Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns
Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns

Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns

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They rage against the machine, and they're calm like a bomb. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 celebrity meltdowns. For this list, we're focusing on legit celebrity lunacy, which means that staged meltdowns a la Michael Cera are excluded.

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They rage against the machine, and they’re calm like a bomb. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10celebrity meltdowns.

For this list, we’re focusing on legit celebrity lunacy, which means that staged meltdowns a la Michael Cera are excluded, as well as meltdowns that come from cruel pranks, as we can’t really blame Paris Hilton for panicking when she believed her life was going to end. Nope, these are just your classic cases of celebrities losing their cool.

#10: Bill O’Reilly

Everybody knows Bill O’Reilly as the intellectual, yet pompous, host of “The O’Reilly Factor” on FOX News, and it’s not like he suddenly developed a temper out of nowhere. Back in 1989, he joined “Inside Edition” for a six-year run before leaving to study at Harvard, and during one particular taping, a teleprompter malfunction put O’Reilly into Beast Mode. Notice the stern conviction as he attempts to process the madness before taking command of the situation like a playground bully. Like a true pro, however, O’Reilly sported a grin and nailed the line, which didn’t necessarily require a teleprompter to begin with.

#9: Björk

By 1996, the Icelandic singer known as Björk had released two acclaimed solo albums upon leaving The Sugarcubes, but as she strolled her son through Bangkok International Airport, she offered up yet another unforgettable hit by swiftly kicking the ass of a stunned reporter who said the unthinkable: “Welcome to Bangkok.” There’s really no excuse for such psychotic behavior, but in defense of Bjork, she later claimed the same paparazzo had been on her tail for days. This singer may be small in stature, but her agility proved to be cat-like given her MMA-style takedown.

#8: Christian Bale

Kick back, close your eyes and listen to one of the most dedicated actors of modern times lose his damn mind. To be fair, it should’ve seemed obvious to cinematographer Shane Hurlbut not to walk around while Christian Bale was in the ultimate actor’s zone, but that’s what happened, and John Connor dropped a flurry of f-bombs to convey his disapproval. When someone’s deep in character, you never know what kind of crazy energy they possess. In this case, Bale maintained a certain sense of honor, but in a most obnoxious way. Once the clip went viral, it became a source for endless parodies – though Bale did eventually apologize.

#7: Alec Baldwin

As the daughter of a famous Hollywood couple, Ireland Baldwin surely has many stories to tell. While she’s a 6’2” fashion model today, papa Alec Baldwin referred to her as a “rude, thoughtless little pig” back in 2007. The meltdown transpired when 11-year-old Ireland failed to answer a scheduled phone call from her dad. Given the crazed voicemail, it’s likely that Alec had a bit more on his mind than bad manners. Perhaps the best part comes when he threatens to fly to LA for the day with the sole purpose of “straightening his daughter out.” Fortunately, the two were able to poke fun at the incident in 2015.

#6: Tom Cruise

It was a strange time in 2005: it was the year YouTube was first introduced and it was the year that a love-struck Tom Cruise went completely insane on Oprah’s couch. After all, he was in the early stages of a relationship with actress Katie Holmes. Though Cruise never seems to age on screen, nobody expected him to behave like a teenager celebrating his first kiss when he was over 40. Who really knows what happened that day, or more importantly “why.” However, the moment ultimately became one of the first viral sensations. As we’ve seen over the years, Cruise hasn’t been shy about communicating his philosophies on the public stage, and the couch incident was the beginning of it all.

#5: Amanda Bynes

We’ve seen young starlets melt down in many ways: some turn to hard drugs, others turn to booze. Amanda Bynes suffered a new kind of meltdown: the social media meltdown. Once a sweet Nickelodeon star, by 2013 Bynes’ appearance changed drastically, and she later expressed her “love” for Drake on social media. She spoke of conspiracies, set fire to a California driveway and was arrested for reportedly throwing a bong out her apartment window, all the while providing tabloids with plenty of fodder. Even if Bynes eventually received appropriate help, she left a long trail of maniacal antics that will never disappear from the Internet – no matter how many tweets are deleted.

#4: Lindsay Lohan

A few years before the Bynes Train derailed, this promising actress experienced her own downward spiral. Lindsay Lohan was already working with some of the biggest names in the business and was a legit sex symbol before turning 21, but in May of 2007, she received her first DUI. While a 45-day stint in rehab appeared to do some good, Lohan was arrested again less than two weeks after she left, this time for cocaine possession and another DUI. She ultimately served only 84 minutes behind bars, but the collective display of questionable behavior forever altered her public image, certainly among Hollywood directors.

#3: Mel Gibson

From the craziness of a young sex symbol to the madness of “Mad Max,” Mel Gibson is a celebrated actor and director regardless of what you think of him. BUT…he’s said some crazy stuff, and unfortunately for him a lot of it has been caught on tape. Of course, there’s his reported anti-Semitic tirade after being pulled over by the Malibu 5-0 in 2006. Although he’s exhibited a long history of controversial statements, he still managed to shock us even more with a 2010 meltdown recorded by ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. As talented as Mel Gibson may be, the collection ofmeltdowns reveal a man unafraid to unleash his verbal venom.

#2: Charlie Sheen

Consider this: mainstream media often criticizes young actresses for their epic meltdowns, but in the case of Charlie Sheen, everybody seemed rather content with the meltdown. Why? Because he seemed to be having so much fun. Hookers. Cocaine. Winning, right? Apparently so, because Sheen’s bizarre 2011 rants actually led to a Comedy Central roast in which fellow celebrities snickered away at his death-defying antics. It’s no secret that Sheen loves him some women and nose candy, yet he was at his worst during his infamous interview with ABC News, or maybe he was at his best depending on how you view rapid descents into madness.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Michael Richards
- David Hasselhoff
- Kanye West
- Andrew Dice Clay
- David O. Russell

#1: Britney Spears

She kicked off a new era of pop music with her 1999 debut, and the following year, she became an international sex symbol due to a steamy performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. However, by late 2006, Britney Spears had divorced husband Kevin Federline, and a couple of months later, her aunt passed away from ovarian cancer. Incidentally, Britney subsequently spent less than a day in drug rehab, then returning to California where she shaved her dome and attacked the paparazzi with an umbrella. As a result, the pop princess sought out the appropriate help, but only after a most disturbing sequence of events.

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