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Life After Twilight: What Will Happen To Its Stars?

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Based on Stephenie Meyer's popular fantasy romance novels, the Twilight film saga debuted in November 2008. The massive success of the movies also turned their three main actors, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, into major stars across the globe. In this video, takes a look at these three actors' careers during and after the saga to see what may be in in store for them in the future.

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The Twilight film saga debuted in November 2008, and was modeled on Stephenie Meyer’s series of popular fantasy romance novels. The record-breaking movies have since made over a billion dollars in worldwide sales. As a result of this massive success, actors Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner became major international stars.

Kristen Stewart

Though she acted in several movies prior to the first “Twilight” film, Kristen Stewart really became a star after she was cast as the series’ protagonist Bella Swan. Her first non-Twilight movie during this time was 2009’s “Adventureland.” Though her performance in this film received mixed reviews, she was praised for her ability to bring soul to her character in the second installment of the Twilight Saga: “New Moon” later that year.

The actress then distanced herself from the innocent and lovestruck Bella by taking on several troubled teen roles. This included the risqué part of a stripper in “Welcome to the Rileys,” and her portrayal of real-life musician and singer Joan Jett in “The Runaways.” As the tough rocker, Stewart was seen as the one of the biopic’s strongest elements.

She then returned to Twilight with “Eclipse” and the film franchise’s final installments: “Breaking Dawn, Part 1 and Part 2.” Meanwhile, Stewart played Mary Lou in the 2012 film adaptation of the Jack Kerouac novel “On the Road.” She also took on the lead in the fantasy adventure “Snow White and the Hunstman,” which put a different spin on the classic fairytale by placing Snow White in the role of action heroine.

Her willingness to play in indie films and to choose edgy or challenging roles will ensure that Kristen Stewart has a long-lasting career ahead of her.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson began acting several years before Twilight; in fact, he was in another extremely successful film series: Harry Potter! However, Pattinson really made it big when he landed the role of vampire Edward Cullen. Despite the initial backlash from fans of the books due to his casting, he was embraced by the Twilight fandom after the first film.

That same year, the actor received praise in the independent movie “How to Be.” Following this, he played aspiring artist Salvador Dali, whose friendship with a male poet eventually turns romantic in the 2009 drama “Little Ashes.”

He then returned as Edward in “New Moon,” and continued to distance himself from Twilight with the role of the rebellious Tyler Hawkins in 2010’s “Remember Me.” Up next was the third Twilight movie “Eclipse” and the romantic drama “Water for Elephants.” In 2011, Pattinson played the role of the amoral Georges Duroy in the film adaptation of Guy de Maupassant’s novel “Bel Ami.”

Following Parts 1 and 2 of Twilight’s “Breaking Dawn,” the actor already had several roles lined up. With his acting skills, musical talent and many fans, it is certain that Robert Pattinson has more to come.

Taylor Lautner

Despite a few earlier television and movie roles, Taylor Lautner’s big break came with the role of Jacob Black in the first Twilight movie. He ensured his return in the sequels by undergoing a major physical transformation through intense weight-training. With thirty pounds of muscle and a brand new physique, Lautner’s participation in “New Moon” catapulted the actor to teen idol status.

He then took a short break from Twilight and appeared as part of an ensemble cast in the 2010 romantic comedy “Valentine’s Day.” However, he didn’t stay away for long. Later that year, he returned as werewolf Jacob in the massively successful “Eclipse.” Next came the role of an angsty teen in the action thriller “Abduction,” and then he revisited Twilight with “Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2.”

In just a few short years, Taylor Lautner went from bit roles to lead actor and sex symbol. He is now one of Hollywood’s highest-paid teen actors whose repertoire is sure to grow even after “The Twilight Saga” comes to an end.

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