Another Top 10 RuPaul’s Drag Race Runway Outfits



Another Top 10 RuPaul's Drag Race Runway Outfits

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Hannah Collins
With such a large wardrobe, we're going through even more Rupaul's Drag Race runway outfits. We'll be choosing the most fabulous and flawless looks to have ever appeared on the Drag Race or All Stars main stage runway. Sashay, shantay, panther on the runway! MsMojo ranks the best RuPaul's Drag Race runway outfits. Which outfit do you think was the most fabulous? Let us know in the comments!
Sashay, shantay, panther on the runway! Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for another top ten “RuPaul’s Drag Race” runway outfits. For this list, we’ll be choosing the most fabulous and flawless looks to have ever appeared on the “Drag Race” or “All Stars” main stage runway. As we’ll be including some Lip Sync and finale looks, watch out for spoilers from this point on!

#10: Katya’s Pants On The Runway Look

Our favorite “bisexual Russian hooker” might not describe herself as a fashion queen, but during her time on both Season 7 and “All Stars 2,” Katya turned out some of the most original runways the show has ever seen. While we’re going to see a lot more extravagant looks later on this list, this one from “All Stars 2” is evidence that a beat mug, a good wig and a clear concept can go a long way. Conceptual is the best way to describe most of Katya’s looks. For this one, her voiceover told us that she was going for an “‘80s Russian literary agent” and we think absolutely she nailed it. And, really, who else but Katya could?

#9: Monét X Change's Angelic White Look

Monet X Change’s “Drag Race” fashion journey got off to a rocky start in Season 10 with her infamous sponge dress. Things didn’t get much better for her, either, when sloppy wardrobe malfunctions were pointed out. But, in the short time between then and “All Stars 4,” Monet really stepped her couture game up, culminating in this twisted take on the fifth episode’s “Angelic White” theme. From the stoned Papal hat and bodysuit, to those knee-high boots and, of course, the finishing, devilish touch in those bloodshot eyes -- everything about this was perfectly assembled and perfectly presented.

#8: Yvie Oddly’s Grand Finale Final Lip Sync Look

She’s Yvie Oddly and oddly enough, her very last look on “Drag Race,” Season 11 was the crowning glory of her successful run on the show. Since the four-way lip sync smackdown was introduced in Season 9, we’ve gotten used to seeing reveal after reveal in each season finale. As a result, we’re kind of reveal-fatigued. Brooke Lynn Hytes poked fun at this with her final lip sync look, but she couldn’t compete with what Yvie had planned. Yvie’s outfit was a brilliant blend of glamor and oddity. Like some kind of Aztec goddess on her way to a ball. The only thing that could cap it was when she turned her head halfway through the performance to reveal… another head!

#7: Naomi Smalls’ Angelic White Look

“All Stars 4”’s “Angelic White” theme blessed us with not just one unforgettable runway outfit, but two. This one comes from one of the show’s most well-loved style icons, Naomi Smalls. The Season 8 alum really came into her own during this “All Stars” season, and it was creative and surprising runways like this one that made her seem like a real contender. What can we say about this Prince look that you can't see from pictures of it? It’s just so flawless! In a sea of white, fluffy cherub looks, Naomi really broke the mold with this amazing tribute to the late, great Prince. She even brought her own guitar!

#6: Detox’s Latex Extravaganza Look

Just when we thought Detox’s fashion game couldn’t get any better, the Season 5 queen came back to slay us dead in “All Stars 2.” Every time an episode got to the runway portion, we were excited to see her turn the corner. For the second episode, the theme was “Latex Extravangaza,” which led to some repetitive, BDSM-inspired looks. No-one’s interpretation of the theme could compete with Detox’s, however. Her love for iconic French fashion designer, Thierry Mugler came through strong here, though Katya perhaps has the best description of it: "Her runway destroyed: “National Geographic meets Italian Vogue meets Better Homes and Gardens” It might just be the most haute couture that Detox has ever looked.

#5: Sasha Velour’s First Grand Finale Lip Sync Look

Going into her first lip sync against Shea Coulee in Season 9’s “Grand Finale,” Sasha Velour’s look was deceptively simple: matching dress, wig and gloves. All beautifully presented, of course, but understated nonetheless. Then, when Whitney Houston’s “So Emotional” started playing, Sasha - and her outfit - really came to life. As she pulled off each glove with a flourish, red rose petals flew out. This was then topped by her now legendary reveal:lifting her wig to release more rose petals, before transitioning to her signature bald look. Not a lot of queens could elevate such a simple costume. Those hoping for something flashier from the arty queen got their wish in her elaborate final look, which featured another dramatic head reveal:

#4: April Carrión’s Best Drag Look

One of the more underrated “Drag Race” contestants, April Carrión was a beauty queen who turned sickening look after sickening look during her brief time on Season 6. Who else could take something like “Duck Dynasty” as outfit inspiration and make it sexy? April was far more than just a pretty face, best proven by her super creative “April Showers” look from the third episode.Her fishtailed skirt and cape mimic a yellow raincoat while the exposed, bejeweled bra and swept-over hair add a more sultry element. The cherry on top, of course, is the fringed umbrella creating the illusion of rain. April also really sold the look, peeking out between the fringe when she arrived on the runway.

#3: Valentina’s Madonna Look

“Night of 1,000 Madonnas,” take two! After “KimonoGate” put a blemish on the first time this runway themed was used in Season 8, RuPaul resurrected it for the girls of Season 9. It’s funny that Aja’s famous dig at Valentina referenced the fact that she could walk the runway in a “diaper” and the judges would still eat her up, when Valentina’s Madonna tribute - which comes from the music legend’s “Sex” book - is just two rectangles across her body. But, the shock value of coming out nearly naked and the way she presented it made the bold look the most memorable of the night. Along with her gorgeous White Party bridal outfit, Valentina was one of the season’s most stylish contestants.

#2: Aquaria’s Mermaid Fantasy Look

When you hear the word “mermaid,” you normally think of long, flowing hair, seashell bras and pastel colors. Y’know, the Disney version. Not so much when you’re an edgy fashion queen like Aquaria, though. This straightforward Season 10 runway theme was made weirder by RuPaul specifying that it also had to be Bette Midler homage, which meant that as well as dressing up as a mermaid, each queen had to be paraded down the runway in a wheelchair. While most of the contestants went for neon colors and pretty makeup, Aquaria chose to bring out the monstrous side of this mythical creature to incredible effect. Echoing this fantastical animal theme, she arrived on the Season 11 finale runway in this breathtaking bird costume.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Brooke Lynn Hytes’ Sequins On The Runway Look

Kim Chi’s Grand Finale Look

Plastique Tiara’s All That Glitters Look

Violet Chachki’s Hello Kitty Eleganza Look

Milk’s Best Drag Look

#1: Manila Luzon’s Eleguance After Dark Look

Since she made her debut on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” in Season 3, Manilla Luzon has earned an unbeatable reputation for her elevated camp couture. When she returned for a third time for “All Stars 4” we were treated to a roadkill version of one of her most famous Season 3 looks, telling us that Manilla was back and she did not come back to play. While she delivered more of her signature fun fashion like her LaLaPaRUza outfit, it was this stunning pageant gown that grabbed our attention the most. Rather than find a silly angle for the “Eleguance” runway theme, Manilla surprised everyone by taking it seriously, coming down the runway looking like both Cinderella and her fairy godmother all at once.