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Top 5 Entertainment Items To Bring on a Road Trip

With the holidays approaching, many families will pack up their cars to go spend quality time with their extended families. The holidays are a great time to get together and appreciate each other’s company, but the trek can be long and tedious. 

If you’re gearing up for a long drive this holiday season, here are the top five entertainment items to bring on a road trip to keep your family entertained.  

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Audiobooks and Playlists

While this one isn’t a physical item you’ll have to pack in your suitcase, you’ll still want to have your downloads prepared. Audiobooks and playlists are a great entertainment option in the car, especially for drivers who don’t have the same luxuries as the backseat companions.


For the kids in the backseat, movies are the perfect option to pass hours on the road. Bring a portable DVD player, a laptop, or a tablet with some downloaded shows and movies to keep them entertained. Be sure to pack some headphones, too, if you aren’t keen on listening to their movies from the front seat.

Games and Puzzles

Another form of entertainment that the whole family can enjoy are games and puzzles. Consider bringing a Mad Libs book, trivia cards, or a book of riddles to keep everyone in good spirits on the road.


Boredom snacking isn’t really recommended for road trips, but indulging now and then can keep your mind occupied. Bring some healthy sweet and salty snacks along and maybe a less healthy option to reward yourself during the long drive.

Homework and Work

Your vacation should be a time to relax, but why not organize your work emails or finish some of that winter break homework when you get bored on the road? Get it out of the way in the car, so you don’t have to worry about it during family time.   

An essential step in preparing for a family road trip is bringing plenty of entertainment. Include one of our top five entertainment items to bring on a road trip to make your long-haul fly by.

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