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7 Things You Should Know About The Twilight Saga

VO: Veronica Delfino
Vampires, Werewolves and teen romance combine on the big screen to bring the fantasy series by Stephanie Meyer to life. Inspired by the works of Shakespeare, this series was originally rejected by publishers. However, The Twilight Saga went on to become an overwhelming phenomenon with young adults, resulting in the spawning of several books and an ongoing film series. Join us at as we take a look at the universe that has grown in popularity to rival that of JK Rowling's Harry Potter series as we examine the seven things you should know about the Twilight Saga.

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7 Things You May Not Know About The Twilight Franchise

#1 The Franchise
The Twilight films are adaptations of four award winning vampire-based fantasy-romance novels, written by Stephanie Meyer. The story revolves around the teenage girl Bella Swan and her move to Forks, Washington where she becomes involved in a love triangle with vampire Edward Cullen, and a Werewolf named Jacob. Edward has renounced the act of drinking human blood, and Jacob seeks to protect her from her new vampire love interest.

#2 The Vampires
The vampires in the Twilight series differ from those in traditional vampire stories. In Twilight they are unharmed by garlic, holy items or wooden stakes. They have reflections and are able to venture out in daylight, however their skin sparkles like diamonds. For this reason the vampires have chosen Forks, Washington as their home due to its constantly overcast weather.

#3 Vampire Government and Rules
In Twilight, vampires are ruled by the Voltari. They are elite Vampires who oversee and regulate the vampire population. If their rules are broken they step in to destroy those who do not obey their will. One of their rules is that Vampires are no longer allowed to make "newborn vampires", a term used to describe newly transformed humans. The reason being that new vampires can't control their thirst and go on a killing spree which draws attention to the vampire population. However, humans have to be killed or diligently transformed into a vampire if they know about the vampire world, which is why Bella is in danger.

#4 The Werewolves
The werewolves in Twilight are the descendants of a shape-shifter. As such, they can take any form, though they choose that of wolves. The role that they play in the series is that of protectors who try and keep innocent humans safe from Vampires. Jacob and the other Werewolves hate the smell of vampires, are faster then them, and like vampires they are extremely strong and heal extremely fast. When werewolves are given orders by their packs chief, they have no choice but to obey.

#5 Author’s Inspiration
The author, Stephanie Meyer has acknowledged that her series takes much of their structure and themes from classic novels such as “Pride and Prejudice”, “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” and “Romeo and Juliet”. Meyer first conceived of the idea in a dream that she had. She has also mentioned that her faith as a Mormon has influenced the underlying principles of her stories, as demonstrated by the book’s cover, which portrays the forbidden fruit from the book of Genesis. According to her the series is “about life, not death” and “love, not lust”. However, Meyers does not admit to promoting the values of sexual abstinence or spiritual purity.

#6 The Phenomenon
Twilight has attracted a huge fan base, comprised primarily by teenage girls. However, the series also has developed a wider appeal as its author has been compared with the likes of J.K Rowling of the Harry Potter franchise. Fans have made Twilight a phenomenon through their online presence. The web is flourishing with social networks and websites dedicated to communication between fans who enjoy sharing their fan fiction with each other. Economically, Twilight has bolstered the town of Forks, Washington with over 8 thousand fans making the pilgrimage to visit the book’s setting each month.

#7 The Future of the Series
Meyer penned a dozen chapters of a companion book to Twilight, which re-tells the events of the first novel from the perspective of Vampire Edward Cullen. These chapters have been made available on her website for fans to read. Meyer plans to produce similar pieces that reveal the perspectives of the other main characters. As of releasing New Moon, the movie series is expected to have 2 more sequels, each adaptations of “Eclipse”, and the other following “Breaking Dawn.”

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