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What happened to Emily, and will she return to Watch Mojo?
In a top 10, if a suggestion gets the highest number of up votes is that the suggestion you list as number one and then just figure out something to say about why it's number one?
Why does Dan narrate video game and comic book top 10s and Rebecca narrates other topics?
Will you ever expand WatchMojo to other different countries?
How come Dan narrates gaming-related and comic-related videos while Rebecca narrates multiple top 10s?
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    1ANSWERED: Which Top 10 List was the most debated and argued by staff of WatchMojo, and how do you settle who's right? suggested byNonex44
    Probably top 10 greatest movies of all time
    Attach your videos and images!
  • 2What is the music you use as background throughout your videos? suggested bytehstrelok
    What's the background music 00:13 watchmojo uses in this video%uFEFF
  • 3What editing program do you guys use? suggested bySike Wrong Number Mr
    Speaking about editings, how did make their Intro?
  • 4Why did you not include Hiccup and Toothless in top 10 cartoon best friends in movies? suggested bytehstrelok
  • 5ANSWERED: Are the Honorable Mentions ones that didn't make the cut for number one, or ones that wet good but didn't make the list? suggested byJustGotHeated
    They covered that in another video. They were ones that didn't make the cut for the list.
    Thanks to auto-correct I have to explain it now. I wanted to say that: Are the honorable mentions ones that didn't make the cut for the list, or ones that almost got the number one spot?
  • 6ANSWERED: Are there any videos that you guys started working on but for some reason, you guys stopped making it. suggested bykingawesome34
  • 7ANSWERED: Who decides the positioning and what's on a top ten list? suggested bykingawesome34
  • 8ANSWERED: If you had an offer for a TV show again, like topX, would you consider it? suggested byLeo Cortes
    I never knew WatchMojo had a show on TV.....
    WatchMojo would be great show if it was on tv.
  • 9ANSWERED: What happened to Emily, and will she return to Watch Mojo? suggested byJames Boldock
  • 10Who reads are comments on youtube on your Watchmojo team? suggested byAndrew Warren
  • 11Would you (Rebecca and Dan) consider doing personal top 10 lists and put them out? suggested bySieffy13
  • 12ANSWERED: A month or so ago, you mentioned that there is a possibility about regional versions of WatchMojo coming up. If possible, can you let us know when these will start up and how can any of us c suggested byThe Doctor
    There is now WatchMojoUK:
    There are foreign-language WatchMojo channels on YouTube.
  • 13ANSWERED: Why not do a new type of category. If I may suggest something called suggested byScotty Arbour
    you can include facts trivia and background
    Certain movies
  • 14Can you remove the questions that have been answered? suggested byScotty Arbour
  • 15ANSWERED: Are you planning to expand the DECADE DEFINING SERIES to other categories suggested bystrawberryowl96
  • 16When are you doing any videos about disney channel and its live action sitcoms suggested byButtercup anderson
  • 17Will the watchmojo travel channel ever come back? suggested byMrMultiLegos
  • 18Will Mr. X ever come on the show and if not,why!? suggested byayesha123
  • 19ANSWERED: Favorite top 10 list suggested byBrianbazinga546
  • 20is there a video game soundtrack that you guys like to listen to ? suggested byYovane Lopez
  • 21During what hours do you upload a video? suggested byCallofDutyGamer014
  • 22What are Dan and Rebecca dress up as for their Whats Your Mojo Halloween episode? suggested byScotty Arbour
  • 23ANSWERED: How would you do a "TOP 10" video, like "Top 10 David Lynch Films" when there are only ten entries in the subjects canon of work? suggested byThe Doctor
  • 24As one of the 8% that is a British viewer, is it possible to see more British content made available? In the series of best foreign films, Britain never got a look in. In fact the only time British sh suggested byJames Boldock
    There is now WatchMojo UK:
  • 25ANSWERED: Do you ever publish a list from the suggest tool that isn't as popular as the others? suggested bydocteddy74
  • 26Will you ever do more of the cooking videos?
    I agree, I've been watching them on the WatchMojo website, and would love to see more cooking videos...
  • 27ANSWERED: can you guys do the interviews again? suggested byOmar Lucero
  • 28ANSWERED: Do all the lists start out as fan suggestions, or are some of them thought of by the staff? suggested byB. Kiddo
  • 29ANSWERED: Are there any more anime lists in the works? Or do you guys feel discouraged to do more of those because of the past negative feedback? I love your anime lists by the way suggested byLeo Cortes
    What other anime lists could they do?
    They should do mooore! I love me some animu!
    cartoons are bodacious tho
  • 30ANSWERED: What was the first Top Ten video you did? suggested byDonte821
  • 31ANSWERED: Is there gonna be a list of Decade Defining Actresses? suggested bymegg002
  • 32ANSWERED: Top 10 Sports of all time in America. suggested byjtuman
  • 33when will you do a top 10 worst spongebob episodes suggested byButtercup anderson
  • 34What happened to the cooking shows, and interviews in Distilleries/brew pubs? suggested byIain Ronald R Collie
  • 35ANSWERED: Have you ever considered of having your own TV channel? suggested by Noah Bigsby
  • 36Are there going to be any more top 10 notes or trivia videos? suggested byfitzmartint
  • 37ANSWERED: What inspired you to create suggested by Noah Bigsby
  • 38How come you guys don't make a plethora of more WWE videos? There is a lot of potential with World Wreslting Entertainment! suggested bymac121mr0
    It is one of television's most succussful episodic shows in sports entertainment. Period.
  • 39If a suggestion has just been recently green lighted, what is the average amount of time to be made and released? suggested byDuel Blades
  • 40ANSWERED: How to help with other languages subtitles? suggested byDanilo Denardi
  • 41ANSWERED: Why is there no top 10 Billy Joel songs? suggested byScotty Arbour
    Top 10 Billy Joel Songs:
    Now there is one:
  • 42How about Top 10 Decade Defining Anime Series or Top 10 Decade Defining Cartoons? Anime fans will be pleased.......or should I say, most of us will suggested byWingedzero101
  • 43ANSWERED: What was your favorite video to make? And which one was you`re least favorite? suggested byLouise Hjulmann Andersen
  • 44Hey WatchMojo, if you have a WMFAQ Episode on October 18th, and if you take any requests, can you might say a Happy B-Day to me? Mine is on the 17th, and I love your show too! Id appreciate it if you suggested by Noah Bigsby
  • 45When you guys made the anime top 10 lists, why did you use the unofficial fansubbed clips? Was it because the titles that made the list had no official English release? suggested byJorel Hamilton
  • 46Will you make more "History" videos suggested by94ejack
  • 47Why wasn't Georgia O'Keeffe on the Top 10 Painters list? suggested byMaya Retsel
  • 48Do you search other popular Youtube channels that do top 10 lists to see if they have already made a video that you are thinking of doing? suggested byDonte821
  • 49When you stated how did you get companies to allow you to use their content? suggested byStobble
  • 50Dan and Rebecca, can you do any celebrity impressions since the two of you have such a pleasant tone of voice? suggested byWatchmojoMike
  • 51ANSWERED: "In a top 10, if a suggestion gets the highest number of up votes is that the suggestion you list as number one and then just figure out something to say about why it's number one? suggested bymrl2007
  • 52when will you do top 10 best shark movies suggested byzombiewolfman102
    ANSWER: Yes that is being published on November 24 2014
  • 53ANSWERED: What are the origins of your YouTube Username, What were your thoughts on creating that name; why did you think of that name?%uFEFF suggested byCallofDutyGamer014
  • 54ANSWERED: Taking a break from film/music how about a sports series. Like top 10 players per sport. Then a top 10 athletes of all time. suggested byScotty Arbour
    Where's it answered?
  • 55Can you make a remove button to remove one of our suggestions? suggested byScotty Arbour
  • 56When will you do "Top 10 Pokemon Games" list? I am really looking forward to that. suggested byCyberPlasmaBlade
  • 57Any chance of more British representation in top ten lists? suggested byJames Boldock
  • 58Whenever you make top ten lists in which "goodness" or "skill" or somethng like that figures as a criterion (like the top ten riffs list and many other music-related lists), who judges when something suggested byTime Signature
  • 59Is there anyway to cut the crap from high rated lists. Like on the most underrated anime list, there are 200 suggestions, with multiple repeats of some of the same series. Plus trigun is not underrat suggested byjeremymathews18
  • 60Why did you schedule top 10 madonna songs for september 13th, but now its september 14th and it hasn't showed up on both youtube and the website? suggested byD40oftheSea
    Top 10 Madonna Songs (September 27, 2014):
  • 61ANSWERED: Why is your first video different compared to today's? %uFEFF suggested byCallofDutyGamer014
  • 62What happened to the other Hosts from 2007 to Early 2014 era? suggested byCallofDutyGamer014
  • 63ANSWERED: How come there aren't enough sporty lists? suggested bymac121mr0
  • 64ANSWERED: Why do you hardly do actresses lists? E.g. you did top decade defining actors and actors' voices etc. and I was expecting a list for actresses for these types. suggested byayesha123
  • 65can you bring guests to the top 10's-i think that bring jim carry to do top 10 list on himself will be SSSSSmoken suggested byYoniIsrael
  • 66Dan & Rebecca, do either of you read comic books? If so what are your favorite comics? suggested byJim Gorr
  • 67Ash and Rebecca, what are your favorite video suggestions? suggested by94ejack
  • 68Why was Shawn and Gus's bromance or their Blueberry from the USA show Psych on the list of top 10 bromances or top 10 tv cars respectively? suggested byJeremiah Lopresti
  • 69Where do you get your clips from video game lists? suggested byDonte821
  • 70You do Top 10 in lots of things, along with Versus lists and Comic origins. Have you guys considered doing Versus of Remakes, like which one is better? suggested byBrian Silva
  • 71what is the difference between a mojomaniac and someone who just comments a lot in watchmojo videos? suggested byRens Kersbergen
  • 72when will you do a top 10 girls toys and top 10 boys toys Also what do you think of a video about flash websites suggested byButtercup anderson
  • 73Can international students (like me) PLEASE intern at WatchMojo? :D suggested byJoost Kamer
  • 74Why does Rebecca narrate various top 10s while Dan narrates mostly video game or superhero comic top 10s? suggested byCoreyMcc11
  • 75Top 10 Favorite Months. suggested byjtuman
  • 76Rebecca, what is the name of the male video announcer for WatchMojo? suggested by94ejack
  • 77I am a HUGE Winx Club fan, will you do any Winx Club videos on your channel? suggested byMaya Retsel
  • 78When will do top 10 most annoying anime characters. suggested byThose3Romaniangamers
  • 79Top 10 Billy Joel songs. suggested byjtuman
    Top 10 Billy Joel Songs:
  • 80Can do Top 10 Lynyrd Skynyrd songs? suggested by666Brago
  • 81How much do you upload to dailymotion,hulu, or any other sites other that Youtube? suggested byDonte821
  • 82Do top 10 Pokemon of all time. suggested byjtuman
  • 83Can you do Top 10 Loverboy Songs suggested by666Brago
  • 84ANSWERED: Where's Emily? Can you bring her back? suggested byLumo Brovoj
  • 85Can you do Top 10 Huey Lewis and the News Songs suggested by666Brago
  • 86How do you choose your thumbnails? suggested byDonte821
  • 87ANSWERED: Where do you get your clips? Do you have a mass storage of clips seeing as you use so many?!? suggested byDaenerys Targaryen
  • 88Can you please do "Top 10 Imogen Heap Songs" and "Top 10 Regina Spektor Songs"? Thanks! suggested by Noah Bigsby
  • 89Why does a list I suggest usually doesn't show up and other times for something completely different it does? suggested byThomas Bates

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