Top 10 Netflix Shows With The Best Musical Themes

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When you hear these Netflix show musical themes, you won't want to Skip the Intro. For this list, we're looking at the best intro theme songs for Netflix Original shows. Our countdown includes "A Series of Unfortunate Events," "Orange Is the New Black," "Daredevil," and more!

Top 10 Netflix Show Musical Themes

When these tracks start playing, you won’t want to Skip the Intro. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Netflix Show Musical Themes.

For this list, we’re looking at the best intro theme songs for Netflix Original shows. We’re excluding pre-existing songs that weren’t written specifically for the shows. Sorry, “Wet Hot American Summer”!

#10: “A Series of Unfortunate Events” (2017-19)

We’re not sure why a decent person like yourself would even want to listen to this intro song. Broadway and TV star Neil Patrick Harris sings the theme song for this unfortunate Netflix Original as the villainous Count Olaf. The best part about this intro is that there are different lyrics for every two episodes which change depending on what’s happening in the plot, and Count Olaf will narrate based on which character he’s playing. This unique intro song is clever and catchy, but that doesn’t explain why you wouldn’t just look away and go do anything else.

#9: “BoJack Horseman”(2014-20)

Much like the show itself, this theme came by almost by accident and without any real meaning. Composed by Patrick Carney, the drummer for the Black Keys, and his uncle, the song was originally meant to be a simple test for new equipment that the two had bought. \When the show creators approached Patrick about doing the intro for their new show, he sent back the test track which they ended up using. And we’re so glad they did! This jazzy tune is addictive and filled with so much character that we couldn’t imagine BoJack Horseman without it.

#8: “The OA” (2016-19)

While the OA doesn’t have conventional opening credits with a song at the beginning of each episode, we feel that this piece serves as the show’s main theme. Soaring and majestic, this violin-heavy theme serves to accompany the show’s more mystical moments, and is also occasionally used throughout the show as Prairie Johnson plays the theme herself. The song is beautiful, inspiring, and mysterious, not unlike the OA itself. This intro theme may come late to us in the first episode, but it’s certainly worth the wait.

#7: “Bloodline” (2015-17)

Titled “The Water Lets You In”, this unsettling song at the beginning of the show is calming and folksy, but has clear dark undertones. While the music is serene and accompanied by beautiful shots of the ocean and the Florida Keys, the lyrics hint at something much deeper. Beyond foreshadowing and highlighting key themes of the show, the song also stands well on its own; it’s relaxing and gentle, easing viewers into the drama that is Bloodline, where other shows might try to entice with more flair and excitement. This intro song just “lets you in”.

#6: “Orange Is the New Black” (2013-19)

Composed by Regina Spektor specifically for the show, “You’ve Got Time” is an excellent theme for this comedy/drama about a female prison. Alluding to animals trapped in cages, the song works as an obvious metaphor, but also hints at the show’s themes of redemption. Regina Spektor wrote this song after thinking long and hard about what it would be like to live in prison, but she still manages to make the piece fun while hinting at the struggles these inmates will face. If “you’ve got time”, give this theme a listen!

#5: “Daredevil” (2015-18)

The pulsing beat of this theme drives through the entire intro, allowing us a glimpse not only into the show’s dark and grounded nature, but also providing us with Daredevil’s own perspective. Matt Murdock, the blind vigilante with heightened senses, experiences life through enhanced hearing and touch, and can feel the presence of others through the vibrations of their heart. This theme mimics a rhythmic heartbeat throughout, even as the music grows to an exciting swell, before finally dying down to two quiet beats. The music excites and prepares viewers for the crazy world of Daredevil.

#4: “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” (2015-19)

We challenge you to listen to this unbreakable theme and not smile. This amazing comedy establishes the premise through an autotuned parody of the news, made by the creators of the famous “Bedroom Intruder” and “Songify the News” videos, the Gregory Brothers. This insanely catchy tune instantly sets the tone for one of Netflix’s funniest shows, managing to introduce both comedy with the autotuned lyrics and the fact that it’s about women locked away as part of a creepy cult. The song gets extra points for being part of the show’s plot and perfectly explaining this show’s premise in about thirty seconds. This theme is strong as hell.

#3: “Narcos” (2015-17)

“I am the fire that burns your skin”; the almost romantic song that opens the show sure has some intense lyrics. “Narcos”’ theme is beautiful, poetic, and deceptively cheery. Meant to evoke the kind of music Pablo Escobar’s mother would have listened to when the future crime-lord was just a little boy, the smooth bolero lulls listeners into a false sense of security, juxtaposed with the show’s intensely dark subject matter. The song, “Tuyo”, or “Yours” in English, was written for the show by Rodrigo Amarante, a Brazilian song-writer, and his lyrics are meant to be romantic and possessive at the same time.

#2: “House of Cards” (2013-18)

Subtle and with a hint of tension between competing notes and chords, this theme beautifully establishes the political intrigues of the series. The House of Cards theme is meant to be dissonant at times, with the melody and bass lines clashing. While some of the notes don’t technically work together, the discomfort they produce is intentional. The melody plays the part of the cheerful façade of politics, while the other instruments do the ugly work below the surface. An interesting note is that the themes change very slightly between seasons, and fans have enjoyed listening for the small differences. See if you can hear them!

Before we reveal our top pick, here are some honorable mentions:

“Hemlock Grove” (2013-15)
Sinister & Foreboding, Giving Viewers a Taste of What’s to Come!

“Jessica Jones” (2015-19)
Builds Up to Be Loud & Epic, Just Like the Show

“Marco Polo” (2014-16)
Combines Mongolian Throat Singing & the Chinese Erhu to Reflect the Power Struggles Within the Show

“The Witcher” (2019-)
Epic, Aggressive, & Mysterious All at Once!

#1: “Stranger Things” (2016-)

Say hello to nostalgia as you’re welcomed back to the 80s in this monster mystery. The eerie synthesizer theme sets up the perfect atmosphere, while harking back to the time of VHSs and campy TV shows. While the theme here is delightfully spooky, it’s also smooth and serene, relaxing you right before the show is sure to scare you off your couch. Stranger Things doesn’t waste time with the theme either, being short enough to leave you wanting more and not scrambling for the fast-forward button. This is a song you’ll want on your playlist during a trip to the Upside Down!