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The Most Aggressive Fighter In The World: Mauricio Rua

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Winner of the PRIDE Fighting Championships' 2005 Middleweight Grand Prix, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua is known as one of – if not THE most – aggressive fighters in the world. Mauricio’s family has a tradition of fighting; his older brother Murilo "Ninja" Rua is also a mixed martial arts fighter. Before fighting in the UFC, Rua was part of the Pride Fighting Championships. His aggressive style flourished, but he made the switch to UFC in 2007. Because of their stricter rules, Rua was forced to alter his style – his success at which has earned him the title as one of the sport’s more versatile fighters. In this video, profiles Mauricio Rua.

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Born in Brazil on November 25, 1981 Mauricio Rua is a mixed martial arts fighter who weighs in at 205 pounds for his 6 foot 1 frame. Nicknamed "Shogun," he is known as one of the most aggressive fighters in the world.

A Family of Fighters

Rua comes from a family of athletes and fighters, and in fact this is one of the reasons he got into the sport. "Well my brother is also a professional fighter, he started before me," he says. "He gave me incentive to train, so I followed my brother’s steps and started to train."

His Beginnings

Rua’s martial arts training started at the age of six, when he began practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. A year later he started Muy Thai, a sport which requires the ability to perform strikes using eight points of contact. Western boxing uses only two points of contact, while many other martial arts use four points. Today, Shogun also studies wrestling and western boxing. Rua is well-known as one fighter who adeptly combines Muy Thai with other fighting styles to be successful in his fights.

His Strengths

Rua is acclaimed as a versatile fighter. This versatility was challenged when he made the switch from PRIDE FC to the Ultimate Fighting Championships. Rua had to adjust his style to fit within UFC rules, which did not allow knees or kicks to the head of a downed opponent. In PRIDE, Rua had won many fights with his stomps and kicks, and he says he misses using this move:
"Of course I miss that. It was part of my game, it was fun. And I hope UFC will one day allow it, I truly miss it."

The majority of Shogun’s wins have come by knockout, and while fighting he overwhelms his opponents with vicious strikes and kicks. He also boasts cardiovascular health that helps him go all the way in a fight.

Injuries have plagued him throughout his career, resulting in time off for the fighter. Shogun is back to his top form, and continues to fight for his unofficial title as the most aggressive fighter in the world.

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