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The Most Embarrassing Anthem Glitches

VO: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Caitlin Johnson
Anthem had a rough launch, and more woes to come as bug fixes just added more bugs, and players managed to exploit the game at every turn.

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Embarrassing Anthem Glitches

Welcome to MojoPlays! Today, we’re looking at the most embarrassing glitches in BioWare’s “Anthem”.

While some of these issues have since been fixed, the fact that issues this big occurred in the released version in the first place says a lot about the game.

Perpetual Falling

The character models and animations themselves have a wide variety of problems in “Anthem.” There’s plenty of rubber-banding if your connection isn’t top of the line, as well as warped NPCs with missing body parts, invisible enemies the game is incapable of loading, and plenty of freaky animations. But you’re also liable to find yourself stuck in an endless loop of falling, trapped on various objects and stuck, suspended, in mid-air. You wouldn’t think this would be a problem in a game with a traversal mechanic as dynamic as “Anthem’s”, and you could just jetpack your way out of any tight spots – but unfortunately, even the jetpacks aren’t always enough to save you from this weird glitch.

Less Gear Makes You Stronger?

When it comes to scaling, “Anthem” is deeply broken. Reddit user “Gaidax” did the math and worked out that Masterworks are actually determinantal when it comes to how much damage you’re putting out. Because of the way the game calculates your average gear level, if you only have low-level components, unequipping them will boost your average level and mean you do more damage to the in-game enemies. To make this even worse, if you have a legendary weapon equipped and no support components, your perceived level will skyrocket and turn you into a god. This means that it’s actually pointless to spend time levelling up your gear and collecting loot. This problem is so bad it’s more than just a glitch, it’s a deep flaw in the game’s design anybody can exploit.

Dragon Mode

It’s hard to deny that “Anthem’s” traversal mechanics aren’t outstanding. Going from flying through the skies to diving underwater to engaging in combat so smoothly is its main appeal – after all, who doesn’t want to be Iron Man? The only hindrance is that you can’t fire off your weapons while your javelin is in its flying mode. At least, not unless you take advantage of this incredibly easy bug. If you’re using the Colossus javelin and use its lightning coil attack immediately before taking off, you’ll find yourself able to use the flamethrower while flying. This effectively transforms you into a dragon, able to fly overhead and burn anything that gets in your way. Fun as this is, it’s not great for the game’s balance.

Invincible Javelin

There’s already a bug where you can combine your javelins together to have double the abilities you’d usually have, but if that wasn’t enough for you, if you decide to play with the Storm javelin you can become invincible. Remarkably, all you have to do to get infinite health and shields regeneration, as well as having all your jetpack cooldown reset, is swap weapons before triggering the ultimate. When you swap weapons like this, you’ll cancel the ultimate, and it’s the cancelation that restores all your stats. This means you’ll be able to take on huge bosses and advanced missions and just keep regenerating.

OP Starter Gun

If you want to play “Anthem” but don’t want to spend time loot farming or doing repetitive missions to try and get the best gear, don’t worry! It turns out that the best weapon in the game is the level 1 rifle you get as soon as you start playing. Yes, really, Reddit user “YeetLordSupreme” discovered that the level 1 Defender was killing enemies in less hits than his level 45 Masterwork rifle. Bizarrely, the level 45 weapon still had much higher damage, with 1180 DPS, while the level 1 only had 286 DPS, but where stats are wrong the gameplay doesn’t lie. The level 45 weapon took 6 shots to kill an enemy, while the level 1 took 4. This means not only that you can coast through the game, but also that all the damage numbers are meaningless.

The Drop Rate Boycott

In the game’s 1.03 patch, Bioware made updates to the way the game dropped its loot by making Common and Uncommon loot no longer appear for Level 30 players, since those weapons would be useless for them. However they also unintentionally increased the drop rates for Legendary and Masterwork weapons, and players reported that it made the game a lot more fun. But when Bioware reverted back to the original drop rates, fans were outraged and even went as far as to call for a boycott. Well it seemed that boycott was successful as Bioware intentionally increased the loot drops to how they were when they were supposedly “broken” to begin with. I wouldn’t want to be in that EA boardroom meeting.


Some glitches in “Anthem” can have the benefit of making amazing videos that create hilarious videos on YouTube and Reddit, but its biggest issue was no laughing matter. After the “Day One Patch” users across both PS4 and Xbox One reported that the game was frequently crashing. We can confirm it happened on PC too, because it happened to us. When we tried to livestream the game; attempting to get past the title screen caused the whole computer to crash. Even worse is that some PS4 users were reporting that these crashes were also bricking their consoles, and for a game that’s already been met with a mixed reception, that’s already a very bad sign for the game’s future.


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