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Top 10 Videogame Main Menu Theme Songs

No liscensed music, so no madden or guitar hero.
Black Ops II
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
No just picking your favorite game because it's overrated (the last of us)
Don't forget 1 game per franchise guys
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    1Super Smash Bros. Brawl suggested byShawn Mark
    Definitely the best menu music in the franchise.
    u suck
    Smash 4's is better tbh.
    Audi Famam
    Though it is a great theme, the newer game has a much better, thrilling and exciting tone. Rather than the serious tone Brawl's theme has, which does not fit Smash Bros at all.

  • 2Skyrim suggested byStannis
    Got the whole album, only listen to Main Theme. Witcher 3 blows it away though
    u suck
    I'll admit that while I don't like Skyrim, the main theme is fucking awesome.
    Dovahkiin, Dovahkiin, naal ok zin los vahriin, Wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal! Ahrk fin norok paal graan fod nust hon zindro zaan, Dovahkiin, fah hin kogaan mu draal!
    Dragonborn comes
    + 1 comment(s)

  • 3Legend of Zelda suggested bySgt_Sprinkelz
    Which Legend of Zelda game are we talking about here? Almost every entry to the franchise has either an original song for the main menu or an old one that was remade. So which one do we go with?
    All of the menu themes are awesome. I nominate Spirit Tracks.
    u suck

  • 4Halo 3 suggested byn7scarecrow
    Expected this to be number 1 honestly. Halo is the only game that really jumps to mind when I think "theme song"
    u suck
    I Enjoy this one but Halo 2's Mjolhnir Mix is much better. In my Opinion but I can see this up there.
    I cry everytime
    very good theme.
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  • 5Sonic Adventure suggested byPoketon96
    Do we really want to flood the list with the ungodly trinity of Mario-Sonic-Zelda? I dont think so...
    u suck
    This song just had everything, a great beat, awesome lyrics, character references. Music is the one thing Sonic seems to be doing right nowadays and this song was one of the first. It's awesome.

  • 6Uncharted series suggested byKiller4fun53
    Very intriguing theme, isn't it??
    How can you not find this theme memorable?

  • 7The Last Of Us suggested byKiller Woman
    The Last of Us is an amazing game... one of my favorites. But the main menu theme song being the best? no.
    u alright
    Too overrated
    The last "overrated" of us

  • 8Wii Sports
    u 2x suck
    whattt the fk... plzz explain

  • 9Pokemon Red and Blue suggested bypokemon10357
    this game became a classic that is a franchise that as big as the mario franchise and it still growing everything in these games will remain timeless classics forever nuf said

  • 10Dearly Beloved - Kingdom Hearts suggested byAdam Duffield
    YEEESSSS!!! Dearly Beloved is AMAZING the best version of it, by far, is in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep but any version of it is amazing!
    This need to be higher.
    This needs to be alot higher
    Totally dearly beloved.
    u alright
    + 2 comment(s)

  • 11Super Smash Bros Melee suggested byGamerTimeUSA

  • 12Batman: Arkham City suggested byDavid Byrd
    It was pretty good, but didn't have much substance, or much of a melody.

  • 13Sonic Heroes suggested byPoketon96
    Sonic Heroes! Sonic Heroes!

  • 14Sonic Adventure 2 suggested byPoketon96
    Theme song of many peoples childhoods, just way to catchy of a song weather you listen to the instrumental or the lyric version, both still ffit the game perfectly, live and learn
    All of the instrumental versions of Live and Learn are freaking awesome

  • 15Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped suggested byJoop Agema
    Fuck yes it should be.

  • 16Metal Gear Solid 2 suggested byB34T
    I luv that one,

  • 17Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker suggested byJessica Brown

  • 18Tomb Raider (1996) - Main Theme suggested byDaniel Clack
    By far the most iconic and nostalgic Main Theme ever
    I liked it from tr chronicles

  • 19Street Fighter IV

  • 20Final Fantasy Title Theme. suggested byEnigma X

  • 21Metal Gear Solid 3 - Snake Eater suggested byMegaRBN14
    This is the standard for building a character just through a song

  • 22portal 2 suggested byEcho613

  • 23Kingdom Hearts 2 suggested byAhmed Maklad

  • 24Mass Effect 1 suggested byn7scarecrow
    This music is so good I didn't even want to start the game because of it.

  • 25Persona 4 suggested bynoobsoldier

  • 26Fire Emblem Theme suggested byAdam Garfinkel
    if you have to ask why then you've never played or been around someone playing a fire emblem game. nuf said

  • 27Super Smash Bros. Series suggested byBeLite21st
    Videogame...not series
    Super Smash Bros. Melee

  • 28Metal Gear Solid (1998) suggested bycheezbaalz

  • 29Super Mario Galaxy suggested byfallonfish

  • 30Banjo Kazooie

  • 31Batman: Arkham Origins suggested byn7scarecrow

  • 32Hitman Blood Money
    The best I've ever heard. Begins slow. Very epic
    if a guy in a suit walks in while this is playing, you hope for 2 things, 1. he's going for silent assains and 2. Your not the target
    u suck

  • 33Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots suggested bybitdullblade
    The most epic one is here

  • 34Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS "Menu" suggested byJulian Luis Esparza

  • 35Mario Kart 8 suggested bySlushy523

  • 36MEGA-MAN! suggested byjack drewitt
    Which one?

  • 37Call of Duty : Black Ops suggested byRaphaël Guette

  • 38Dragon's Dogma suggested byMobius

  • 39DOOM 3 suggested byAustin Metzger

  • 40Call of Duty: World at War suggested byshikaku_Nara

  • 41Mass Effect 2 suggested byNevermore

  • 42Assassin's Creed III suggested byKahn da mahn
    was just plain irritating if you had to wait more then 10 seconds

  • 43deus ex suggested byMillad Bahrami

  • 44Dragon Age Inquisition suggested bybitdullblade

  • 45Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria suggested byRick Chuang

  • 46Legend of Zelda II: Adventures of Link

  • 47Destiny

  • 48Mega Man II suggested bySean McMuffin

  • 49Halo 2 suggested byvsean317

  • 50Unreal Tournament suggested bySpunknerdiness

  • 51super smash brothers melee menu theme suggested bysteven van calcar

  • 52Broken Compass - Far Cry 3 suggested byliket

  • 53transformers fall of cybertron suggested byEcho613

  • 54Beyond: 2 Souls suggested byRick Chuang

  • 55Xenoblade Chronicles suggested byllizak

  • 56Minecraft suggested byEvan Wooten

  • 57Crazy Taxi

  • 58Killzone 3 suggested byAZOLOB

  • 59Silent hill 2

  • 60Silent hill 3

  • 61Resident Evil Outbreak suggested byDuskSunDawn

  • 62Counter Strike : Global Offensive suggested byRaphaël Guette

  • 63Unreal Tournament GOTY suggested byLogbia

  • 64Mega-Man Anniversary Collection suggested bySnipingIsFun
    This needs to be higher!!

  • 65Tekken Tag Tournament 2 suggested byShirdel

  • 66Scott Pilgrim vs the World suggested byNoxrad

  • 67Main theme-Unreal Tournament 99 suggested byJames Cooper

  • 68Mario Kart Wii suggested byArcanineTheTube

  • 69metriod prime menu theme song suggested bysteven van calcar

  • 70One Piece Romance Dawn suggested byShawn Mark

  • 71Grinder: Red Alert 2 suggested byUnknowingly_Derpy

  • 72Metroid 2 - The Return of Samus suggested byErique Zion

  • 73Tales of Graces f (White Wishes) suggested byAdam Garfinkel

  • 74Sleeping Dogs suggested byFrançois Grenier-Tinle

  • 75Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Autobots (DS version) suggested byPaul Behragam

  • 76Super Metroid suggested byCuttingEdge3078

  • 77The legend of zelda. Twilight Princess suggested byCrimpyCrayon43

  • 78Mega man 2 suggested byMatthew Alcantar

  • 79Silent hill

  • 80Sonic Unleashed suggested byAhmed Maklad

  • 81TES IV: Oblivion suggested byNocturne

  • 82TrackMania United suggested bymgafMUAT

  • 83Infinite undiscovery suggested byHunterwow gaming

  • 84Beyond: Two Souls suggested byRodrigo Fernando Valenzuela Villenas

  • 85Skylanders SuperChargers (2015)

  • 86mass effect 3 suggested

  • 87Tomb Raider (2013) suggested byAlexandre Guillaume

  • 88Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night suggested byXynthymr

  • 89Max Payne suggested byLazidc420

  • 90Grand Theft Auto IV suggested byprofessorgoodfeels

  • 91Buck Bumble suggested byDaveVsTheWorld

  • 92Double Dragon suggested byAlfaz Nanji

  • 93Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) suggested byCalumWaltonMusic
    hate the game if you must but don't lie to yourself about how awesome this games soundtrack was

  • 94Tales of Vesperia suggested byAdam Garfinkel

  • 95Battletoads Menu Theme suggested byIan Payne

  • 96Risk of Rain

  • 97Faxanadu

  • 98T'ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger suggested byLazidc420

  • 99Any God of War theme suggested byAndrew Ryan

  • 100Secret of mana

  • 101The Crew suggested byOmar Alshawa

  • 102Tales of Symphonia Dawn of The New World (English) suggested byAhmed Maklad

  • 103Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty suggested byAnonymous

  • 104Marathon suggested byDillon Westenhoefer

  • 105Odin's Sphere

  • 106DuckTales suggested byRDP87

  • 107Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers suggested byRDP87

  • 108Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines suggested bymezzalunaknife

  • 109Baldur's Gate suggested bymezzalunaknife

  • 110Turrican 2 suggested byLeo Jon Hale

  • 111vandal hearts suggested bysoulzer1
    you either know i'm right or you've never heard of/experienced this game

  • 112The Legend of the Dragoon suggested bysoulzer1
    dang it nobody told me about a word limit
    Even now that i'm an adult this game still has the best music I've ever heard in my life in it. Plus a story that's better than about 90% all games made in this day and age. Japan when do you plan on getting back to making awesome perfect gem games like this all the time instead of the great games good games just ok games only meh games and the a

  • 113T-Zero: Riot Response suggested byMichael Veitch
    If ever there was a badass song to walk into the scene on, this was it

  • 114Dissidia: Final Fantasy suggested byArcanineTheTube

  • 115Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald suggested byArcanineTheTube

  • 116Killer Instinct suggested byDe-Vona Miner ( Cand

  • 117Brothers suggested byDe-Vona Miner ( Cand

  • 118Star Fox suggested byArcanineTheTube

  • 119Star Fox Assault suggested byArcanineTheTube

  • 120Nascence - Journey suggested byGiam Jackson

  • 121diablo 2 menu theme suggested byValdemar Drasbek Hansen

  • 122Journey to Sillius suggested byyocomadobi

  • 123Xenoblade X suggested bypoleitor4

  • 124Megaman Battle Network

  • 125Metroid: Prime

  • 126PES 6 suggested byFabrisio Barroso
    It makes you want to start a game immediatly!

  • 127Dark Souls 3 suggested byFabrisio Barroso

  • 128Mario Kart 7 suggested byArcanineTheTube

  • 129pokemon Red/blue/green/yellow suggested byMr.Gamensmash

  • 130Plumbears don't wear ties suggested byDaniel Attrell

  • 131To Zanarkand Final Fantasy 10 suggested byAlexander Medina
    Not only is it the video games theme song but it is also the best song to sum up the tragic Journey for this video game

  • 132Metro is prime 2 suggested byDaniel Orton

  • 133CSGO suggested byIjslapje Ijslapje

  • 134Spyro the Dragon suggested byIceLightning24

  • 135Nancy drew suggested byIronmonkeyx11

  • 136Resident Evil Revelations 1 suggested byaj02BOWhunter

  • 137Sperry Mario Bros suggested byCara Mitchell

  • 138Baba Yetu- Civilization IV suggested byNick Johnson

  • 139Super Mario bros series suggested byNashayah Lawrence

  • 140Two Worlds suggested bymegamanXtrigger

  • 141Once a pon a time ( Undertake ) suggested byThe_11th_Whovian

  • 142Once a pon a time ( Undertale ) suggested byThe_11th_Whovian

  • 143Test Drive 6 suggested byzumokik

  • 144Tomb Raider suggested byFutureJustaGirl

  • 145The last remnant suggested byJames Cooper

  • 146Hearthstone suggested byAndrew Ryan

  • 147Call of Duty 4: Modern Wafare suggested byDaniel Lopez

  • 148Lego dimensions suggested byAidansreviews

  • 149Teen Series suggested byDe-Vona Miner ( Cand

  • 150Ori and the blind forest suggested byMohammed Refat

  • 151Metroid Prime 1 suggested byArcanineTheTube

  • 152Undertale suggested byEmily Dixon

  • 153The Elder Scrolls III- Morrowind suggested byReece Goudercourt

  • 154Dota 2 suggested byFeederEater

  • 155NBA 2K16 suggested byRon Alfel Regala

  • 156Duke Nukem 3D suggested byDiego Jacobi

  • 157Hotline Miami suggested byNocturne

  • 158Heavy Rain suggested byHeartBreakStudios

  • 159Alone In The Dark (2008)

  • 160perfect dark menu theme suggested bysteven van calcar

  • 161Killzone 1 suggested byCrimpyCrayon43

  • 162COD Black Ops 2 Multiplayer suggested byB34T

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