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Top Activities To Do in Bosnia-Herzegovina

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Though Bosnia-Herzegovina is known for its turbulent history, the country is quickly becoming a destination for tourists in Europe. A beautiful landscape is offset by historically significant landmarks, and these elements make for a fascinating trip. Adventure-seekers can try hiking, cave exploring or the very popular white water rafting. Or visit downtown Sarajevo to witness the religious variety found in this country. Mostar is the capital of the Herzegovina region, and is home to another popular landmark, the Stari Most – an important bridge that was recently rebuilt. In this video, learns more about the attractions and landmarks found in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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Vrelo Bune

Found on the Buna river, Vrelo Bune is a combination of natural and architectural elements that combine to make a popular tourist spot. The Blagaj Tekke, for example, is nestled against the cliffs and the water.


Mostar is the largest city in the region of Herzegovina, and is an important tourist attraction, with its cobblestone streets, shops and historic attractions. This includes the Stari Most, a bridge originally erected in the sixteenth century that was destroyed in 1993 and recently rebuilt.


Found on downtown Sarajevo’s main street in the heart of Old Town, Baščaršija, is a popular fountain that highlights traditional Bosnian design. The country is known for its religious diversity, and mosques found in its capital city are examples of this. Sarajevo’s Orthodox Cathedral is another landmark in the city, and is one of the Balkans’ largest orthodox churches. Old Town, or Stari Grad, is well-known for its religious structures as well, including the largest cathedral in the country, Cathedral of Jesus’ Heart.


Outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of the country’s beautiful vistas, filled with mountains, tranquil lakes, rushing rivers and extensive forests. The countryside is even dotted by tens of thousands of rock carved tombstones for interested hikers.

Outdoor Activities

Though well-known for its winter sports, such as skiing, Bosnia and Herzegovina is also a great place to spend some time in summer months. Even the country’s tiny strip of Adriatic coastline makes for some great beach days of swimming and sunning.

White Water Rafting

With a number of rivers flowing through the country, Bosnia and Herzegovina has adopted white water rafting as a popular leisure activity. A great workout as well as a perfect way to see some beautiful scenery, rafting in this country is as good as it gets. If you’re a beginner, opt for a guided rafting tour as a fun way to explore and meet other travelers. Also, make sure to check out nearby waterfalls, which are another stunning addition to the country’s landscape. Rafting season coincides roughly with late-spring and summer months, so make sure to take advantage of this adventure should you find yourself visiting the country during that period.


Other activities for the energetic traveler include hiking through the mountains, or under the cover of the country’s thick forests. Cave exploring is another option, which can be a fascinating excursion.

With religious attractions, athletic activities and historic landmarks, Bosnia and Herzegovina is definitely a great trio waiting to happen.

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