Top 10 Funniest iZombie Moments



Top 10 Funniest iZombie Moments

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Caitlin Johnson
The funniest iZombie moments practically had us laughing to death. We're looking at the most hilarious moments in all five seasons of iZombie. Dark? Often! But it's also always good for a laugh. MsMojo ranks the funniest iZombie moments. What do you think is funniest iZombie moment? Let us know in the comments!
Dark? Often! But it’s also always good for a laugh. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 funniest “iZombie” moments.

For this list, we’re looking at the most hilarious moments in all five seasons of “iZombie.”

#10: Frat Boy Liv
“Zombie Bro”

While on the brains of a mischievous frat boy, Liv gets a taste for pranking, and even her own boss becomes a target. After catching Ravi asleep in the morgue office, she does what any bro would do, giving him a full face of makeup and writing the word “fart” on his head. He’s forced to tell her off when he finally wakes up, but she just cannot take him seriously. The cherry on top? She’s also positioned the medical skeletons to be more than a little inappropriate. It’s all very juvenile, sure, but what makes it so funny is how out of character it is for Liv.

#9: Gamer Liv
“Virtual Reality Bites”

After eating the brains of a reclusive computer hacker and gamer, Liv gains more than a few of his habits. She spends much of the episode shut up in her apartment playing Warlock Forest, a MMO, to investigate death threats levied against the victim. Despite her initial disdain for video games, with Ravi’s encouragement she quickly gets invested in a quest to retake the Tree Palace. She’s inherited all of Sim Reaper’s knowledge about the game, and before long is yelling orders and consuming potato chips and energy drinks like there’s no tomorrow.

#8: Mood Lighting
“Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Brain”

When Liv, Clive and Ravi investigate the death of a pick-up artist, they discover that his bedroom is just as sleazy as the rest of him. They find all sorts of unpleasant things stashed away, including a supply of morning-after pills and a product called “Weener Kleener”. But the worst is some very specific mood lighting. When Liv decides that she’s discovered the victim’s killer, she claps her hands. But she inadvertently triggers some low, pink lighting and sexy music. Liv and Ravi decide (jokingly) that this means they’d all better sleep together, but Clive swiftly ends the joke with a clap of the notepad. Way to kill the mood!

#7: Zombie Show
“Method Head”

After Liv gets hooked on “Zombie High”, a TV show about a high school besieged by zombies, her dreams come true when the lead gets murdered and they have to examine the body. After she gets done nerding out over being on set, it’s time for some actual police work, and they eventually question the zombie extras. The extras complain about being constantly ignored by the murder victim and all-round unappreciated, until one suggests the novel idea of having a zombie show where a zombie is the star. It’s probably the best meta joke “iZombie” ever pulled off, made even funnier by Clive’s claim that zombies freak him out.

#6: Visions of Ravi
“Looking for Mr. Goodbrain Part 1”

Liv eats the brain of Ravi’s old boss from the CDC, Katty Kupps, whom he just so happens to have slept with very recently. While interviewing a woman about a dangerous flu outbreak, the worst happens, and Liv is subjected to an intimate vision of Ravi “performing” with Katty. The most cringeworthy moment of all is when we’re treated to what Ravi thinks about to keep things going, including “dead kittens” and Winston Churchill. Liv can barely look at him for the rest of the interview and orders him to stay on the other side of the room for the next one. We’re not sure who we feel worse for, him or Liv!

#5: Dance Competition
“Five, Six, Seven, Ate!”

When a pair of dancers are murdered days before an important competition, Liv and Ravi step in and go undercover as their replacements. Liv spends the episode getting more and more invested in the dance competition . . . only to blow it at the last minute. During their final performance, after they’ve already spent a lengthy montage perfecting their routine, Liv has a vision that finally solves the case and ditches Ravi on the dance floor. He’s left with no alternative but to start flossing all on his own. If nothing else, you have to give him credit for courage.

#4: Dominatrix Liv
“Spanking the Zombie”

Liv finds herself a little out of her depth when she needs to eat the brain of a dominatrix known as Sweet Lady Pain. To make matters worse, this is the first blue-juice brain Liv eats on the show, and the treatment makes the visions extra-intense. Things start off simple enough with her ordering Clive around, and her wardrobe taking a turn for the extreme. She soon starts treating everyone they interview like a client, ordering them to do an array of things, including licking hot sauce off her boot. It’s ridiculous, but Jimmy the sketch artist actually gets a bit too into Liv’s personality change, and draws up some kinky fan art.

#3: Lap Dance
“Pour Some Sugar, Zombie”

As a favor to Peyton, Liv eats the brains of a deceased stripper who was about to spill the beans to Peyton on a big-time criminal. Attempts to trigger a vision take Liv and Peyton to a strip club, where Liv seems to forget that she’s not actually a stripper. Peyton is ultimately subjected to a painfully awkward lap dance where Liv asks her to see her as a sex object and even tries to charge her $20 for her time. In the end, it doesn’t even work, meaning Peyton went through all that for nothing. But hey, it sure was good for a laugh! At least for viewers at home.

#2: Dungeons & Dragons
“Twenty-Sided, Die”

Investigating the murder of a dedicated dungeon master means the whole gang getting together to play some D&D. The episode was already hilarious, what with Liv narrating her every move, but Dungeon Master Liv is lightning in a bottle. On one side of the table are Ravi and Major, who are already pretty into it from the get-go, while Peyton and Clive start out uninterested. By the end, they’re all trying their best to kill the Lich of Castle Rommscoddle, and get impassioned enough that Liv sees a vision that helps put everything together.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few Honorable Mentions:

Peyton Does Karaoke
“Night and the Zombie City”

The Heist
“Bye, Zombie”

The Sketch Artist
“Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?”

Nudist Ravi
“Are You Ready for Some Zombies?”

The ‘80s References
“Death Moves Pretty Fast”

#1: Teenage Girl Brains
“Zombie Knows Best”

When a father and daughter die in a car accident it’s up to Liv and Major to eat a brain each. Because Liv already ate some of the dad’s brain, Major gets stuck being a teenage girl, becoming more of a stereotype with every scene. He starts out by trying to give Ravi relationship advice that isn’t very well-received, especially when he gets emotional over whether he and Ravi are best friends or not. He even agonizes over the quality of his selfies. The best moments, however, are when Liv and Major interact, with Major getting frustrated at Liv’s “embarrassing” dad jokes.