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Top 5 Survival Kit Items (2020)

Welcome to GetMojo, we do the research so you don’t have to! In this video, we’re offering our picks for the 5 best survival kit items on the market in 2020.

Whether you’re going hiking, camping or fishing, it doesn’t hurt to have some emergency survival tools to hand. But what essentials should you pack? Well, we’re here to help you decide. We’ve looked at numerous website and consumer reviews to pick out our 5 recommended products. So, first up.

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The Essential: Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool

Having a multi-tool at hand can be genuinely life-saving in a crisis – and the Leatherman Signal is handier than most. Giving you 19 tools in one – each accessible using only one hand if need be – the $120 Leatherman Signal has a saw, hammer, pliers and, of course, a 2.73-inch blade. There’s even a fire-starting ferro rod and emergency whistle included. Add to that a convenient carabiner clip – and a colossal 25-year warranty – and you have one seriously sophisticated survival tool.

The Purifier: LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

You can brave the elements as much as you want, but sooner or later, you’re going to need a drink. So having a water purification tool is crucial. The $17 LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is capable of making contaminated water drinkable, without using chemicals or purification tablets. According to LifeStraw, it removes 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and protozoan parasites, and filters to 0.2 microns.

The Wayfinder: Eyeskey Multifunctional Military Lensatic Tactical Compass

Traversing landscapes is going to be pretty futile if you don’t know where you’re going. And that’s where a compass comes in. The $26 Eyeskey Tactical Compass is both water and shockproof and is incredibly easy to read. It even has a conversion chart for angle, gradient, and distance on its back. And for added tactical convenience, the compass’ arrow and display glows in the dark, so you can use it at night.

The Firestarter: Swiss Safe 5-in-1

The Leatherman multi-tool we mentioned earlier does feature a firestarter, but having a dedicated tool for the job is highly recommended. This Swiss Safe product may not be much to look at, but each pack comes with two magnesium ferro rods, each capable of delivering 16 thousand strikes. There’s even a compass and whistle built into each rod for good measure. Having the means to make fire – definitely a must!

Before we talk about our last pick, here are a few bonus products for you to check out:

GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000

Swiss Safe Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets 

PSKOOK Survival Paracord 

The Patch Pack: First Aid Only FAO-442 All-Purpose First Aid Kit

First aid kits can come in various different shapes, sizes and prices. But we’ve gone for a fairly budget – yet surprisingly extensive – pick today. This $17 kit from First Aid Only features a whopping 298 items, stuffed with a wide array of bandages and medicines to help with all sorts of ailments, from cuts to burns and more. And, perhaps most importantly, this kit is extremely portable, able to easily fit inside a coat pocket or bag pouch.

So which survival kit items should you buy? Well, that depends how wild you’re planning on going, and how confident you feel using tools. But you should certainly prioritize your health and wellbeing over fancy gadgets if you do plan on venturing into the unknown.

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