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Top 10 Strongest Female Doctor Who Companions

Script written by Garrett Alden These are the strongest female Doctor who companions! For this list, we’ll be looking at 10 of the most compelling, interesting, and/or influential ladies to travel with the Doctor on his adventures through time and space. Also, beware spoilers ahead, Sweeties. Who is your favourite Doctor Who companions?

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Top 10 Strongest Female Doctor Who Companions

These are 10 tough TARDIS travelers! Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Strongest Female Doctor Who Companions.

For this list, we’ll be looking at 10 of the most compelling, interesting, and/or influential ladies to travel with the Doctor on his adventures through time and space. Also, beware spoilers ahead, Sweeties.

#10: Barbara Wright

Let’s start, appropriately, with one of the Doctor’s first human companions. Barbara Wright is a history teacher who, along with her fellow teacher Ian, is essentially kidnapped by the First Doctor into coming on his journeys. Barbara’s perspective on human history comes in handy more often than not, and she’s blessed with not only adventurousness but also kindness; even trying on one occasion to change history for the better. Her intelligence and bravery in the face of the unknown helped set the stage for many of our other entries.

#9: Romana

The Doctor doesn’t just have human friends – sometimes his companions are people of his own race. Romanadvoratrelundar, better known as Romana, is a Time Lady who travels with the Fourth Doctor during two of her incarnations. Though younger and less experienced with the universe, she often matches wits well with the Doctor and is usually his intellectual equal. Her accomplishments since leaving the Doctor are quite impressive too, as she assisted extra dimensional slaves in regaining their freedom and even became president of Gallifrey in the Big Finish audio dramas, which is a job the Doctor ran away from – multiple times.

#8: “Ace”, AKA Dorothy McShane

The final classic “Doctor Who” companion, Dorothy McShane, better known as Ace, is a teenager who becomes a kind of apprentice to the Seventh Doctor. Confrontational, spunky, and fond of explosives, Ace is arguably one of the Doctor’s most action-oriented companions, even taking on Daleks with a rocket launcher and a baseball bat. During their travels, Ace also confronts traumatic parts of her past, like meeting the mother she hates as a baby, and exploring a house she feared as a child. With her personal growth, tough attitude, and even her education on Gallifrey in extended media, Ace is a great and engaging companion.

#7: Martha Jones

The second companion of the Tenth Doctor, when we meet Martha Jones she is a student doctor. Though somewhat besotted with the Doctor, she’s not afraid to put her foot down with him when need be, or with anyone else for that matter. As a person of color, she faces prejudice in journeys to less modern time periods, and handles it with aplomb. Martha also faces several adventures alone, including an entire year spent traveling a dystopian Earth in an alternate timeline. With how well she does solo, it’s no wonder she’s one of the few modern companions to leave the Doctor voluntarily.

#6: River Song

Though not a full time companion, River Song has had many adventures with the Doctor throughout his several lives, and not always in the right order. River has been many things in her life – a detective, an assassin, a professor of archaeology, and even the Doctor’s wife. Cheeky, willfully mysterious, and possessing an edge that makes even Daleks wet themselves, River is a formidable and passionate woman who manages to go toe-to-toe with the Doctor while still being independent, and whose own fascinating exploits have earned her an audio spin-off.

#5: Clara Oswald

Holding a complex relationship towards the Doctor, Clara Oswald has encountered multiple versions of the Doctor throughout history, though she’s only traveled with two. A nanny and school teacher, Clara could be caring and compassionate, but as her time with the Doctor went on she started emulating him to the point of recklessness, leading to her death. However, a timey-wimey resurrection allowed her to go on further adventures in a TARDIS with a companion of her own. Having a profound impact on the Doctor and displaying many qualities similar to him - both good and bad - Clara is an accomplished companion indeed.

#4: Amy Pond

A feisty Scot, Amelia “Amy” Pond is another companion heavily influenced by the Doctor; in her case, due to meeting the Time Lord as a child. Flippant and flirty, but also adventurous, Amy passes along many of her qualities to her daughter, River Song. Oh, uh, spoilers! Amy endures many unusual events and insecurities due to the Doctor’s presence in her life, such as her fear of abandonment and meeting her adult daughter, but she handles them as well as anyone could, and her passion and bravery make her a fantastic companion.

#3: Rose Tyler

The first companion of the revived “Doctor Who”, Rose Tyler is a bit of an everywoman, but that’s not a bad thing, as she’s very relatable. Originally a shop assistant, Rose relishes her chance to see the universe, falling in love with not only the Doctor, but also his lifestyle and outlook. After being tragically separated from the Doctor, she grows a lot, gaining a bit more steel and fighting her way back to save him and the world. Rose’s courage and determination are admirable and help make her a great character and one of the most popular companions.

#2: Donna Noble

Sometimes the strongest thing in the universe is a good friend, and Donna is one of the Doctor’s best. Though often loud and abrasive, this former temp is also funny, kind, and often acts as her Time Lord pal’s conscience, preventing him from going too far. Not only does Donna improve the Doctor’s life, but he improves hers – helping her become more adventurous and confident in herself. Given her tremendous growth and spectacular rapport with the Doctor, it only makes her final departure that much more heartbreaking.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Susan Foreman

Bernice Summerfield


#1: Sarah Jane Smith

There are many influential companions on our list, but few have been quite as significant as Sarah Jane Smith. Sarah Jane is a journalist, and her natural curiosity both brought her into contact with the Doctor and served her well on their journeys, as well as later adventures with her young friends. Intelligent, courageous, and fiercely independent, Sarah Jane is among the most beloved companions and also one of the few to get a spin-off series of her own. Her drive, impact, and status as a great role model make her the strongest female companion in “Doctor Who”, at least in our books.

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