Top 10 Celeb Scandals Everyone Forgot Happened



Top 10 Celeb Scandals Everyone Forgot Happened

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Somehow, these controversies didn't stick in the public's mind. For this list, we're looking at alleged scandals involving famous or high profile individuals that the public has seemingly overlooked for one reason or another. We've included forgotten scandals from stars like Bruno Mars, Ashton Kutcher and Caitlyn Jenner. Join WatchMojo as we count down the celebrity scandals everyone pretends never happened.

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Script written by William Regot

Top 10 Celeb Scandals Everyone Forgot Happened

Somehow, these controversies didn’t stick in the public’s mind. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Celeb Scandals That Everyone Pretends Never Happened.

For this list, we’re looking at alleged scandals involving famous or high profile individuals that the public has seemingly overlooked for one reason or another. We’re not including scandals that reportedly took place before a celebrity became famous, so Tim Allen’s 1978 arrest for cocaine possession or Mark Wahlberg’s racially motivated attacks against two Vietnamese men won’t be on this list.

#10: Bruno Mars

The incident in question took place in September 2010 at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, where the “24K Magic" singer was apparently caught with 2.6 grams of cocaine. It was enough to warrant felony charges, but he was able to make his legal troubles go away by performing 200 hours of community service, paying a $2,000 fine, and undergoing drug counseling. Mars said the experience has made him a better person and has expressed a desire to put it behind him. Fortunately for the singer, no one ever really seems to feel the need to bring it up ever since.

#9: Ashton Kutcher

Rumors came out in 2011 that Kutcher had cheated on then-wife Demi Moore with 22-year-old administrative assistant Sara Leal - something that Leal has said was true. When Demi announced her separation from Ashton later that year, she gave the impression that Ashton’s alleged infidelity was part of the reason. Since their split, Kutcher seems to be living happily with Mila Kunis, whom he married in 2015. Though others rarely bring it up, he didn’t forget those rumors; during a speech he gave in 2017 at Drake University while accepting an award based on good character, Kutcher said they helped build his character.

#8: Hugh Grant

As Eddie Murphy can attest, there’s nothing like getting caught with a prostitute to get the attention of tabloids. Hugh Grant attracted bad press in the summer of 1995 when he was arrested in Los Angeles after having solicited oral sex from a prostitute. The actor was charged with lewd conduct and had to pay $1180 in fines. His career as the King of Romantic Comedies looked like it could have been in danger. However, an appearance on the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” where Grant was upfront about his bad behavior was said to have helped rehabilitate his image.

#7: Kobe Bryant

In 2003, Bryant was charged with a sexual assault that allegedly took place in Edwards, Colorado. Although Bryant admitted to having sex with the 19-year-old employee of the hotel he was staying at, he said he thought that the sex was consensual. As part of the fallout, the NBA superstar had to settle in civil court and lost out on endorsement deals. Then, at the 2018 Oscars, when Hollywood was calling the attention of America and the world to the #MeToo movement and sexual harassment, the Academy awarded Bryant an Oscar for his work on “Dear Basketball”.

#6: Caitlyn Jenner

Shortly before officially coming out as transgender, Caitlyn Jenner was in the news in February 2015 for a different reason. Jenner was part of a multiple car collision that took the life of 69-year-old Kim Howe when Jenner’s SUV ran into the back of Howe’s Lexus. An investigation didn’t find negligence on Jenner’s part, so no criminal charges were made against her. News of the tragedy faded away after Jenner came out as transgender in April of 2015, and she’s since become an outspoken public figure within the LGBTQ community. Jenner isn’t the only celebrity to have been involved in a fatal car crash. In 1987, Matthew Broderick killed a mother and adult daughter in a head-on collision in Northern Ireland.

#5: David Letterman

In 2009, a “48 Hours” producer tried to blackmail David Letterman for 2 million dollars over Letterman having sex with employees. Letterman didn’t pay off the man, and, as a result, the secret got out. Letterman addressed the issue in October, and a couple of days later, he apologized to his wife and his coworkers for what he put them through. At the time of the scandal, there was some concern that Letterman was using his position of power as a way to pressure employees into sleeping with him, but that has since blown over. Today, scandal and all, Letterman is still mostly just thought of as one of the great late night comedy hosts.

#4: Chris Brown

This rapper’s got tons of dirty items on his laundry list. The most infamous was his 2009 arrest following his assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna. He was charged, given a plea deal and publicly apologized - but it wouldn’t be his last offence. What followed included a scuffle with Drake’s entourage, an altercation with Frank Ocean, an alleged 2016 LAPD standoff after he supposedly chased a woman out of his house and a 2019 aggravated rape accusation in Paris. Charges either were dropped, weren’t pressed, or Brown was released on bail in these cases. Though it all, he’s continued to make music and tour, celebs still appear to be on his team, and these events seem to have had little impact on the public’s overall perception of him.

#3: Matthew McConaughey

Way back in October of 1999, McConaughey was arrested at his home in Austin, Texas, for the possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Reportedly, McConaughey was in the nude and playing on a set of bongos around 3 a.m, and police were brought in on a noise complaint. During the arrest, McConaughey reportedly resisted when told by one officer to put on a pair of pants, and is said to have shoved the cop. Thankfully, nothing really came of this incident as the actor only spent one night in a jail and no charges were filed. Considering how strange the details around the arrest sound, it’s surprising that nothing more was made of it.

#2: Reese Witherspoon

In 2013, Witherspoon was arrested in Atlanta for disorderly conduct. Witherspoon was drunkenly mouthing off to a police officer after her husband was pulled over after being suspected of driving under the influence. Embarrassed by her own behavior that night, Witherspoon owned up to it, pled no contest, and paid more than $300 in courts costs and a fine. The Oscar-winning actress made the talk show rounds to apologize for the incident, and shortly after, everyone forgot about it. Then, Witherspoon went back to playing characters who were agreeable role models as if nothing happened.

#1: Rob Lowe

During a stay in Atlanta for the 1988 Democratic National Convention, Rob Lowe reportedly had sex with at least one underage girl and possibly another woman of legal age. How do we know? A sex tape was leaked. While Lowe was 24 at the time, the younger gal was just 16. The tape, which also showed Lowe and one of his friends performing sex acts with a model in Paris, was widely circulated. It was all over the news, and many predicted that his career was over. Though it certainly slowed his momentum, he’s undeniably bounced back. The actor has since gone on to take roles in popular TV shows like “The West Wing” and “Parks and Recreation,” and hasn’t been typecast as “Creepy Rob Lowe.”