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Top 10 Worst Things to've Happened to Professor Hubert J Farnsworth in Futurama

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    1Mom's Friendly Robot Company wanting to use his Creations for Evil Purposes - Prior to the Events of the Series

  • 2The Planet Express Building getting pulled along on a Dangerous Joyrdie by Fry and Bender due to Leela having the Keys onboard the Ship - The Cryogenic Woman
    And that's how Fry, Leela and Bender temporarily lost their jobs with Planet Express in that episode (temporary as in it did not carry over to Other Episodes).

  • 3His Business and Creations almost being sold to Mom's Friendly Robot Company - Future Stock

  • 4Mom's Friendly Robot Company Stealing his Dark Matter Engine - Bender's Game
    Can't remember though if that's the time that the Dark Matter Engine was featured, my memory was refreshed about it's Presence in General after seeing another list: 10 Professor Farnsworth Inventions

  • 5Being called a Failiure by Professor Ogden Wernstrom - Episodes that Wernstrom appears in

  • 6The Planet Express Ship getting Damaged or Destroyed - Episodes When that Happened

  • 7Fry making the Government think he's his Grandfather making up Stories - Fry and the Slurm Factory
    I'll have you know that Fry is not alone with being fond of slurm of all those on Earth.
    Fry did it for good reasons for, cause Slurm would've had to be outlawed if the Truth behind it went out to the Public.

  • 8Being taken away by the Sunset Squad Robots for being 160 - A Clone of My Own

  • 9When the Planet Express Crew are put in Peril on their Missions - Various Episodes

  • 10Bender whilst Serving the Scammers severing off his Arm while he'd been Sleeping to switch Briefcases - Bender's Big Score
    Thankfully Dr. Zoidberg noticed what happened quickly enough to reattach it by the time Farnsworth woke up.

  • 11His Global Warming Speech causing Earth to Believe that all Robots should be Destroyed - Crimes of the Hot
    Can't remember for certain, but I do think for certain that it was something Farnsworth said that gave Nixon's Head and Wernstrom the idea to destroy all robots to end Global Warming.
    Not all Robots in the series were created by Farmsworth, not all Robot Characters even hail from Earth, some Farnsworth doesn't even know.

  • 12His Backstory with an Old Robot Girlfriend - Proposition Infinity

  • 13Leela Wrongfully using his Body upon their Switch - The Prisoner of Benda

  • 14Facing a Condition that got him to force Dr. Zoidberg to Perform Euthanasia on him - The Tip of Zoidberg

  • 15Being shot at by Bender after giving him a Free Will Chip - Free Will Hunting

  • 16Being put in peril by the Microscopic Clones of Bender - Benderama
    What happened is that during the Incident his Duplicated Smaller Sweaters never got folded.

  • 17Cubert and Dwight using an Invention that makes their Voice Sound like his to send Fry, Leela and Bender to a Non-Existent Plant - The Route of All Evil

  • 18His Crew except Dr. Zoidberg getting Consumed by a Space Whale - Mobius Dick

  • 19Forgetting he Previously Showcased the Death Clock the Previous Year - A Big Piece of Garbage
    This resulting in him showcasing a Sketch of one of his Inventions.

  • 20Gunter Leaving him to go to Medical School - Mars University

  • 21Being bent by Bender whilst Sleep Bending - Bendless Love

  • 22Dr. Zoidberg Breaking one of his Bottles - 30% Iron Chef
    Of which Fry ended up being Framed for.

  • 23Planet Express being Rebranded into Awesome Express - The Route of All Evil

  • 24Pazuzu the Gargoyle flying off - Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles

  • 25A Stitched up Head Version of Himself hiding the Box to his Universe for thinking he's Evil - The Farnsworth Parabox
    What's worse os that Dr. Zoidberg and a Blue Version of himself stole the box without knowing the Situation they're in, and it resulted in a chase across other universes.

  • 26The Scammers taking over his Business, later costing even himself their jobs - Bender's Big Score

  • 27His Crew (as well as Labarbara, Scruffy, Kiff and Brannigan) being Reduced to Skeletons due to not having been given Proper Shielding in a Crash - Rebirth
    Though it was Farnsworth's fault for this happening due to the others not having been given Proper Shielding, he was later able to Successfully bring everyone back in One Piece.

  • 28Being Considered a Joke by an Orangutan Scientist - The Clockwork Origin
    Can't remember what the Orangutan said to him, but he is the one that got Farnsworth starting up a Robotic Evolutionary Line on another planet.

  • 29Being sent to a Distant Future in a Time Machine that only Travels Forwards in Time - The Late Phillip J Fry
    Though Farnsworth is the one to blame for the Time Machine to only be able to travel Forwards and not Backwards as well.

  • 30Being Disolved (I forgot the word to use) by the Time Button due to having left the Time Shelter for less then 10 Seconds - Meanwhile
    Luckily that did not kill him as thought, Farnsworth was instead trapped in a Blue Thingy, he didn't get to reveal that when following Fry and Leela through the Frozen Time until they reached the Elderly Point.

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