20 Creepy Recordings Left By Missing People



20 Creepy Recordings Left By Missing People

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nathan Sharp
These recordings will freak you out. For this list, we'll be looking at terrifying photo, audio, or video recordings that were left behind following a person's disappearance. Our countdown includes Tiffany Whitton, Steven Koecher, Anthonette Cayedito, Kenny Veach, Henry McCabe, and more!

20 People Who Disappeared and Left Behind Creepy Recordings

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re looking at 20 people who disappeared and left behind creepy recordings.

For this list, we’ll be looking at terrifying photo, audio, or video recordings that were left behind following a person’s disappearance.

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Tiffany Whitton

By the summer of 2013, Tiffany Whitton was in a tough spot. She was recently fired from IHOP for stealing and her drug use. In the very early morning of September 13, 2013, Whitton arrived at a Walmart and was closely observed by security officers. They believed she was under the influence and stealing various items of clothing. They eventually confronted her at the exit, and this confrontation was captured by security cameras. The footage depicts Whitton tossing away her handbag and sandals and fleeing out the door. This was the last anyone has seen of her. Many people suspect her boyfriend, Ashley Caudle, of foul play, but he has long proclaimed his innocence.

Emma Fillipoff

Just a few days before her disappearance, young Emma Fillipoff was captured on camera at a Victoria, British Columbia YMCA. Fillipoff was behaving in an erratic manner, repeatedly entering and exiting the building. A few days later, cameras captured her at a 7-Eleven buying a prepaid cell phone. Shortly before exiting the store, Fillipoff stops and scans the street outside, almost as if she’s watching for someone. On the evening of November 28, 2012, Fillipoff disappeared from the Empress Hotel after speaking to the police. They had been called because Fillipoff was walking around barefoot outside the hotel and was seemingly in distress. Her car was later found full of her personal belongings, and she has remained missing ever since.

Sofia McKenna

You never know what you might be documenting on Snapchat. Sofia McKenna and Spencer Mugford were on the open water of Groton (GRAWT-tin), Connecticut in the very early hours of May 27, 2018. Their trip was documented on Snapchat, with one picture showing McKenna at a lighthouse and another showing Mugford in the sailboat. Said boat was later found abandoned on New York’s Truman's Beach. Nearly two weeks later, police recovered Mugford’s body in Long Island Sound. McKenna’s mother came forward, claiming that seven calls had been made to her phone between 2:05 and 2:09 AM. McKenna is still missing, and the Snapchat photos serve as the only document of her final hours.

Steven Koecher

Shortly before his disappearance, Steven Koecher had driven throughout the states of Utah and Nevada for a still-unknown reason. Around noon on December 13, 2009, Koecher can be seen driving his car into a retirement community near Las Vegas. A few minutes later, someone can be seen walking out in the opposite direction. Koecher’s family believes it is him. He never returned to his car. Like his long car rides, no one knows why Koecher was in Las Vegas, let alone that specific neighborhood. Later that day, his cell phone pinged a tower located about ten miles northeast of the retirement community. Koecher remains missing, and he left behind a ton of confusing clues that have only served to frustrate investigators and family.

Abigail Williams & Liberty German

Sometimes missing people are found, but not in the way we were hoping. Young teens Abigail Williams and Liberty German went for a hike on the afternoon of February 13, 2017. They failed to meet a scheduled pickup and were declared missing at 5:30 that evening. Tragically, their bodies were found the next day. German managed to capture some startling footage while on the hike. She took a picture of a Caucasian male walking towards the girls from the opposite direction, and this man would quickly become the prime suspect. Furthermore, German had secretly recorded the man on her phone, who can be heard saying “Down the hill.” The implications of those words remain harrowing.

Dale Kerstetter

This man disappeared from his place of work on the night of September 12, 1987. Kerstetter safely arrived for his night shift at Corning Glassworks, but when another employee arrived the next morning, all that was found was Kerstetter’s abandoned belongings. His truck was also parked in the parking lot, and about $200,000 worth of platinum rods were missing from the factory. Shortly after his disappearance, the factory’s security cameras were checked. In the footage, a masked man can be seen talking with Kerstetter before escorting him away, his hand directly behind his back. It also discovered that this mysterious man had stolen the platinum rods from their kiln. It’s still unclear what exactly happened to Kerstetter.

Anthonette Cayedito

The mother of Anthonette Cayedito faced every parents’ greatest fear. On the morning of April 6, 1986, she went to wake nine-year-old Anthonette only to find an empty bed. The police were immediately called, but nothing came of the investigation. The Gallup (GAL-lup) Police Department received a horrifying phone call one year after Cayedito disappeared. The frantic caller claimed to be Cayedito, and this was confirmed by her mother, who claims to have recognized her daughter’s voice. Before Cayedito could tell the police anything, an adult could be heard yelling in the background, and the call was prematurely cut amidst the sounds of the girl screaming. While the case technically remains open, experts believe that Cayedito is deceased.

Patricia Meehan

The day before she disappeared, Montana ranch hand Patricia Meehan phoned her father and sounded distressed, telling him that she wanted to come home to Pittsburgh. Her landlord also noticed she was acting funny. On the night of April 20, 1989, Meehan crashed her car on Montana Highway 200. Eyewitnesses reported that she behaved strangely. Meehan approached the driver of the other car without saying anything. She later moved to the side of the road and silently observed the wreck before wandering into a nearby field. Meehan left behind an undeveloped camera, and one of the photos was a creepy selfie that showed an expressionless Meehan staring into a mirror. Multiple witnesses have reported seeing Meehan in the years following, but she officially remains missing.

Elaine Park

On February 2, 2017, Elaine Park’s abandoned Honda Civic was found on the side of the road in Malibu. All of her belongings were inside, the battery was dead, and the keys were still in the ignition. Law enforcement believes that she wandered into the nearby ocean to take her own life, but her family doesn’t subscribe to that narrative. Park’s boyfriend was the last person to see her. She slept at his place on the night of January 27, and he told investigators that she suffered a panic attack at about 4 AM. Two hours later, Park was captured on home security footage walking to her car - the same car that would be found abandoned just a few days later.

Susan Powell

The Salt Lake Tribune uploaded a video to YouTube in May of 2013. It depicts a woman named Susan Powell documenting the expensive assets in her home in the event that “something happens to [her].” She allegedly did so on the advice of her attorney. Viewers take notice of Powell’s demeanor, which many claim is anxious, depressed, and generally defeated. This video was captured a year and a half before she disappeared in December of 2009. Powell technically remains missing, but many suspect her husband Joshua. A few years after Powell disappeared, Joshua lost custody of their children to Powell’s parents, and subsequently took the children’s lives and his own.

Lars Mittank

The case of Lars Mittank is as mysterious as it is unnerving. The twenty-eight-year old German man was vacationing in Bulgaria with friends when he got into a physical altercation with some strangers over football. Mittank suffered a ruptured eardrum, which prevented him from flying home. With his friends gone, he began to act erratically; his odd behavior was captured on the hotel’s CCTV. He reportedly called his mother and told her that four men were out to kill him. Mittank was last seen on CCTV fleeing Varna Airport and running into a nearby field. He hasn’t been seen or heard from since, and the reason for his sudden paranoia remains unknown.

Brandon Lawson

On the night of August 9, 2013, Brandon Lawson got into an argument with his partner Ladessa Lofton and left home just before midnight. Soon after, he called his brother Kyle, saying that he was being chased out of town and had run out of gas. Kyle worried that his brother, who was involved in drugs, was tripping. But following that, Lawson made an eerie call to 911, saying that he was being chased into the woods. When Kyle and the police arrived on the scene, Brandon’s truck was abandoned. Kyle’s girlfriend Audrey reportedly received a call from Brandon, who said that he was just up the road and bleeding. However, he was never seen or heard from again.

Corrie McKeague

On September 23, 2016, RAF Regiment gunner Corrie McKeague went drinking with some friends in Suffolk, England. At 3:25 the next morning, McKeague was spotted on CCTV entering the cul-de-sac of Brentgovel Street, an area that contained several wheelie bins. He never left the cul-de-sac. McKeague failed to report for work the following Monday, instigating a missing persons case. His phone was eventually tracked to a landfill, and while extensive searches were undertaken, nothing conclusive was found. The prevailing theory is that a drunk McKeague fell asleep inside a wheelie bin and was crushed by a garbage truck. His remains may have been accidentally incinerated at the landfill, but this theory is contested by many, including McKeague’s mother.

Claudia Lawrence

On the night of March 18, 2009, Lawrence returned home from work and sent a text to a friend at 8:23pm. This would be the last time anyone heard from her. CCTV footage was found showing a light-colored Ford Focus driving down the road the morning of March 19 and braking outside Lawrence’s house. Despite years of investigation, the case went cold until 2013, when the new Major Crime Unit was unveiled. They found that Lawrence’s cell phone was mysteriously turned off the day after her disappearance, and unidentified fingerprints were found in her house. Several people have been arrested under suspicion of murder, but a lack of evidence and cooperation from witnesses have prevented any charges from being laid.

Amber Tuccaro

This twenty-year-old woman from Alberta’s Mikisew Cree First Nation was last seen just outside Edmonton on August 18, 2010. She got a ride into Edmonton from an unknown male and was never seen again. Two years after her disappearance, a cell phone recording was released of Tuccaro speaking with the man, and she can be heard adamantly questioning his directions and their true destination. Just four days after the recording was released, police found Tuccaro’s skull in a farmer’s field. The investigative work behind her disappearance has been highly criticized, and the Alberta RCMP even apologized to Tuccaro’s family. The apology was fiercely rejected.

Kenny Veach

In 2014, hiker Kenny Veach left a comment on a YouTube video in which he explained coming across a creepy M-shaped cave in the desert and fleeing in terror. Eager YouTuber commenters encouraged Veach to return and document his experiences. And while he did so, he failed to find the cave - but he did come across an abandoned mine shaft. Disappointed viewers urged Veach to try again. He set out once more, never to return. His phone was eventually found outside the very mine shaft that was recorded in his previous video. A woman claiming to be his girlfriend later commented on the video, stating her belief that Veach had taken his own life and left his phone behind so as not to be tracked.

Trevor Deely

On December 7, 2000, twenty-two-year-old IT worker Trevor Deely was attending a work Christmas party at a nightclub in Dublin. Deely left the club at 3:25 in the morning and stopped at work, where he briefly spoke to a mysterious man in black outside the business gates. At 4:14, after leaving work, Deely was spotted walking home on CCTV footage, with a man in black following roughly thirty seconds behind. Police believe that this is the same man who spoke to Deely. Unfortunately, that was the last known recording of Deely, and the case has since gone cold. The man remains unidentified, and no one knows what was discussed or why Deely was seemingly followed.

Brian Shaffer

In 2006, Shaffer was a medical student at Ohio State. On the night of March 31, Shaffer and his friend William Florence went bar-hopping to celebrate spring break. Sometime during the night however, Shaffer disappeared. Police reviewed CCTV footage outside the Ugly Tuna Saloona, which showed Shaffer talking with two women. He left them and walked towards the bar but wasn’t recorded ever leaving. This was the only known publicly-accessible entrance and exit, leaving investigators puzzled. It’s possible that the constantly-panning and manually-operated cameras just missed him. William Florence has refused to take a lie detector test, leading people close to Shaffer to suspect his involvement. Some believe that Shaffer is dead, while others think he ran off to live under a new identity.

Henry McCabe

On the morning of September 7, 2015, Kareen McCabe received a horrifying voicemail from her husband Henry. It features what sounds like menacing growls and human moaning before a voice is heard saying, “Stop it.” Henry McCabe was quickly declared a missing person. The last person to see him alive told investigators that he dropped off McCabe at a convenience store following a night of partying. McCabe remained missing for over two months until his body was found in a lake roughly six miles from the convenience store. The weird thing is that the medical examiner found no apparent injuries on McCabe’s body, leading many to question the source and reasoning for the eerie sounds captured on voicemail.

Kris Kremers & Lisanne Froon

These two young Dutch students set off on a hike in Panama on April 1st, 2014. With them was a dog that belonged to restaurant owners they’d befriended ... but the dog returned alone. Ten weeks later, Froon’s backpack was discovered by a riverbank, with her camera and both women’s phones. Both had tried to call emergency services on the first day of the hike. A few days later, Froon’s phone died, and someone entered false PIN codes into Kremer’s phone; more attempts to call emergency services followed. The digital camera contained photos of their hike, but also ninety flash photos from the pitch-black morning of April 8 - one showing the back of Kremers’s head. Sadly, the womens’ bones were later found scattered along the riverbank. It remains a tragic and baffling mystery to this day.