Top 10 Underappreciated Modern Family Episodes



Top 10 Underappreciated Modern Family Episodes

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Adriana Travisano
Even Emmy winners like "Modern Family" have their underappreciated episodes. For this list, we'll be looking at the best episodes of Modern Family that don't get nearly enough hype. Our countdown includes "The Feud," "First Days," "The Cold," and more!

Top 10 Underappreciated Modern Family Episodes

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Underappreciated Modern Family Episodes.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the best episodes of Modern Family that don’t get nearly enough hype.

Before we get started, let us know who your favorite character from the show is and why!

#10: “The Feud”

If you’re thinking that you can’t remember this episode by the title alone, chances are you’ll remember the possum scene. There’s an outbreak of lice at Lily’s school, and Cam and Mitch don’t lie so much as omit the truth from Claire, who’s taking care of Lily for the day. Meanwhile, Alex and Haley get trapped in the basement by a rogue possum. In true “Modern Family” fashion, the ending scene is where things come together, and Haley, Alex, Cam, Lily, a disheveled Claire, and, of course, the possum, all find themselves trapped in the basement together. Talk about a hairy situation!

#9: "The Long Goodbye"

This season 9 episode comes after a few of the “Modern Family” kids have already left for college. This time, it’s Manny’s turn. Given how close he is with his mom, and with his family in general, we expect a drawn-out, heartfelt goodbye, which is exactly why this assumption gets flipped on its head. While it’s not as talked about as some of the other going-off-to-college episodes, it does a lot for Manny and Gloria’s character arcs, given their tight-knit bond. Still, “The Long Goodbye” ends with the family hug we all hoped for and we learn the valuable lesson that it’s okay to let ourselves feel our feels! Plus, there’s that whole gag with the angel versus the devil on Haley’s shoulders which is also pretty hysterical!

#8: “The Butler's Escape”

We open on all three households in the middle of the night. Something in Luke’s magic box has exploded, Gloria’s snoring is keeping Jay, Manny, and Stella awake, and Cam is up late practicing for his new job as the middle school’s music teacher. While each of the storylines was great, the Luke and Phil one definitely takes the cake! Luke is a phenomenal magician but he wants to quit, which obviously upsets Phil. Phil’s reactions to each of Luke’s tricks is such a great attestation to Ty Burell’s impeccable comedic timing. Add Claire running around doing everything for everyone the entire time and Jay’s desperation to get a good night’s sleep, and you’ve got yourself one heck of an episode!

#7: “First Days”

The final scene of this episode is one no one talks enough about! Starting new things can be scary and “First Days” tackles this notion for a number of characters. The kids are starting their first day at school–Luke and Manny with high school and Lily with first grade. Meanwhile, Claire is starting her first day working at Pritchett's Closets & Blinds, and Cam his new substituting gig as the high school’s history teacher. The very last scene sees Cam delivering the speech of a lifetime dressed as George Washington as each of the characters get used to the new changes in their lives.

#6: “A Fair to Remember”

An episode to remember, too! It starts with a callback to the famous scene in season two, where the kids catch Phil and Claire in the act. This time that Haley, Alex, and Luke surprise their parents with breakfast in bed goes a lot smoother. Phil has a surprise of his own planned for his and Claire’s 20th wedding anniversary: he’s going to sing to her at the school fair! Only, he ends up totally upstaged by the preceding talent. At the same time, Jay becomes a volunteer fair cop with guest star Jordan Peele, and Haley and Andy get off to a rocky–and flirty–start.

#5: “The Cold”

Okay, even if this episode were overhyped, it would still be underappreciated! It’s just so ridiculously funny! The entire family is sick and it seems they’ve all caught the cold from Cam and Mitch’s wedding. Phil, however, realizes that he’s the one who got everyone sick when he watches back the wedding tape and finds that he’s sneezed on… Well, ‘what didn’t he sneeze on?’ is probably the more appropriate question. He employs Luke to help him edit the tape so the family won’t catch on: a feat that goes terribly, horribly, hilariously wrong.

#4: “Integrity”

A lot happens in this episode, including Cam and Mitch deciding they want another kid (then deciding they don’t want another kid), but, for us, it’s Gloria who outshines everyone. Haley’s boss, fashion stylist Gavin Sinclair, treats her worse than he treats his plant, and Gloria’s not having any of it. She encourages Haley to stand up for herself, but Haley feels she has to prove that she can hold down a steady job. In the end, Gloria goes behind Haley’s back to scare the living fashion out of Mr. Sinclair, and we’re here for every second of it!

#3: “The Kiss”

There are so many great moments in “The Kiss”, we may just have to speedrun through them! Gloria’s grandmother has just passed away and Jay pokes fun at her belief that her abuela is still around, among the living. Gloria teaches him a lesson and we get that iconic scene of Jay slapping the chicken. Meanwhile, Phil spends the episode trying to fix Jay’s printer, which leads him to stomping around in the attic, a noise both Manny and Luke hear that makes them think the ghost of Gloria’s grandmother is haunting them. Claire gets involved in her daughters’ business, which culminates in a hysterical freak-out between the three of them, and Cam takes quite possibly the funniest nose dive off the couch.

#2: “Door to Door”

If you’ve seen “A Streetcar Named Desire”, this episode was probably even funnier to you. Cam takes on the role of Stanley Kowalski, theatrically calling out a missing Stella’s name, as he and Gloria search for her. The whole gag is taken even further when they run into a little girl named Blanche, who’s adopted Stella as her own dog. The three of them get into a screaming match which is hilarious in itself, but the cutscene to Jay and Manny who believe Cam’s high-pitched yell belongs to a coyote is the cherry on top!

#1: “The Incident”

This is an early episode in the series and it’s pretty unforgettable. We all remember the incident at Gloria and Jay’s wedding, right? Well, DeDe drops by during a family dinner at Claire’s, where she tries to make amends for her drunken scene at the wedding. The keyword here is ‘try’, and we’re not even sure that describes DeDe’s efforts. She and Gloria get into another altercation, which prompts Dylan to intervene with a song he’s written. It starts off sweet enough until, you know, it eventually isn’t anymore. Still, it’s hard to deny how catchy it is!