Top 10 Planet Sized Villains



Top 10 Planet Sized Villains

VOICE OVER: Ryan Wild WRITTEN BY: Andrew Tejada
These villains are shockingly huge! For this list, we'll be looking at ridiculously massive fictional antagonists and ranking them by how interesting and iconic they are. Our countdown includes The Omega Titans, Ego, the Living Planet, Galactus, and more!

Top 10 Planet-Sized Villains

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Planet-Sized Villains.

For this list, we’ll be looking at ridiculously massive fictional antagonists and ranking them by how interesting and iconic they are. We’ll be including humongous beings whose size or alliances have changed over time.

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#10: Living Tribunal

The Living Tribunal is one of the most complex and noticeable giants in the cosmos. You’ll easily recognize this entity by its gold body and multiple faces. While the Living Tribunal pursued its mission to keep the Multiverse intact, it often clashed with heroes. It even told Doctor Strange it would destroy the earth at one point. And the Living Tribunal definitely has the power and size to pull that off. While figuring out exactly how big it is would take some crazy math, we’ve seen it easily tower over heroes and hold a model planet in its hands. But don't worry, the Living Tribunal probably won’t bother you... unless you mess with the Multiverse.

#9: The Omega Titans

Four impossibly large titans were given the job of maintaining a barrier at the edge of reality called the source wall. They accomplished this task by planting seeds on different worlds and consuming the planets that sprouted the biggest trees. After seeing the “Wisdom Titan” consume Brainiacs' homeworld, heroes and villains across the universe found a way to stop the enormous beings. While we understand these cosmic beings were just doing their job, many innocent lives were jeopardized because of their mission. The tables were finally turned on the massive Omega titans after they were tricked into turning on each other.

#8: Hunger

Shortly after Hunger first appeared in comics, it revealed its terrifying goal: it likes to consume realities. This large and intimidating being was initially isolated outside of the realm where our favorite heroes and villains lived. However with the help of the Infinity stones and the villain Galactus, Hunger was able to arrive in the main universe to start feeding on reality. It took a massive amount of effort from villains like Thanos to keep the universe intact. Unfortunately, a small piece of its gargantuan form was left behind. Thanos had to bend the rules of time just to stop hunger before it could become a bigger threat.

#7: Tyrant

When Galactus was a younger cosmic being, he built a sentient machine and gave it the not-at-all ominous name Tyrant. This mechanical organism was originally an impossibly massive villain that could control tech with his mind and feed on planetary energy. But after Tyrant became too much of a problem, he had to fight for his life against Galactus. The battle between Titans destroyed countless planets. At the end of the gigantic clash, Galactus reduced his foe to a relatively tiny ten feet. Unfortunately, this only encouraged Tyrant to come back and start stealing energy from superheroes to restart his evil plans. No matter what size this villain is, he’s a big problem.

#6: In-Betweener

A being known as the In-betweener was created to help maintain balance in the universe. However, he eventually became too ambitious and tried to manipulate various cosmic events. The In-betweener can throw a wrench into any universal plan by using his wide range of otherworldly powers. In addition to being able to alter his size to look gargantuan villains in the eyes, he was also fond of using the soul stone. His relationship with that infinity gem encouraged Thanos to pay the cosmic being a visit while putting a certain gauntlet together. The In-Betweener has also clashed with everyone from Galactus to Dr. Strange. For a being who was supposed to help keep things in order, he has a long history of stirring up chaos.

#5: Ranx The Sentient City

While the Green Lanterns have tons of strange enemies, one of their biggest and most bizarre foes is Ranx the Sentient City. This twisted Metropolis wanted revenge against the universal heroes because they took the city off the cosmic grid when it became overrun with crime. While Ranx could put its consciousness inside of a kaiju-like form, it didn’t stop growing there. It once got large enough to threaten a crucial Green Lantern planet known as Mogo. Fortunately, the emerald space heroes were able to take Ranx down from the inside. But since it allied with Sinestro Corps after the battle on Mogo, we haven’t seen the last of this massive metropolis.

#4: Jormungand

Did you know that there are realities where one of Loki’s children is a giant snake? If you didn’t before, allow us to introduce you to Jormungand. Legends claim that this massive serpent is big enough to wrap its body around the entire Earth. He can also create illusions, manipulate weather and is full of deadly venom. If all that wasn't bad enough, a prophecy that said Thor would slay Jormungand gave the giant serpent a deep hatred towards the god of thunder. The snake's massive strength and abilities has made it one of the toughest Asgardian enemies of all time. Jormungand may be more of a threat to the world than his father Loki ever was.

#3: Ego, the Living Planet

After a normal scientist named Egros was forced to be part of a cosmic experiment, he was turned into Ego, the Living Planet. He gained the ability to reshape his worldly form and got a variety of dangerous psychic powers. This enormous new being eventually used his new form and abilities to conquer other worlds. Although Ego can produce human-size versions of himself, you ultimately need to attack his big brain to stop him. Everyone from Thor to the Guardians of the Galaxy have learned that stopping the planet is easier said than done. Ego has overcome heroes and even defeated his equally large brother Alter Ego. Although Egros never wanted to be a planet, he’s shown he knows how to wield his terrifying powers.

#2: Unicron

There have been so many reimaginings of Unicron’s backstory over the years that it's hard to say exactly where he came from. But the one constant is that this wicked entity is one of the most massive beings in the entire robotic franchise. On his impossibly large frame, tall Transformers like Galvatron may look as small as fleas. This villain has no problem destroying moons and dismantling planets with his raw power. If left unchecked, he could easily annihilate entire galaxies. It’s a miracle that the Autobots and other heroes keep finding new ways to keep Unicron at bay.

#1: Galactus

Before the Big Bang, an Explorer named Galan bonded with an entity called the sentience of the universe. Their fusion resulted in the birth of Galactus. This new and massive being’s hunger could only be satisfied by consuming all the living energy of a nearby planet. This world would be one of many Galactus destroyed just to stay alive. Although his humongous stature would be enough to make him memorable, he's also famous for hiring heralds to select his planet-sized snacks. Since his 1960s debut, Galactus has appeared in tons of comics, tv shows and even made a live-action appearance. This titanic villain's unique need to feed on planets and his herald recruitment have made him a massively popular, interesting and humongous antagonist.