Top 10 Worst Things That Happened To Morty



Top 10 Worst Things That Happened To Morty

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Andrew Tejada
Taking the worst things that have happened to Morty into consideration, we can see why he doesn't trust Rick. We're looking at the most painful, embarrassing and traumatic things that have happened to the teen during the show's first three seasons. Since these moments are tied to specific episodes, a spoiler warning is in effect. WatchMojo ranks worst things that have happened to Morty. What do you think is the worst thing that has happened to Morty? Let us know in the comments!
Out of the entire Smith Family, Morty trusts Rick the least, and this is why. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Worst Things That Have Happened to Morty. For this list, we're looking at the most painful, embarrassing and traumatic things that have happened to the teen during the show’s first three seasons. Since these moments are tied to specific episodes, a spoiler warning is in effect.

#10: Smuggling Mega Seeds

When Rick and Morty need to acquire mega fruit seeds from an alien planet, they use the portal gun to get there. But when the gun runs out of power, the duo is forced to go through Galactic Customs. Since customs doesn’t allow mega seeds, Rick asks Morty to… hide them up his butt. The large and pointy nature of the seeds made this a painful request. And it ultimately proves pointless when customs officers try to detain them anyway. To add insult to injury, the mega seeds dissolve inside of Morty, causing him to convulse on the floor uncontrollably. (*xref) If Rick ever needs to retrieve more seeds, Morty should sit the trip out.

#9: Being Possessed By An Alien Worm
"Morty’s Mind Blowers"

Sometimes all you need in life is positive reinforcement. Unfortunately for Morty, his family can struggle to be supportive. This was really apparent when he was possessed by a space worm called Voltamatron. Rick tells Beth and Summer that Voltamatron will leave Morty’s body if they say nice things. Initially, the plan works, and the worm starts to slide out of Morty’s throat. But when his family starts to heckle him, the worm painfully goes back into his body, drawing out the entire ordeal. Since we saw this incident in a flashback, we’re unsure just how long Morty was suffering for.

#8: Diving Into his Teacher’s Dreams
“Lawnmower Dog”

In “Inception”, thieves dive into people’s dreams to influence their decisions. Rick planned to do the same by taking Morty into the dreams of his math teacher to improve his grades. But the dive gets complicated quickly. Morty is shot at, chased by a nightmare demon and forced to encounter a half-naked version of his sister. And since dying in his math teacher’s dream would be fatal in real life, he couldn’t relax for a second. But Morty wouldn’t have worried about dying or needing eye bleach if Rick had let him dive into a textbook instead of his teacher’s dreams.

#7: Getting Swarmed by Insane Admirers
"Rick Potion #9"

Most of the Smiths are pretty terrible at relationships. Morty tried to break his family’s cycle by asking Rick to make him a love serum. However, he leaves before Rick warns him about the danger of combining it with the flu virus. When Morty gives his flu-ridden crush the serum at a dance, it mutates into a plague that makes everyone except his relatives fall madly in love with him. Within hours, everyone from the DJ to the principal desperately wants Morty for themselves. He barely escapes the dance with his clothes intact. Although Morty didn’t make the potion, he definitely helped cause this scary outbreak.

#6: Living an Entire Second Life
"Mortynight Run"

Rick takes Morty to an intergalactic arcade called Blips and Chitz. Without warning, Rick puts a virtual reality helmet on his grandson’s head. The helmet transports Morty’s consciousness into the virtual body of Roy as part of a video game. During the realistic game, Morty gets married, fights cancer and gets stuck in a dead-end job. When his “Roy” dies from a fall at age 55, he’s jolted back to reality. While it takes Morty a moment to realize it was just a game, Rick wastes no time criticizing his choices. Morty was supposed to have a fun arcade day. But the only thing he won were memories of a fake life.

#5: Driving a Man to Suicide
“Morty’s Mind Blowers”

This dark incident started with a telescope. While Morty was gazing at the stars, he saw a man on the moon smile at him. The next day, a guidance counselor named Mr. Lunas appears at his school. Convinced that Lunas was the mysterious moon man, Morty warns his principal. But the principal misunderstands Morty, accuses Mr. Lunas of pedophilia and fires him. The next day, Lunas commits suicide. When Morty checks his telescope again, he discovers the “man” he saw through his telescope was just a smudge on the lens. Morty’s guilt was so severe that he asked Rick to erase his memories of Mr. Lunas’ suicide.

#4: Being Forced to Drown A Man
“Rickmancing the Stone”

During a trip to a post-apocalyptic society, Rick volunteers Morty to fight the locals. To give Morty an edge, Rick injects him with the muscle memory of a murdered villager. Morty’s left arm transforms into Armothy, a sentient limb with the strength and memories of a dead fighter. Eventually, Armothy finds the slave owner who ordered his original murder in a bathtub. Morty can only look on as the villain is drowned. Convinced that the job is done, Armothy disappears. But when the slave owner starts coughing, Rick makes Morty finish the villain off. Although he’s killed people before, murdering someone in cold blood clearly bothered him.

#3: Murdering Fart
“Mortynight Run”

After Rick sells a gun to an assassin, Morty becomes determined to save the hitman’s next victim. He tracks down the assassin and befriends the target, an interdimensional being who choses the name Fart. While Morty vows to bring Fart home, a lot of aliens try to recapture it. Rick and Morty have to kill dozens of people to keep his friend safe. Right before Morty can send Fart home, it reveals its plans to commit mass genocide. A shaken Morty asks Fart to sing before shooting it to death. Despite having good intentions, betraying his friend was the only way to stop more lives from being lost.

#2: Getting Assaulted in a Bathroom
“Meeseeks and Destroy”

Morty wants to prove he can lead a good adventure. But his grand journey proves to be lackluster at every turn. After arguing with Rick about the adventure, Morty goes into a bathroom and meets a talking jellybean. While Mr. Jellybean appears kind at first, things take a starkly dark turn when he grabs Morty and tries to sexually assault him in a bathroom stall. Morty narrowly manages to fight off his assailant and escape. Once he sees Rick, he tearfully begs to abandon the adventure immediately. Morty’s broken voice and desperate pleas proved that this assault shook him to his core.

Before we portal to our top pick, here are some dishonorable mentions.

Breaking His Legs

Getting a Kidney Disease
“Lawnmower Dog”

Beth Choosing to Save Summer’s Instead of Him
"Morty’s Mind Blowers"

Having Memories Erased Without Consent
"Morty’s Mind Blowers"

Watching Rick Humiliate the Vindicators
"Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender"

#1: Abandoning His Old Life
"Rick Potion #9"

After causing a viral outbeak that mutates almost everyone it touches, Rick and Morty are unable to find a cure. Instead of fixing the world, the pair travels to a new universe where alternate versions of themselves cured the disease. Unfortunately, this alternate Rick and Morty horrifically die in their garage. When our Morty arrives in the new reality, he freaks out at the sight of his doppleganger’s dead body. But Rick makes him bury the corpse and start a new life with an alternate version of his family Within a few hours, Morty is forced to leave his home, abandon remaining family and dig his own grave. It’s a miracle he went on more adventures after this.