Top 10 Funniest That's So Raven Running Gags



Top 10 Funniest That's So Raven Running Gags

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The best "That's So Raven" running gags never get old. Our countdown includes Stanley's crush on Raven, "Oh Snap," "I'm Okay!," and more!

Top 10 Best That's So Raven Running Gags

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best “That’s So Raven” Running Gags.

For this list, we’ll be looking at our favorite jokes, catchphrases, and characters that made us laugh consistently for the entire four seasons of this Disney supernatural sitcom.

What’s your favorite “That’s So Raven” running gag? We’re not psychic, so let us know in the comments.

#10: Stanley’s Crush on Raven

In season three, the show introduced Eddie’s annoying next-door neighbor, Stanley. The kid is a little brat who loves eating cheese sandwiches when he’s not busy scamming others. The only thing that can rival his love for cheese sandwiches is his obsession with Raven. Despite their significant age gap or the fact that she’s repeatedly told him no, he’s relentless. It’s only when he sees her kissing another guy that he finally backs off. Of course, this is all played for laughs and normally involves the pair getting themselves into some wacky situations. Their hilarious dance-off at the Chill Grill, in particular, springs to mind.

#9: “How Y’all Doin’?”

You know those moments when you find yourself in an awkward situation and the silence is deafening? Well, you can always try adopting Raven’s catchphrase to help break the tension. Anytime she gets caught in a compromising or unusual situation, and that’s pretty much every episode, she will usually follow up by saying [“How Y’all Doin’?”]. Only, Raven’s antics are usually so eccentric that it doesn’t actually distract anyone from whatever it is that she’d done this time. If anything, it just reminds us how hilariously zany she is. It might not convince anyone else, but it never fails to make us laugh.

#8: “Here Comes the Pain”

Whenever Victor Baxter is in pain, he has a rather unique way of letting everyone know. And as such, it’s repeated on several occasions across the series. The joke is that Victor isn’t as nimble or as young as he thinks he is - not that he’s particularly old, either. Still, he’ll try and do moves that his body objects to, resulting in him crying out [“Here Comes the Pain”]. While it’s definitely amusing, we wouldn’t want Victor to be in constant pain either. So we’re glad they save this one for select moments throughout the series.

#7: Mr. Lawler: The Spitting Teacher

Have you ever had a teacher that was defined by a certain quirk? For Raven and her classmates, that was their English teacher, Mr. Lawler, who, let’s just say, had a particular fondness for the letter P. As a result, his students desperately strived to avoid the splash zone, although no one was ever truly safe. No one could have been happier for Mr. Lawler’s promotion to principal than the students who dreamed of a drier classroom. The fact that he seemed so unaware of his condition was usually played for laughs as well. It’s a shame that he disappeared after season two.

#6: Chelsea’s Air-Headed Moments

Raven’s bestie, although loveable, can be a bit slow on the uptake, much to the chagrin of her friends. However, we find her absent-mindedness rather entertaining. Especially when she needs things spelled out for her or the others simply have to wait patiently until she comes to a realization on her own. Also, no one laughs harder at Chelsea Daniels’ jokes than Chelsea Daniels. Well, except maybe the audience. Don’t get us wrong: she certainly isn’t stupid, and when she’s passionate about something she can surprise us all. However, we love how endearing her ditziness is and how it provides an endless source of amusement.

#5: “I’m Okay!”

“That’s So Raven” is full of physical comedy, with Raven often getting into some pretty serious scrapes, falls, or mishaps. Yet, no matter how far or hard she falls, she will always pop up and declare [“I’m Okay!”]. It’s very unlikely that any of us could just get up and walk away unscathed from some of the accidents Raven’s endured. Yet, that’s exactly what makes this joke so funny. In fact, Raven’s clumsiness paired with this catchphrase provides some of the funniest moments of the series. Raven-Symoné proves that she will do anything to make her audience laugh, and we’re grateful for it.

#4: Cory’s Obsession with Money

There’s a lot we could say about the youngest member of the Baxter family. But one of his most defining characteristics has to be his love of money. Cory’s storylines regularly involve him coming up with get-rich-quick schemes that more often than not land him in hot water. But if anyone in his family needs some cash, they know exactly where to find it. Not that he’s willing to part with it so easily. How does one kid have so much money? you might ask. Well, just check out the high-tech alarm system in his room. Clearly, he’s a businessman in the making.

#3: “Ya Nasty!”

This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but it was Raven-Symoné who came up with some of the most memorable lines on the show. One example of this was her catchphrase [“Ya Nasty!”]. This was reserved for anyone or anything that got her goat. It wasn’t just the words she said, but also the way she said them. Raven has so many levels when it comes to comedy that just two simple words had us cracking up anytime we heard them for all those episodes. It’s a true credit to Raven’s talents and we’re sure countless fans quote her all the time.

#2: “Oh Snap!”

This is another iconic ad-lib from Raven-Symoné. There wasn’t a situation where this phrase didn’t work. The teen-psychic had an “Oh snap!” ready for every occasion and it was always hilarious. We guess that when you’re prone to getting yourself into sticky situations, you need a concise catchphrase to encapsulate the moment. It’s so quintessentially Raven that it even made an appearance in the very first episode of the “Raven’s Home” spin-off. Sure, most of us probably won’t find ourselves in as crazy situations as Raven. Still, we can all relate to having those moments where there’s nothing else to do but exclaim:

#1: Raven’s Diverse Disguises

Raven is prone to misinterpreting her visions, which usually lands her in all kinds of trouble. The best part is that she will then don some crazy costume, embody some outlandish persona and either get herself out of trouble or just dig herself a deeper hole. Over the four seasons, we’ve been introduced to tons of Raven’s hilarious alter-egos and we all have our favorites. Whether she’s being “betrayed by the booty” as Mrs. Baxter, exposing injustice as Sassy’s General Manager, or creating a scene as Liz Anya. We knew we would never be laughing harder than whenever Raven put on one of her legendary disguises.