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Top 5 TV Show Cancellations That Caused Major Backlash

Season Finale? Says Who???

In case you’re new here or you simply have an idea worth sharing, we have an awesome feature called the Suggest Tool, where you can leave your very own Top 10 list! Our suggest page will feature your list, alongside others created by our MyMojo users, and if you like (or passionately disagree) with anything you see, you have the power to vote on those lists! The best part is that if your list attracts enough attention, it could become a WatchMojo video or article!

Last week, we picked four amazing Top 10 ideas from the suggest page and started a poll on our Community Tab, asking you guys which list was your favorite:

According to the votes above, the suggested idea we’ll be diving into this week is Top 10 TV Show Cancellations That Caused Major Backlash. Let’s get into the 5 shows that received the most votes from this list and whose cancellation (false alarm or not) had fans saying…

#5: Daredevil

After what felt like three solid seasons, Netflix terminated Marvel’s “Daredevil” and while the decision left fans outraged, it wasn’t exactly a huge surprise. Netflix had slowly been removing its Marvel content, from “Luke Cage”, to “Iron Fist”, to now “Jessica Jones” and “The Punisher”. “Daredevil” received the same treatment in the lead up to the launch of Disney+, where multiple Marvel series will find a home. So maybe this isn’t the end for “Daredevil”, after all, showrunner Erik Oleson’s tweet below proves the idea is there and Netflix’s statement gives fans hope: “the Daredevil character will live on in future projects for Marvel”.

#4: One Day at a Time (2017-)

The digital uproar that followed the cancellation of this Cuban-American reiteration of Norman Lear’s 1975 series of the same name, was more surprising than the cancellation itself. Netflix released the statement below, claiming a weak viewership, but fans and celebrities clapped back quicker than expected, starting the hashtag “saveODAAT” and even reaching out to other networks to save their beloved show. Turns out a sitcom that tackles important subject matter through uniquely simple and head-on comedy is less niche than they thought.

#3: Star Trek: The Original Series

Who would’ve thought that the series that is considered a cult classic today almost met it’s end 50 years ago! “Star Trek: The Original Series” ran for 3 seasons on NBC from September 8, 1966, to June 3, 1969, but poor Nielsen ratings lead to various cancellation threats met with shockingly huge backlash from fans. Since Twitter rants weren’t an option back then, complaints took the form of TONS of angry letters and even a march by 500 Caltech Trekkies outside NBC’s Burbank studios. Thanks to broadcast syndication, the series took off years later and became the cosmically significant franchise it is today.

#2: Futurama

Futurama” cancellation backlash could be it’s own series at this point. The original show underwent a tragic cancellation from Fox in 2003, on account of low ratings, after which it was saved by a string of Adult Swim reruns that garnered attention from fans and Comedy Central, who picked it back up for 3 more seasons in the form of direct-to-DVD movies that came to a second end in 2013. THEN, news of Netflix removing the original series from their platform in 2017 lead to online petitions and bold tweets like the one below. With such a passionate fandom, who knows, round 4 might be around the corner.

#1: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It’s safe to say, the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” cancellation was not “cool cool cool cool cool cool”. After five seasons of classic Jake Peralta and the Nine-Nine crew moments, Fox decided to pull the plug and fans and celebrities were outraged. #RenewB99 took off on social media, alongside Twitter threats from Mark Hamill and clearly it worked. NBC, who passed on the show’s initial pitch, redeemed themselves by picking it up for a sixth season, bringing the show’s creators and star Mike Schur, Dan Goor and Andy Samberg back to the network that fostered their careers.

Which show’s cancellation made you the most upset? If you disagree with the entries above, make sure to click on the full list of the Top 10 TV Show Cancellations That Caused Major Backlash to check out the 30+ TV titles that just missed the top 5 mark!

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