The Ultimate Superhero Bracket: DC | Part 2



The Ultimate Superhero Bracket: DC | Part 2

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Michael Wynands
We've seen what Marvel has to offer, now it's time to decide DC's best of the best! This video is part of a series in which we're matching up superheroes in brackets of single-elimination knockout rounds - with DC heroes in this video and Marvel heroes in another. We're then pitting the winners against each other in the ultimate DC vs. Marvel Versus.
Bracket Project: DC Superheroes_W3S7N7

Which do-gooder (or antihero) will come out on top? Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re pitting DC’s top tier heroes against each other to see who reigns supreme.

This video is part of a series in which we’ll be matching up heroes in brackets of single-elimination knockout rounds - with DC heroes in one video and Marvel heroes in another. We’ll then pit the winners against each other in the ultimate DC vs. Marvel Versus.

We’re not necessarily looking at who’d win in a fight, but rather who’s made the greatest impact and feels the most relevant across various media - including film, television, and (of course) comics. We’ll also be taking into account their powers, publication history, personality, name recognition, and yes… to a certain extent, their prowess in battle.

Round 1

Superman vs. Martian Manhunter
One is a cape-wearing superpowered extraterrestrial who hides in plain sight. The other… fits the exact same description! Founding members of the Justice League, Superman and Martian Manhunter have much in common. But Clark Kent’s Kansas-upbringing makes him good-natured and sympathetic, while J'onn J'onzz is far more emotionally detached. Martian Manhunter is one of few heroes who can take Superman in a fight, but with more notable achievements to his name, and being more relatable, Superman wins this bout.

Winner: Superman

Black Canary vs. Supergirl
Two of the most enduringly popular superheroines around, Black Canary and Supergirl made their comic book debuts in 1947 and 1959 respectively. In recent years, they’ve both found success on the small screen, but with so many canaries over the last few years, Melissa Benoist has made Supergirl feel decidedly more iconic. Plus, in the world of DC comics, the Kryptonian House of El is hard to beat. So like her cousin Kal-El before her, Supergirl comes out on top.

Winner: Supergirl

Aquaman vs. Cyborg
One is the master of the seven seas; the other, a walking demo of futuristic technology. At a glance, they couldn’t be more different, but they both know what it’s like to be overshadowed by more prominent members of the Justice League. Had we been holding this tournament a few years ago, Cyborg would’ve been the obvious choice based on the success of Teen Titans. But with “Aquaman” making over $1 billion at the box office, he swims to victory!

Winner: Aquaman

Wonder Woman vs. John Constantine
Diana Prince is not to be trifled with. As part of DC’s Trinity and the company’s leading lady, she’s a formidable force - both in-universe and in the pop culture sense. Who is this trenchcoat wearing chainsmoker to challenge her? Well, he’s John Constantine: a powerful magician and master manipulator with a penchant for punching well-above his weight class - and winning! However, even though Constantine IS an undeniable badass, Wonder Woman still has him beat by most metrics.

Winner: Wonder Woman

Green Lantern vs. Green Arrow
It’s the ultimate battle of green! Cool it Swamp Thing fans... he’s competing a little later. Green Lantern is a mantle that’s been held by numerous characters over the years, but they all wield a ring that bestows them with incredible powers. Green Arrow doesn’t have any superpowers, but he’s an ace shot with a bow and notably outspoken about social issues. We love Green Arrow, but no amount of trick arrows can trump Green Lantern’s spacefaring adventures. GL wins!

Winner: Green Lantern

The Flash vs. Shazam!
A few years ago, this would have been a no-contest. To the average non-comic book loving individual, Shazam was a relative unknown. But thanks to his 2019 surprise hit film, he’s officially on the radar. Now, with that being said, The Flash is a classic hero who, in addition to decades of popularity, has also been killing it on the small screen of late. Who wears red best? We ultimately have to go with Flash.

Winner: The Flash

Batman vs. Swamp Thing
If there are two grim, stoic, determined heroes that fill villains with dread… it’s Batman and Swamp Thing! Laugh if you want to, but ask any DC character and they’ll tell you that Swamp Thing is a literal force of nature. So… how can a rich orphan in a batsuit compete with that? Simple, by doing his homework and coming prepared. Any hero, villain or creature can be bested with the right battle plan, and that’s why Batman wins!

Winner: Batman

Nightwing vs. Catwoman
They’re both members of the Bat-family, but there’s only room for one more in this Batmobile. Nightwing, more so than any other Robin, has really flourished after moving beyond Batman’s shadow. Catwoman, for her part, has been playing games of cat-and-mouse with the Dark Knight for decades as possibly DC’s greatest thief. And she’s evolved into a hero of the downtrodden along the way. Sorry ex-Boy Wonder, Catwoman’s place on the moral paradigm is just more compelling!

Winner: Catwoman

Round 2

Supergirl vs. Superman
Ouch, after conquering Round 1 together, the cousins of House El are immediately set against one another. Honestly, Melissa Benoist’s performance has elevated Supergirl to unprecedented heights, making her feel like a bonafide hero in her own right rather than just Superman-lite. But… Superman continues to cast a substantial shadow. At the end of the day, Superman is the iconic original who was first to Earth and into our hearts, and for that reason, he moves on to round 3.

Winner: Superman

Aquaman vs. Wonder Woman
Justice League member vs. Justice League member. Amazonian royalty vs. Atlantean royalty. This conflict could easily claim all of human civilization as collateral damage! But at the end of the day, we think that, considering they’re comparable successes on the big screen, it’s Aquaman who has to bend the knee. Don’t get us wrong, we’re happy about Aquaman’s pop culture redemption, but he’s no match for Wonder Woman and the decades she’s spent inspiring generations.

Winner: Wonder Woman

Green Lantern vs. The Flash
Green vs red, construct-creation vs super speed! Each hero has saved the planet multiple times over. And both have been at the center of game changing crossover events like “Blackest Night” and “Flashpoint”. Green Lantern and The Flash have each generated a number of legacy characters - with notable successes on both sides. But honestly, there are just too many Green Lanterns floating around, whereas the Flash legacy feels far more straightforward and impactful. Flash speeds ahead to victory.

Winner: The Flash

Batman vs. Catwoman
It’s a conflict we’ve seen play out countless times in the comics, but for once… this can’t end in a stalemate - or steamy rooftop sex. If there’s one person who we believe can break Batman - no offense to Bane - we’re pretty sure that it’s Catwoman. She’s confident, calculating and has played the Dark Knight more than once. That being said, she’s unlikely to ever live down her 2004 solo film, whereas Batman has conquered cinema multiple times over. Batman triumphs!

Winner: Batman

Round 3

Wonder Woman vs. Superman
Do we really need to choose? Couldn’t they instead just settle down together, have some superbabies and protect the planet as a family? Ugh… fine. When it comes to box office dominance, 2017’s “Wonder Woman” puts all of Superman’s past outings to shame. Wonder Woman has proven that she can hold her own against Superman, at least for a while. But although her character is iconic, she’s only felt truly relevant with the masses again recently; whereas Superman’s widespread popularity is seemingly eternal. Supes wins!

Winner: Superman

Batman vs. Flash
Talk about polar opposites! Dark and brooding against colorful and optimistic. But for all their differences, they actually share one crucial thing in common: both heroes have a tragedy in their past that’s shaped who they are today. Flipping through the notebooks of their respective psychologists, however, Batman is undeniably the more compelling case. His loss isn’t just backstory, it defines him. And this psychological angle is a big part of his appeal. Batman claims another victory!

Winner: Batman

Round 4

Superman vs. Batman
This is by no means the first time that these two heroes have been pitted against one another. They’ve duked it out across all forms of media.. Theorizing about them coming to blows, however, the age-old caveat applies: if the attack comes out of nowhere, Batman is toast. But if he has time to prep - and let’s be honest, Batman is seemingly always prepared - the Dark Knight would likely triumph. More interesting, however, is to consider their competing ideologies and what they represent. Superman is basically a god, and his burden is what to do with that power. Batman is a mere mortal, but represents indomitable willpower. He is human industriousness and perseverance incarnate. For going up against insurmountable odds, Batman wins our hearts, and our DC superhero bracket!
Of course Cyborg and Shazam were eliminated in the first round.