Top 10 Funniest Amy Poehler SNL Moments



Top 10 Funniest Amy Poehler SNL Moments

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Amy Poehler was an "SNL" MVP during her regular days. For this list, we'll be looking at any hilarious moments from Amy Poehler's tenure on SNL. Our countdown includes "Jet Blue Flight 292," "Airport Security Search," "Kaitlyn Gets Her Ears Pierced," and more!

Top 10 Funniest Amy Poehler SNL Moments

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Amy Poehler SNL Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at any hilarious moments from Amy Poehler’s tenure on SNL. From Weekend Update to sketches, these clips put the comedian up with some of the best to ever grace the show.

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#10: “Weekend Update: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Mentor Lindsay Lohan”

During a very special Weekend Update segment, hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey announced that they’d been mentoring actress Lindsay Lohan. After welcoming Lohan to the desk, both comedians unleash a fury of personal questions that make their guidance seem questionable. Defining the phrase “tough love,” the hosts interrogate the actress about her weight and career choices. When the movie star criticizes her mentors, they overreact in a kooky way that only the two anchors could pull off. Poehler gets defensive when she’s asked about being drunk, before proudly and hilariously admitting that it’s true. Through it all, the actress' ability to play off a younger talent sells the sketch’s many comedic lines.

#9: “The Dakota Fanning Show”

There’s something about Amy Poehler’s energy that fits perfectly into her performances as little kids. This time, the comedian channeled that talent into playing actress Dakota Fanning. Hosting a talk show, the precocious character berates her musical director and provides selfish commentary about her intellect. Playing up the stereotype of a child star, the performer does a perfect job of serving up insults with a giddy delivery. The condescension only continues with her first guest Daniel Radcliffe, as the host reveals her many refined tastes. When Drew Barrymore arrives as “Little Miss Sunshine” star Abigail Breslin, her Oscar nomination infuriates the young host to no end. Walking the line between chaotic child and stuck-up Hollywood type, Poehler’s turn as Fanning was born for her.

#8: “Jet Blue Flight 292”

Recounting a then-recent story about a JetBlue emergency landing, this sketch provides some levity to the serious situation. With Amy Poehler and host Steve Carell playing a couple on the flight, the two have very different reactions to the impending crisis. As Carell appears completely oblivious to the whole thing, Poehler worries that their plane might crash and kill them both. Both performers have enjoyably ridiculous replies to each flight update, with the comedian going all out as she prepares for her possible demise. This includes eating a bag of blue chips and unsuccessfully convincing her husband that the constant CNN updates are real. It’s especially great to see her working so well off of the host’s casual and subtle comic timing, making this another gem on the actress’ “SNL” acting reel.

#7: “Kaitlyn Gets Her Ears Pierced”

In another performance as a manic child, Poehler once again shines as this original character that really wants her ears pierced. During a trip to the mall, Kaitlyn pleads with her stepdad in a number of wild and increasingly funny routines. The actress even breaks out a couple of show tunes for her brilliant performance. Her cousin Kate Winslet arrives to make another case for the character’s ultimate goal. All the while, her step-dad Horatio Sanz remains calm as the energetic kid badgers him and flies around the mall. Ultimately, the young girl backs out of it in a hilarious curveball to end the skit. Hyperactive and amusing, Poehler works harder than anyone to deliver a super fun sketch.

#6: “The Needlers: The Fertility Clinic”

In this recurring sketch series, Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler play a cruel couple that endlessly needle each other. Surprisingly, the Needlers head to a fertility clinic where their doctor Natalie Portman questions them. Proving that they’re “the couple that should be divorced,” the partners don’t let up as they bring all of their baggage with them. With the jokes getting more biting and darker, their passive-aggressive tones build as the two get challenged about their future child. Just when it seems they’ll never be happy, the insufferable Needlers try to get frisky in the clinic’s waiting room. In the end, this entertaining sketch confirms Poehler can dish out one-liners like the best of them.

#5: “The Bush Twins’ Secret Language”

After George W. Bush won re-election, this sketch satirizes his daughter’s experiences after the inaugural ball. With Tina Fey and Amy Poehler playing Barbara and Jenna respectively, this sketch finds the two trading gossip in their bedroom. Portraying her in a drunken state, the comedian plays up the daughter as a party girl who can’t control herself. As the shining stars of “SNL” at the time, both performers give the sisters a fun and irreverent energy. They ramp up the hilarity when the two bust out their secret language. Their fraternal twin speak is easily deciphered, giving a hilarious look into their inner thoughts. As an absurd look into the president's family life, this skit gives Poehler a chance to bring the funny as Jenna.

#4: “Sarah Palin and Hillary Address the Nation”

In this joint address, Palin and Clinton both discuss their political ambitions for 2008. While Fey gets some of her funniest “SNL” lines ever, Poehler provides much of the energy to set up the Governor of Alaska. The Senator tries to keep her anger to herself, as she shares her remarks in an enjoyably passive-aggressive way. While the concept is completely absurd, the two politicians sharing the stage only become funnier when they express their many disagreements. The sketch concludes with one hilarious rant from Clinton, who can’t hold in her resentment for the vice-presidential candidate. Taking a chance on an exaggerated version of the former Secretary of State, Poehler demonstrates that she can find comedy in any public figure.

#3: “Airport Security Search”

In this sketch, Amy Poehler plays the ultimate corrupt TSA agent. As Colin Farrell makes his way through the metal detector, he gets stopped by her overzealous airport security guard. What begins as a seemingly routine check turns into a highly suspect examination. The traveler hopes to get on with his day, but the prolonged body search only gets more and more ridiculous. The comedian plays it comically serious, while Farrell does his best to keep a straight face during the thorough examination. Even after she sits on his lap, the skit’s awkwardly funny vibe doesn’t slow down. By the time she gets arrested in the finale, Poehler’s character becomes one of the most memorable in her early “SNL” run.

#2: “Bronx Beat: Jake Gyllenhaal”

One of the most consistent sketches in Amy Poehler’s “SNL” playbook, “Bronx Beat” featured her talent for accents and loud personalities. Next to the equally talented Maya Rudolph, the talk show skit features the women's outspoken and engaging opinions. With a guest spot from Jake Gyllenhaal, the hosts don’t miss a beat as they grill him. Both flirting and hating on their guest in equal measure, the hosts bounce off each other in a slew of fantastic zingers. While there was another great “Bronx Beat” with Katy Perry, this one makes for a better platform for the comedian’s abilities. Providing an off-the-wall portrait of Bronx attitude, Poehler delivers a trademark performance.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“Colonel Angus Comes Home”
Poehler Plays a Southern Belle, Welcoming a Questionably Named Civil War to Stay

“Meet Your Second Wife”
Amy & Tina Host an Absurd Show That Reveals Men’s Future Second Wives

“Inside Barbie’s Dreamhouse: Skipper”
Playing an Older Barbie, Amy Sways Her Sister from Going to a Party

“Editorial Response: Sen. Clinton”
Amy Gets Called Out about Her Hillary Clinton Impression by the Senator Herself

“New Bravo Show”
Amy Stars in This “Fierce” Sendup of Bravo Shows & Project Runway

#1: “Weekend Update: Sarah Palin Rap”

During the chaotic 2008 presidential campaign, Weekend Update host Seth Meyers welcomed Sarah Palin to talk about herself. Instead, Amy Poehler stepped in to deliver the address in a beautifully bizarre bit. Forgoing a traditional speech, the comedian dished out the candidate’s life story in rap form. With help from Jason Sudeikis as Todd Palin, the actress proved herself in crazy verses that run through an absurd version of the Governor's life. It also culminates in Amy pretending to shoot a moose character, in one of many entertaining diversions. This hilarious rap encompasses all of the performer’s best instincts, which come together to form one of her funniest “SNL” moments.