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Top 10 Doctor Who Companions (suggested 45 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

Top 10 Doctor Who Companions

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not allow Rose to become number one
Donna is the best. She is so sassy. She doesn't follow along and she literally becomes the Doctor's equal in her final episode. She's the most important woman in the universe
Companion for several episodes.
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    1Sarah Jane Smith suggested byc64audio
    Do not drop her from the top spot, it's a crime against doctor who
    Sarah Jane is my favorite. cant beat rose
    You just can't beat Sarah Jane. Donna's up there too.

  • 2Donna Noble suggested bySam Ricketts
    More annoying than funny.
    The Doctor's best friend, the most heartbreaking exit, the most comedic and second only to Sarah Jane Smith
    She was also the Doctor's equal when she left. The DoctorDonna
    annoying, she's the worst. Martha Jones was way better.
    She added the funniness and comedic side to the show, while tennant obviously held the seriousness and badass side to doctor who
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  • 3Rose Tyler suggested bySam Ricketts
    She might be the most popular in the new series but there are best companions
    Worst companion of all time just do not put on list. Don't overrun the list with new series companions.
    Fan favorite, not the best however.
    Rose brought a lot of love and life out of the ninth doctor.
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  • 4Capt. Jack Harkness suggested bySam Ricketts
    he does count as a companion since he traveled with the doctor for the whole last half of the first season
    not a companion per se.
    He was nice to look at
    he doesn't count as a companion
    His name is a pick-up line.
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  • 5Amy Pond suggested byc64audio
    Yes, my favorite!
    She's the best because feminism
    she has the most emotional story
    She is sexy, swagg and just awesome
    She is one of the longest-running companions of modern Doctor Who

  • 6Rory Williams suggested byc64audio
    he is the only likeable male character on this show except the doctor and capt. jack
    He was always such a sweetheat and he was brilliant and just amazing. And he died a lot.

  • 7K9 suggested bySam Ricketts
    K9 = Awesomness!!!! K9 a Time lord's best friend!!

  • 8River Song suggested bySam Ricketts
    half baked character, had potential but let down by writers
    I Wouldn't count her as a a companion because for the most part she was seperate from the docotr
    She was equal to the doctor in every way. And her chemistry with him was wonderful and amazing. She is his one and only wife.

  • 9Martha Jones suggested bySam Ricketts
    Martha proved that she didn't need the doctor and went on her own to face the Master and put herself and her family on the line DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE MARTHA JONES!!!!!
    Not a fan
    Throughout the most of her run, she got the short end of the stick. She was always second fiddle to Rose Tyler.
    Martha Jones was better then K9

  • 10Clara Oswin Oswald suggested bySam Ricketts
    Clara should be much higher than 10. I like her much more than Rose.

  • 11Ace suggested byc64audio
    Yes number 1

  • 12Jamie McCrimmon suggested byc64audio
    Yeah I Would Put Him higher
    Longest and the most underrated companion in the show. Plus a bestfriend of the second doctor

  • 13Jo Grant suggested byJames Vick

  • 14Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart suggested byMyke Mendoza
    wasnt really a companion, he was a friend

  • 15Susan Foreman suggested byMyke Mendoza
    Too whiny, but it was just the writing

  • 16Mickey Smith suggested bySam Ricketts
    he was such a baby butt
    Totally underrated, but still a vital asset to the show.

  • 17Romana II suggested byc64audio

  • 18Leela suggested byharrietamidala1691

  • 19TARDIS suggested byKarly Black
    Say TARDIS is a companion is like saying thay K.I.T.T. was a passenger
    the tardis has to be no. 1

  • 20Strax suggested byGav823
    not a companion

  • 21Madame Vastra suggested bySam Ricketts
    not a companion

  • 22Zoe Heriot suggested byc64audio

  • 23Tegan Jovanka suggested byMyke Mendoza

  • 24Barbara Wright suggested byDoctor Xiabollicus

  • 25Ian Chesterson suggested byDoctor Xiabollicus

  • 26Peri Brown suggested byThomas James Barnett

  • 27Rose should be first in my opinion :/ suggested byminwood
    she is the worst companion

  • 28Wilfred Mott suggested byfabi1511

  • 29Romana I suggested byharrietamidala1691

  • 30Handles suggested byLucas Hall
    This should be number 1 #rememberHandles
    because why not

  • 31Nyssa suggested byThomas James Barnett

  • 32Oswin Oswald (She was cool. Clara sucks) suggested byLilster The Gravity
    Sure, she was cool, but I don't count her as a companion

  • 33Jenny suggested byBaconfroyo
    Not a companion per se

  • 34Astrid Peth suggested byMEOrman

  • 35Sara Kingdom suggested byJames Vick

  • 36Steven Taylor suggested byThomas James Barnett
    OMG yes he is soo underrated

  • 37Sergeant Benton suggested byThomas James Barnett

  • 38Craig Owens suggested byThomas James Barnett
    iffy companion status
    he isnt a companion
    i love the craig episodes

  • 39Charley Pollard suggested byThomas James Barnett
    An audio companion, but still a good one.

  • 40Dodo Chaplet suggested bymalsen55
    Not as bad as everyone says she is. Exit was a bit abruptly written though

  • 41Melody Pond suggested byKarly Black
    she is river song, so yah she is a companion.
    she held the doctor at gunpoint and made him take her to Hitler. not a companion.

  • 42Melanie "Mel" Bush suggested byMyke Mendoza

  • 43EVERYONE VOTE SARAH SHE WAS AMAZING suggested byLilster The Gravity

  • 44Adric

  • 45Harry Sullivan suggested byThomas James Barnett

  • 46Ben & Polly suggested byThomas James Barnett

  • 47Bernice Summerfield suggested byThomas James Barnett

  • 48Hex suggested byThomas James Barnett
    Audio companion, have not listened to any "Hex" but have listened to "Hector", who said "Ace, stop comparing me to Hex" too many times to not be whiny

  • 49Lucie Miller suggested byThomas James Barnett
    such an amazing companion!
    Audio companion, have not listened to her yet

  • 50Izzy Sinclair suggested byThomas James Barnett

  • 51Ian Chesterton suggested byBaconfroyo

  • 52Vicki suggested byThomas James Barnett

  • 53Evelyn Smythe suggested byThomas James Barnett

  • 54Frobisher suggested byThomas James Barnett

  • 55Fitz Kreiner suggested byThomas James Barnett

  • 56Kazran Sardick suggested byThomas James Barnett
    not a companion

Top 10 "Doctor Who" Companions

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    1Rose Tyler

  • 2Donna Noble

  • 3Peri Brown

  • 4River Song suggested byMissJasmine305

  • 5Martha Jones

  • 6Sarah Jane Smith

  • 7Jack Harkness suggested byMissJasmine305

  • 8Amy Pond suggested byMissJasmine305

  • 9Rory Williams suggested byMissJasmine305

  • 10Susan Foreman suggested byreidreidaniel

  • 11Mickey Smith suggested byreidreidaniel

  • 12K-9 suggested byreidreidaniel

  • 13Clara Oswald suggested byreidreidaniel

  • 14Ace

  • 15Tegan Jovanka

  • 16Leela

  • 17Romana

  • 18Nyssa

Top 10 New Era Doctor Who Companions

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    1Amy Pond

  • 2Clara Oswald
    brings the best chemistry on the show between her and the doctor

  • 3Rose Tyler
    Rose brought heart to the show. The Doctor is not the same without his companion and Rose was someone he really caed about. Yes, she was there to help bring the show back, but she was a character that was ready for adventure and to help others, and she was the person you would love to be around. Doomsday showed that she was a strong character. Rose
    She's horrible, she was only made to relaunch the show by being your stereotypical companion whose awe of the Doctor, follows him around, gets lost to start story plots, and scream.

  • 4Captain Jack Harkness
    He is really good in flirting. he flirts with martha

  • 5Donna Noble

  • 6River Song

  • 7Rory Williams

  • 8Sarah Jane Smith

  • 9Wilfred Mott

  • 10Martha Jones

  • 11Rory Williams

  • 12Donna Noble

  • 13Amy Pond

  • 14Wilfred Mott

  • 15Captain Jack Harkness

  • 16Clara Oswald

  • 17Martha Jones

  • 18Rose Tyler

  • 19Sarah Jane Smith

  • 20River Song

Top 10 companions from Doctor Who

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    1Sarah Jane Smith suggested bySam Ricketts

  • 2Rose Tyler suggested bySam Ricketts

  • 3Donna noble suggested byJoseph Hughes
    Why is Donna so low? One of the best companions of all time!

  • 4Clara oswin Oswald suggested byJoseph Hughes

  • 5Martha Jones suggested bySam Ricketts

  • 6K-9 suggested bySam Ricketts

  • 7Capt. Jack Harkness suggested bySam Ricketts

  • 8Jamie McCrimmon suggested bySam Ricketts

  • 9Rose Tyler suggested byJoseph Hughes

  • 10Rory Williams suggested bySam Ricketts

  • 11Amy Pond suggested byHeather Phillips

  • 12Donna Noble suggested bySam Ricketts

  • 13Sarah Jane Smith suggested byJoseph Hughes

  • 14Mickey Smith suggested bySam Ricketts

  • 15Clara Oswin Oswald suggested bySam Ricketts

  • 16River Song suggested byHeather Phillips

  • 17Leela suggested byEmmanuelle Engel Delacroix

  • 18The Brigadier suggested byEmmanuelle Engel Delacroix

  • 19Jo Grant suggested byEmmanuelle Engel Delacroix

Top 10 New Doctor Who Companions

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    1Sarah Jane Smith

  • 2Rose Tyler

  • 3Donna Noble

  • 4Rory Williams

  • 5Wilfred Mott

  • 6Captain Jack Harkness

  • 7Amy Pond

  • 8River Song

  • 9Martha Jones

  • 10Clara Oswald

  • 11Romana (I and II) suggested byEmmanuelle Engel Delacroix

  • 12The Brigadier suggested byEmmanuelle Engel Delacroix

  • 13Susan Foreman suggested byEmmanuelle Engel Delacroix

  • 14Peri suggested byEmmanuelle Engel Delacroix

  • 15K9 suggested byEmmanuelle Engel Delacroix

  • 16Leela suggested byEmmanuelle Engel Delacroix

  • 17Ace suggested byEmmanuelle Engel Delacroix

  • 18Jo Grant suggested byEmmanuelle Engel Delacroix

  • 19Strax suggested byThais Harley Noble

Top Ten Doctor Who Companions

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    1wtf has this got to do with dr who? suggested byJames Vick

  • 2The island of doctor moreau (1996)

  • 3Get carter (2000)

  • 4Halloween (2007)

  • 5Prom night (2008)

  • 6The italian job (2003)

  • 7Straw dogs (2011)

  • 8Bewitched (2005)

  • 9Herbie: fully loaded (2005)

  • 10The last house on the left (2009)

  • 11Taxi (2004)

Top 10 Greatest Doctor Who Companions

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    1Jack Harkness suggested byMissJasmine305

  • 2Amy Pond suggested byMissJasmine305

  • 3Donna Noble suggested byMissJasmine305

  • 4Rose Tyler suggested byMissJasmine305

  • 5river song suggested byMissJasmine305

  • 6Sarah jane Smith suggested byStevie Johnstone Harkin

  • 7Martha suggested byMissJasmine305

  • 8K-9

  • 9Jo Grant

  • 10Kamelion

  • 11Wilfred Mott

  • 12rose tyler suggested byDaryan

Top 10 Favorite Doctor Who Companions

He is anyone's best friend. And he's a good dog.
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    1K-9 (voiced by John Leeson & David Brierley)

  • 2Sarah Jane Smith (Elizabeth Sladen)

  • 3Susan Foreman (Carole Ann Ford)

  • 4River Song (Alex Kingston)

  • 5Rose (Billie Piper)

  • 6Steven Taylor (Peter Purves)

  • 7Ben Jackson (Michael Craze)

  • 8Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (Nicholas Courtney)

  • 9Jo Grant (Katy Manning)

  • 10Leela (Louise Jameson)

  • 11Rory Williams suggested byMoonAngelIce

  • 12Victoria Waterfield (Deborah Watling)

  • 13Zoe Heriot (Wendy Padbury)

  • 14Sergeant John Benton (John Levene)

  • 15Captain Mike Yates (Richard Franklin)

The Top 10 Best Doctor Who Companions

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    1Donna Noble suggested bySampson1701

  • 2Sarah Jane Smith suggested bySampson1701

  • 3Amy Pond suggested bySampson1701

  • 4Dorothy Gale "Ace" McShane suggested byMrKlatez

  • 5Sarah-Jane Smith suggested byCallan Hamill

  • 6Rose Tyler suggested bySampson1701

  • 7Captain Jack Harkness suggested bySpjmcneil

  • 8Romana suggested bySpjmcneil

  • 9River Song suggested bySpjmcneil

  • 10Clara Oswald suggested bySpjmcneil

  • 11Martha Jones suggested bySampson1701

  • 12Clara Oswald suggested bySpjmcneil

  • 13Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart suggested bySpjmcneil

  • 14K.9 suggested byCallan Hamill

  • 15Rory Williams suggested byCallan Hamill

  • 16Jamie McCrimmon suggested byPatrickCervantez

  • 17Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright suggested byPatrickCervantez

  • 18Jo Grant suggested byPatrickCervantez

  • 19Victoria Waterfield suggested byPatrickCervantez

  • 20Wilfred Mott suggested byPatrickCervantez

  • 21Elizabeth Shaw suggested byPatrickCervantez

  • 22Captain Jack Harkness suggested bySpjmcneil

  • 23River Song suggested bySpjmcneil

top 10 best doctor who companions

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    1Sarah Jane Smith suggested byDaniel Ritchie

  • 2Rose Tyler suggested byDaniel Ritchie

  • 3Donna Noble suggested byDaniel Ritchie

  • 4Amy Pond / Williams suggested byDaniel Ritchie

  • 5romana-lalla ward

  • 6Clara Oswald suggested byDaniel Ritchie

  • 7romana-mary tamm

  • 8rose tyler-billie pipper

  • 9nyssa

  • 10sarah jane smith-elizabeth sladen

  • 11rose tyler-billie pipper

  • 12peri brown-nicola bryant

  • 13peri

  • 14Jo Grant suggested byDaniel Ritchie

  • 15romana 1

  • 16romana 2

  • 17polly-anneka wills

  • 18amy pond-karen gillan

  • 19amy pond-karen gillan

  • 20clara ozwald

  • 21clara ozwald-jenna louise coleman

  • 22clara ozwald-jenna louise coleman

  • 23amy pond

  • 24peri brown-nicola bryant

  • 25nyssa-sarah sutton

  • 26nyssa-sarah sutton

  • 27sarah-jane

  • 28Jake Harkness suggested byHeather Phillips
    Jack is really awsome flirty and fun and also got his own spin off series torchwood

  • 29Martha Jones suggested byhphannah

  • 30romana-lalla ward

  • 31polly