Top 10 Best Dating Simulation Games Ever



Top 10 Best Dating Simulation Games Ever

VOICE OVER: Todd Haberkorn WRITTEN BY: Mackenzie Houle
Who's ready to get their digital swag on? For this list, we'll be diving into that gloriously cheesy, extremely heartfelt, often cringy genre of video games known as dating sims. We'll be taking into account the characters, stories, and the overall gameplay mechanics, and of course, the dating component must be a core feature, and not just something on the side!

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Who's ready to get their digital swag on? Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Dating Simulator Games.

For this list, we’ll be diving into that gloriously cheesy, extremely heartfelt, often cringey genre of video games known as dating sims. We’ll be taking into account the characters, stories, and the overall gameplay mechanics, and of course, the dating component must be a core feature, and not just something on the side!


“The Sims 4” (2014)

“My Girlfriend is the President” (2009)

#10: “Amagami” (2009)

Opening your heart to others isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve been rejected, doubly so if she shot you down on Christmas. Ouch! Taking a much more somber approach than most dating sims, our crushed protagonist starts things off with a broken heart, as opposed to chasing love from the getgo. Instilling feelings of optimism with a more poetic approach, Amagami shys away from the more erotic elements and goes right for the feels. The gameplay itself also brings a unique mechanic to the genre, as rather than going down a linear path with set choices along the way, agency is presented in tiles that act as scenarios, giving you several options on how to approach the ladies in your virtual life.

#9: “Hatoful Boyfriend” (2011)

Do you want to date a pigeon? Doesn't mater, after meeting the various fluffy patrons of St. Pigeonation's, you can bet your beak you'll be head over talons in love with a pigeon! The gameplay might be a bit on the basic side, but it’s the setting and writing that truly shows off its plumage. As the only human attending a top tier bird school, things are predictably awkward; at least until you encounter birds of every feather as you try to balance school life with… falling in love with one of them. The fact that this game makes romance between a pigeon and human so attractive practically demands you give it a shot. And let's be honest, there's no one sexier than Okosan. No one!

#8: “True Love” (1999)

Ahead of its time, and even more inventive than most modern visual novels, True Love went the extra mile by throwing in RPG-like mechanics. That's right - you're going to have to work for your waifu! Each day you’ll be able to plan how you want to spend it - from studying, performing activities, and dating, there are a plethora of options to play around with. On top of that, you’ll have stats to manage, making the relationship building and romantic encounters far more interesting than a simple multiple-choice scenario. While the game is clearly dated in terms of its writing and art, it still raised the bar pretty damn high!

#7: “Kamidori Alchemy Meister” (2012)

With gameplay that resembles Fire Emblem and a visual novel approach to dating, the indirect sequel to to Princess Hunting Dungeon Meister incorporates both a challenging tactical roleplay scenario and a surprisingly well-made dating sim. You take on the role of a stereotypical adventurer seeking to become a great alchemist and, of course, pretty much all of your party members are female with romance on the brain. Despite both sides of gameplay being fairly basic even in their respective genres, the swapping of the two certainly adds variety. And yes, this one does allow you to go full on sexy times. You gotta love being alchemist.

#6: “Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator” (2017)

Quite possibly the de facto modern parody dating sim, Dream Daddy is a rather unique cinnamon roll. With the backing of the legendary Game Grumps, the title pretty much says it all. Taking on the role of a single father, you move into a new town filled with other dads - who are all apparently open to some major bromance. The satirical elements are hard to miss, yet they don’t dumb down the surprisingly more heartfelt moments shared between the characters. While some dating sim fans may be put off by the more tame nature and overall shorter story, the diverse amount of daddies and sharp writing will keep you occupied for a good long time.

#5: “Katawa Shoujo” (2012)

While at first glance it might seem as bland and basic as all the other soulless dating sims out there, this one actually breaks a LOT of boundaries. Taking place in a specialist school, all of your classmates, including yourself, have some kind of physical disability. Addressing both the characters and their fractured features in a truly sincere manner, the narrative ends up going above and beyond most other visual novels, embracing both the hardships and the joys these lovely ladies encounter on a daily basis. Whether it be blindness, deafness or a missing limb of some nature, getting to help these girls through their various obstacles is a treat onto itself. Especially Rin. Because Rin is the best.

#4: “Sakura Wars” series (1996-)

Behold the dating sim juggernaut! Yet another example of how it doesn’t always have be about pursuing love and breaking beds. Where as most dating sims offer another game genre as a distraction, Sakura Wars excels in creating a surprisingly in-depth tactical turn-based RPG, to the point where they could easily abandon the dating element altogether if it chose to. Of course, it wouldn’t be on this list if it did so, so bring on the evocative stories of love and war, and how the two ultimately intertwine! Chances are they'll be another addition to the canon by the time this video is finished.

#3: "Persona” series (1996-)

Ever since Persona 3 took a swing at the dating scene, Social Links with your Confidant of choice has gone far beyond just a simple side activity. With every character given amazing depth and stories to pay witness to, creating deeper relationships has proven to be both fun and rewarding, especially where in-game bonuses are concerned. Relationships with characters of the opposite gender can go even further, leading to captivating romances that not even AAA games can nail at the best of times, allowing you to spend your days going on unique dates and generally making life hell for the rest of your male party members. Teachers, nurses, robots, the sky's the limit!

#2: “Doki Doki Literature Club!” (2017)

Saying the dating sim market is oversaturated would be an understatement, but if this little miracle is anything to go by, there are still gems out there on the gaming horizon. Fair warning, this is NOT your run-of-the-mill dating simulator. While on the outside it may look like a cutesy visual novel primed for erotic fun times…it then shows its true, insidious colors. As you choose which girl to hang around with and indulge in a shared love of poetry, you'll quickly notice the other girls starting to act strange, and just like that, this game goes full on horror! Both a love letter to the genre as well as a bloodsoaked commentary, you'd best prepare your souls, because Monika is always watching!

#1: “New Love Plus+” (2014)

It may be lacking in any kind of action packed gameplay, breaking of social boundaries, or surprise twists, but what this updated version of LovePlus does offer is a dating sim that blurs the line between dedication and obsession. After becoming romantically involved with one of three available girls, all interactions transfer into real time, where you can spend every day with your virtual girlfriend. Seriously. This might sound like a bit… much to most people outside the genre, but if you’re looking for a long lasting relationship with your digital lover, then this is the cream of the crop. Reality is overrated anyway.