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Top 10 Most Gruesome Deaths In Jurassic World

VO: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nick Spake

Clever girls. For this list, we’re taking a look at the most terrifying and unpleasant-looking deaths of both humans and dinosaurs from the “Jurassic World” movies. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Most Unenviable Deaths In Jurassic World.

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Script written by Nick Spake

Top 10 Most Unenviable Deaths In Jurassic World

Top 10 Most Unenviable Deaths in Jurassic World

Clever girls. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Unenviable Deaths in Jurassic World.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the most terrifying and unpleasant-looking deaths of both humans and dinosaurs from the “Jurassic World” movies.

#10: Jurassic Appetizers

“Jurassic World” (2015)
When it comes to workplace health and safety . . . there are definitely better companies to work for. As the Indominus rex stages an escape from captivity, she snags a hapless park employee and delivers the film’s first kill. Although the death primarily takes place off-screen, we’re given a glimpse of the Indominus ripping her meal apart. Nick the paddock supervisor receives an even more graphic demise, as the Indominus discovers his hiding place and snatches the poor guy up in one bite. Owen’s quick-thinking spares him from a similar fate, although the up-close look he gets at the dinosaur’s mighty jaws gives us an idea of the pain his co-workers endured.

#9: The Brachiosaurus

“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” (2018)
The Brachiosaurus has always served as a beacon of inspiration throughout this franchise, capturing all of the wonder we associate with dinosaurs. When a volcano erupts on Isla Nublar, our heroes escape by the skin of their teeth, but several dinosaurs are left to perish on the island, including a long-necked giant. Wailing out for help, the Brachiosaurus is engulfed in smoke and flames until it vanishes from our vision. While not the bloodiest death on this list, seeing the suffering dinosaur’s silhouette is more than enough to overwhelm the audience with grief. What makes the death even more distressing is that this is apparently the same Brachiosaurus first seen in “Jurassic Park” - effectively killing part of our childhoods.

#8: We Don’t Need Anyone Else

“Jurassic World” (2015)
Like John Hammond before him, Simon Masrani was simply too ambitious for his own good. Not only did this wealthy businessman open Jurassic World, he also insisted on flying his own helicopter. With the Indominus running amuck, Masrani decides to summon his inner action hero and jumps into the pilot seat. While his intentions were noble, it blows up in Masrani’s face both literally and figuratively, as the Indominus rams through an aviary and frees a flock of Pteranodons. As the gunman plummets to his death and the co-pilot is impaled by a beak, Masrani is unable to control the chopper, smashing through the glass ceiling to an explosive demise.

#7: Bye Bye Eli

“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” (2018)
Being a backstabber, a murderer, and an all-around smug jerk, Eli Mills is a character that, to be honest, we couldn’t have been happier to see bite the dust. As the dinosaurs are released, one of Eli’s cronies is dropped on from on high, while another is trampled. After nearly getting crushed by the stampede, Eli seems at first to have evaded the mayhem. Naturally, that’s when the Tyrannosaurus pops out of the blue and sinks his teeth into the villain. Ripping him to shreds, the T-rex scoffs down a majority of Eli’s carcass while a Carnotaurus gets a taste of his leg. Eli’s death is beyond savage . . . but that’s also why it’s so savory and satisfying.

#6: Mercenary on the Menu

“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” (2018)
A word of advice: when someone is trying to get your attention on an island overrun with prehistoric animals, it probably means a Tyrannosaurus is standing right behind you. It takes this mercenary a while to realize that he’s in danger, leaving him charging for safety with the carnivore narrowly closing in on him. The T-Rex nips at the helicopter’s ladder, but misses out on a tasty human snack. Of course, this brings us to our next word of advice: if you dodge death in a “Jurassic World” movie, don’t celebrate too early . . . because there’s likely another dinosaur waiting in the wings. In this case, it’s the Mosasaurus, which brutally chows down on the mercenary.

#5: On Your Side Dish

“Jurassic World” (2015)
Vic Hoskins is another greedy human who gets his comeuppance in ferocious fashion. Plotting to weaponize dinosaurs for military action, the security force leader corners our heroes and spells out his dastardly plan like a supervillain. Hoskins’ pretentious monologue is cut short, however, as a raptor barges in. He tries to talk her down, insisting that they’re on the same team and even extending his arm out, calling back to an earlier scene. This goes over about as well as you would think, and the raptor slams her choppers onto Hoskins’ arm. She proceeds to dig into him like a buffet, with blood splattering across the lab. If the world needed proof that dinosaurs don’t make good soldiers, Hoskins’ mutilated remains should be Exhibit A.

#4: It Can Camouflage

“Jurassic World” (2015)
You know the saying, “don't bring a knife to a gunfight?” Well, you probably shouldn’t bring non-lethal weapons to a genetically modified dinosaur fight either. A special forces team learns this the hard way when they attempt to detain the Indominus. The dinosaur hybrid is a clever girl indeed however, ditching her tracking device and blending into her environment. The commander gets the worst of ensuing attack as the Indominus seizes him, tosses him to the ground, and squashes him like a bug. The rest of his troop gets knocked into trees while a couple are devoured, with bloody clunks raining down on the trees. The various flatlines come as no surprise to Owen, who has the most sensible idea . . .

#3: The Indominus’ Last Stand

“Jurassic World” (2015)
The Indominus rex causes a majority of the carnage in “Jurassic World.” So, it’s only fitting that her last stand would be equally grisly and epic. It’s the tag team we’ve always wanted to see: a T-rex and a raptor joining forces against a common foe! While it may be two against one, the Indominus is comprised of both Tyrannosaurus and raptor DNA, leveling the playing field. If anything, the Indominus stands her ground and might’ve actually come out on top if it weren’t for one wildcard. Splashing out of the tank, the Mosasaurus clutches the Indominus by the neck and pulls her to a watery grave. Whether the Indominus drowned or was chewed to death first, she’s officially a fossil now.

#2: Ken Wheatley

“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” (2018)
Ken Wheatley is a villain who practically goes out of his way to make the audience loathe him, delighting in tormenting dinosaurs and even yanking out their teeth to make a necklace. With the Indoraptor tranquilized, the mercenary thinks he’s safe to sneak into her cage and extract a tooth. Yeah, we’re sure that’ll work out just great! Merely pretending to be down for the count, the Indoraptor actually grins as she raises her tail and prepares to strike. It’s like something out of a Tom & Jerry cartoon. Instead of dropping an anvil on Wheatley, though, the Indoraptor separates his right arm from the rest of his body. Wheatley wanted just one tooth, but this hybrid dinosaur gives him a mouthful.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

The Apatosaurus
“Jurassic World” (2015)

Gunnar Goes Down
“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” (2018)

The Indoraptor Falls
“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” (2018)

#1: To Assassinate an Assistant

“Jurassic World” (2015)
Surprisingly, the dinosaur that delivers the most unenviable death in “Jurassic World” isn’t the Indominus. And in fact, the person who endures this fatality is a character who had fairly little screen time. It’d be one thing if Claire's assistant Zara just got snatched by a Pteranodon. Instead, she’s flung around the courtyard like a ragdoll, lands in the lagoon, winds up in a Pteranodon’s mouth, and then both of them are swallowed by the Mosasaurus. The traumatized expression on Gray’s face says it all. Zara’s death is overkill in more ways than one, but if you’re going to bump off a minor character, you might as well do it in the most over-the-top way possible.


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