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Can A Cyborg Blush? Genos Gets Gender-Swapped!

Ooooooooh My!

Genos has become quite the popular character in recent years. He’s the devoted disciple of possibly the strongest hero in all of Japanimation, he’s got a code of conduct that makes him the ideal hero, and in spite of being an android has also amassed quite a following thanks to some strikingly handsome features. Oh, and he’s armed with so much devastating weaponry that he can incinerate practically everything in his path.

Yep, the Demon Cyborg is the whole package. Honestly if he wasn’t stuck in the role of perpetual sidekick he would easily be the star of his own series. This probably explains why over in Japan he ended up getting his own Drama CD.

Of course, that wasn’t what caught the attention of fans. According to an article on Crunchyroll, one of the official artists for One Punch Man decided to celebrate the release of the Drama CD his own little way…and gender-swapped our favourite cyborg. Needless to say the results were shocking, to the point where its kind of scary how well Genos pulled off the female figure.

One-Punch Man’s second drama/character song CD is out. This Genos focused CD a story about Genos training in VR, Saitama versus a vending machine and the next part a high school spoof – plus character image song “Burning Blue – Soldier of Blue Flame” – made with JAM Project. Leading into this Yusuke Murata, illustrator of the Jump version of the manga, shared some more fun with the characters.

Given how Genos is always getting his body refitted after every brawl he has with a supervillain or monster, we wouldn’t be surprised if this actually ends up happening in the manga and anime at one point. One Punch Man has always been first and foremost a comedy about the crazier sides of the superhero genre, and lets be honest, Genos doesn’t have the best of luck.

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