lacey” is also the name of the hit 1980s CBS show featuring Chris Cagney and Mary Beth Lacey as female police officers in New York City. The duo were known for portraying tough, realistic, and inspiring roles for women during a time when such roles were lacking, so with Terry naming his daughters after them, he’s clearly honoring the original TV show for the impact it had on female representation in television and beyond. Just one more reason we LOVE Terry!

#4: Real Romance

In the season five episode “The Puzzle Master,” Amy is forced to investigate her favorite crossword puzzle author Melvin Stermley for a recent string of arsons taking place across New York City. Mr. Stermley turns out to be quite the handsome dude, and their chemistry begins to make a lot of sense when you find out that he’s played by Amy’s real-life husband, actor and former fashion model David Fumero. These two are super-cute together, so it was nice seeing them in action side-by-side on the show.

#3: Pride Flag Binders

Anyone who watches the show knows that Captain Holt is an openly-gay officer and has taken his fair share of crap from less-accepting New York City Policemen. But what you may not have known is that in his office there are a series of colorful binders arranged in the formation of the Pride Flag. How cool is that?! Also, if you look closely enough, you’ll see a similar set of binders displaying the Pride Flag located just behind Gina’s Desk. We always knew Gina had Holt’s back… but this just totally confirms it.

#2: Amy’s Pregnancy

File this missed detail under: “How did they do that?!” Did you know that Melissa Fumero was pregnant for the bulk of season three? No? Neither did we! Of course, there’s the reveal toward the end of the season where Amy fakes a pregnancy that allows her to appear on screen in all her pregnant glory, but for the rest of the season she was written to always be carrying objects at belly height to hide her “baby bump” and it worked incredibly well. Like, shockingly so. Let’s give it up for the directors for pulling this off, but let’s also give it up for Melissa for working an entire season while pregnant!

#1: Kwazy Cupcakes

Kwazy Cupcakes is an in-show spoof on the popular stacking games like “Bejeweled” and “Diamond Mine.” In fact, the fake mobile game became so popular after it appeared in the first season of the show, and Captain Holt became addicted to it, that a company was hired to create the app in real life and it’s actually available in the Apps Store for iOS. This is easily one of our favorite episodes, what with Holt reprimanding Gina for playing the game and then being unable to stop playing it himself. Just remember though, there’s no such thing as a “backwards W.”

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