Top 10 Encanto Questions That Got Answered



Top 10 Encanto Questions That Got Answered

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The "Encanto" filmmakers have been answering a lot of questions. For this list, we'll be looking at unanswered questions from Disney's “Encanto” that the filmmakers have elaborated upon in interviews and online. Our countdown includes is the mountain range restored?, did Bruno argue with Abuela?, does Mirabel remember Bruno?, and more!

Top 10 Encanto Questions That Got Answered

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Encanto Questions That Got Answered.

For this list, we’ll be looking at unanswered questions from Disney’s “Encanto” that the filmmakers have elaborated upon in interviews and online.

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#10: Does Each Room Have a Bathroom?

Although we see many of the magical rooms that make up Casa Madrigal, a few never appear on screen. The bathroom situation, in particular, has ignited plenty of speculation. Since most Madrigal bedrooms are gateways to vast wonderlands, it’s not unreasonable to assume that each has its own loo. According to co-director Jared Bush, though, that’s not the case. The whole family shares one bathroom. Although absent from the film, Bush says that they “used to have scenes in there,” describing it as “a crazy fun space.” We can only imagine. Does the sink automatically turn on when your hands are under the faucet? Does the shower know the preferred water temperature for each family member? When there’s a clog… you know what, never mind.

#9: Can Dolores Voluntarily Use Her Gift?

Thanks to her gift, Dolores can hear a pin drop, Bruno sneaking around the Casita, and Luisa’s eye twitching all night. Given her sensitive hearing, some fans have wondered why Dolores apparently didn’t pick up on certain things, such as Mirabel talking to Bruno and Abuela worrying about the miracle disappearing. When asked if Dolores can use her gift at will, Bush replied that it’s “probably not as voluntary as she’d like.” Although she can’t control what she overhears, Bush mentioned that Dolores’ room - which remains unseen in the finished film - definitely “has some soundproofing.” So, maybe this blocks out some noises. Plus, when you can hear numerous people talking 24/7, we suspect that it’s not always easy to differentiate one voice from another.

#8: Do Agustín & Felix’s Families Live in the Encanto?

In the film’s toe-tapping opening number, Mirabel introduces us to the Family Madrigal. This includes Mirabel’s father, Agustín, and Uncle Felix, who both married into the family. Since we all come from somewhere, it only figures that Agustín and Felix had families before joining the Madrigal clan. This got some fans thinking, do Agustín and Felix’s family members live in Encanto as well? “Of course!” Bush responded, although he didn’t delve into the extended family tree. For all we know, Agustín and Felix have parents, siblings, and other relatives who live nearby. We can see why Madrigal limited her song to family members who live in the Casita. If she discussed every relative, the song might’ve been longer than the film’s run time.

#7: Can Someone Leave & Return to Encanto?

Discussing Encanto’s economics, Bush explained that “the town is self-sufficient” with “no trade from the outside.” With everything they need at their disposal, there’s little reason for anyone to leave Encanto. If they did, though, could they return? Bush answered, “Yes, but finding it would be nearly impossible.” This means that inhabitants don’t have to worry about the conquerors who chased Alma and Pedro out of their old village. However, nearly impossible isn’t the same as impossible. On Twitter, Bush noted that some of the animals that appear when Antonio gets his gift aren’t from the coffee region. If wild animals can enter, people from the outside world should be able to visit as well. Of course, we suspect they’d have to be welcomed guests.

#6: Is the Mountain Range Restored?

As the Family Madrigal and the community band together, the Casita is rebuilt and the magic returns. When the magic went out, though, the mountain range surrounding the village cracked. Does that mean the mountains were restored along with the magic? No, but that’s part of the ending’s deeper meaning. “They were closed in and protected, but they were also sort of closed off from their past,” explained co-director and co-writer Charise Castro Smith. “It was really intentional for the mountains to not completely close back up because now they’re able to see their past and interact with it in a healthy way without blocking it off.” This also likely means that the village is now open to more outsiders in search of a miracle.

#5: Why Doesn’t Dolores’ Prophecy Come True?

Dolores falls in love with Mariano from afar, overhearing his poetry that he shows no one. Although he never noticed her, Dolores knows the real Mariano when she declares her feelings. To her delight, Mariano finally sees her. Some have argued that means Bruno’s prophecy about Dolores didn’t come true. Bush pointed out on Twitter that Bruno was actually spot-on. The man of Dolores’ dreams was out of reach and betrothed to another. Bruno never said that Isabela and Mariano would get married or that Dolores would end up alone. “Dolores just jumped to the worst case scenario,” Bush wrote. Mirabel notably plays a role in setting up Dolores and Mariano. Since Bruno’s vision of Mirabel was foggy, perhaps Dolores’ romantic future was also undecided.

#4: When Do Problems With Gifts Arise?

Although almost every member of the Family Madrigal receives a special power, their gifts can also bring external and internal crises. When exactly do these problems arise? Does it happen shortly after someone gets their gift or at a certain point in life? Bush says that it occurs “gradually.” For example, shortly after Antonio gains the ability to talk to animals, Abuela notes that they’ll find a way to put his gift to good use for the community. Although Abuela has the best intentions, she inadvertently puts pressure on Antonio. Even with the strongest individuals like Luisa, pressure builds over time and soon enough, the cracks begin to show. This demonstrates how easily a gift can start to feel like a curse.

#3: Did Bruno Argue with Abuela?

In the finished film, Bruno goes into hiding after having an uncertain vision about Mirabel. Bruno tells nobody what he saw until Mirabel confronts him years later. In a deleted scene, it’s revealed that Bruno - or Oscar as he was originally called - got into an argument with Abuela before storming off. Bush explained that they removed this plot point “because it felt stronger character-wise that he wasn’t ready to confront Abuela until he went to the river to defend Mirabel when he thought she’d need his help the most.” In the same deleted scene, Felix says that Oscar’s room rotted after he left. Bush clarified that Bruno’s room wasn’t always so decrepit. As he became more isolated, his room started reflecting that empty feeling inside.

#2: Does Mirabel Remember Bruno?

Towards the film’s beginning, Mirabel discusses every member of the family in great detail… except for Bruno. Mirabel’s uncle was gone for ten years according to the filmmakers. Since Mirabel is fifteen, she had just turned five when Bruno left. Even before that, Bruno was distant from the family and nobody talked about him after he left. Thus, “Mirabel probably has tiny memories [of Bruno], but nothing substantial,” according to Bush. Camilo was the same age as Mirabel when Bruno went into hiding. Although Camilo acts as if he remembers his uncle well, his creepy description isn’t entirely accurate. Bush clarified that “Camilo didn’t really know anything - he heard some rumors and embellished them, because that’s Camilo.” Bruno does have a way with rats, however.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

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#1: Do You Need Madrigal Blood To Get a Gift?

Technically, Mirabel isn’t the only Madrigal without supernatural power. Even after they married into the family, Agustín and Felix didn’t get any special abilities. During production, the filmmakers discussed whether the husbands should have gifts. Since “Encanto” is about family roles and expectations, they decided that only the children should receive gifts. You don’t need to be part of the Madrigal bloodline to have a power, however. Bush mentioned on Twitter that if a family member were to adopt a child, they wouldn’t be deprived of a gift ceremony. After all, you don’t need the same blood to be part of the same family. Likewise, Mirabel finds that just because she can’t grow flowers or lift donkeys doesn’t mean she’s not a Madrigal.
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