Alien Invasion: Is The Government Secretly Communicating With Aliens? | Unveiled

Alien Invasion: Is The Government Secretly Communicating With Aliens? | Unveiled

VOICE OVER: Peter DeGiglio
Have we already started to form relations with aliens?? Join us... and find out!

In this video, Unveiled takes a closer look at one of the greatest government coverup conspiracies of all; is Earth already communicating with REAL alien beings? There are various reasons why this MIGHT be true... but should we REALLY be preparing for FIRST CONTACT just yet??

Alien Invasion: Is the Government Secretly Communicating With Aliens?

Welcome to the universe. Billions of stars, trillions of planets, spread across countless galaxies, but so far - as far as we know - just one world with life on it; ours. But, that Earth truly is alone seems incredibly unlikely… so could there be other reasons why extraterrestrials haven’t yet come into the light?

This is Unveiled, and today we’re answering the extraordinary question; Is the government secretly communicating with aliens?

Alien-government conspiracy theories are hardly rare in the modern world. All over the map there are claims that the people in power might know more about existing ETs than they’re willing to reveal. But nowhere more so than in the US. In America, alien conspiracies have become something of a cultural trademark, ever since the heady days of Roswell in 1947 and the UFOs over Washington in 1952. Today, whether it’s Area 51, the USS Nimitz Incident, or the revelations about the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, aka AATIP… we’re never too far away from the next supposedly state-backed alien coverup story.

The one time lead of AATIP, Luis Elizondo, has become one of the strongest voices claiming that the US government already knows that aliens exist. Between the years 2017 and 2020, he also worked with the To the Stars… Academy of Arts & Science, through which he pushed hard for full disclosure of alien and UFO information. However, it’s not as though Elizondo has ever been out on his own, as it seems there are other senior (or previously senior) figures prepared to play whistleblower, too.

In December 2020, a former Israeli defense chief made headlines around the world with some especially spectacular assertions. According to Haim Eshed - an ex-director at Israel’s Ministry of Defense who worked particularly on Israeli space programs - the US government, at least, is in direct contact with aliens. Eshed made the claims during an interview with the Israeli newspaper, “Yediot Aharonot”, with his words subsequently republished in “The Jerusalem Post”. Considering that Eshed had spent a thirty-plus-year career in a very powerful position, it’s little surprise that he caused quite a stir with what he had to say.

Eshed claims that America has actually been aware of alien life for a long time, and is explicitly choosing to keep that knowledge from the general public. He goes on to explain that the US has made agreements with aliens, too, and that there is a broader “galactic federation” that America’s in league with. It was even said (by Eshed) that the US president at the time, Donald Trump, had communicated directly with that Federation, as well. Trump was allegedly close to blowing the aliens’ cover, but was persuaded not to do so. Among the other revelations that Eshed makes - both in the first interview, and in a follow-up book - are that there’s a joint Earth-Federation base already built, underground on Mars; also, that the US government has worked with the Federation to help with experiments on Earth; and that the overseeing aliens have before had a hand in global affairs, to prevent certain nuclear disasters.

Clearly, Eshed’s claims are hardly minor. This is a one-time leading figure in global security hitting straight at the heart of UFO conspiracy culture. However, his apparent attempt to break down the veil of secrecy hasn’t yet led to a mass breaking of the ranks from others. In fact, in general, the current top brass in America and Israel have sought to distance themselves from the story. At the time of Eshed’s interview, the Pentagon refused to comment… while NASA did respond, but only to reiterate that it hasn’t yet found signs of alien life. Meanwhile, the Israel Space Agency reportedly reacted in a similar way, denying Eshed’s version of events, and re-confirming that humans aren’t currently in contact with aliens.

It’s not the first time that these types of claims have been made, although it is perhaps quite rare for them to come from such a high-ranking source. For comparison, one of the most infamous UFO conspiracy claims in the twentieth century was one that came to be known as Majestic 12, or MJ 12. The theory erupted in the 1980s, when supposedly genuine government documents led some to severely question the official line. It was said that evidence had been found - in the form of official memos and records - to show that there existed a select, secret group of twelve leading figures on Earth, tasked with everything from instigating UFO coverups to reverse engineering crashed alien tech. And it was claimed that this thing went right to the very top, having been set up by President Harry Truman.

A main difference between MJ 12 and Haim Eshed’s interviews, however, is that the basis of MJ 12 was all revealed second hand, by various ufologists insisting that the evidence they had gotten a hold of really was the real deal. As a result, and after some scrutiny, the Majestic 12 came to be labeled by many as a hoax, and today it’s often seen more as science fiction fodder rather than genuine proof of aliens. But, with Eshed, the calls of hoax are much quieter. Here, it’s more cut and dry than that; should the rest of the world believe what he says, or not? What do you think? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

For now, what we know for sure is that America certainly has tried to contact apparently unknown aliens before, via strategies like the Arecibo Message and the Golden Records on board the Voyager probes. But, in general, the attempts at communication that have been made as per the official line… are more like one-way beacons being flashed out by us into the abyss, possibly, potentially letting someone else know that we’re here. If anything like what Eshed says or MJ 12 did exist, then we’re imagining a whole new situation. Instantly, the reality of life on Earth could be transformed into all the bleakest aspects of a mass control dystopia. It really would be that governments are self-serving, wholly untrustworthy, and finely skilled at hiding the truth. It actually would be that humans, in general, are powerless beneath a highly advanced watching alien force.

However, there’s perhaps hope to be found through one final part of Eshed’s 2020 interview … because he also hints that the claimed Galactic Federation have simply been waiting for us to reach an advanced enough stage of development before revealing themselves. Eshed doesn’t go into great detail, but this could fall in line with something like the Zoo Hypothesis, where intelligent aliens will only break cover once they’re satisfied that human beings are prepared to take that next step. The wider suggestion apparently being that any existing agreement between the US and an alien force is there as a kind of place holder, before we move to a bigger, better, more official and open relationship.

So, what’s your verdict? Could something as incomparably massive as alien life really have been hidden by the government (or governments) from us, the watching world? On the one hand, it’s arguably hard to fathom in America especially, as the US administration changes so often. Some presidents have found their terms more closely linked with alleged alien activity, while some others haven’t. In recent times, the likes of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have given interviews where they touch upon the alien question… but in all cases, the answers given tend to be vague at best.

There’s also the issue of amateur astronomy to consider, which has risen dramatically in the twenty-first century. More than ever before, the general public has turned its eyes to the skies above, leading some UFO skeptics to suggest that we should by now have more of those coming forward with solid alien proof. The likes of NASA and the US authorities still remain world leaders for space research and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, but private firms are now making a major impact in the field, as well.

In theory, then, all it would take is one of those to speak out, or for something to be spotted through someone’s home telescope setup, or for a president to shun the status quo and reveal what they know… and suddenly the theorized coverup gets broken wide open. Of course, none of those things has quite happened yet… but certainly Haim Eshed’s comments go hugely against the grain. Could they yet go down in history as a key moment in our story? It remains to be seen, but that’s why some believe that the government is secretly communicating with aliens.