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Jackie Chan Vs Jet Li

VO: Dan
In this extreme match-up, two of cinema's greatest living martial artists go head-to-head to see who is the greatest. Jackie is known for his entertaining fight sequences and for performing his own stunts, while Jet has thrilled us with his acrobatic moves and fierce fighting style. Join as we pit Jackie Chan against Jet Li to see who is the ultimate Chinese martial arts superstar.

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Jackie Chan Vs Jet Li

They both kick a lot of ass. Welcome to and today we’ll be pitting Jackie Chan against Jet Li to see who is the ultimate Chinese martial arts superstar.

Round 1: Iconic Roles

Let’s hit the ground running by comparing their screen personas…

In the first corner is Jackie Chan: He’s made a career out of playing the well-meaning, but foolish, average Joe. He often has to prove his worth to friends and family while facing insurmountable challenges.

His career spans four decades and over a hundred films, but he has rarely deviated from the cheery and friendly image he is known for, as seen in “Mr. Nice Guy” and “Supercop.” However, more recently, he has used his experience to play a mentor.

Meanwhile, Jet Li plays deadly outlandish villains, as well as straight-faced good guys and Chinese folk heroes.

The types of roles these actors play are pretty much complete opposites, and that makes this category a tough one to call. While Jet Li may be more dynamic overseas, we’re giving this point to Jackie because his characters are always more likeable, unique and memorable.

Jackie Chan 1 / Jet Li 0

Round 2: Personality

Jet Li is at his best during dramatic scenes, and during drawn-out, hardcore action sequences. His screen presence is ultra-serious.

On the flip side, few martial artists have managed to showcase as much personality as Jackie Chan. He always adds a sense of humor to his characters and fighting scenes, and even adds realism by getting hurt on occasion. Some may find that he can be too over the top, but Jackie always entertains with his hilarious, kind and almost child-like characters.

In the end, Jackie Chan’s personality is a major reason that he’s become a beloved superstar.

Point goes to Jackie!

Jackie Chan 2/ Jet Li 0

Round 3: Martial Arts

Jackie Chan comes from a gymnastics background and specializes in Kung Fu. He trained at the Chinese Drama Academy, and has added elements to his style from Hapkido, Boxing, Judo and Tae Kwon Do. For Jackie, it’s not so much what he knows, but the execution: his fighting style is defensive, and based on tight choppy strikes.

Meanwhile, Jet Li was a child prodigy and master in WuShu, having studied and competed since early childhood. Simply put, he has trained himself to be a lethal weapon, and is less about show and more about tell. As in, tell you that he just broke your legs.

While both these men are martial arts gods, we’ll have to award Jet Li in this category, as he is much more disciplined and employs a non-nonsense fighting style, complete with a greater depth of fighting techniques.

When it’s all said and done, Jet Li is the one.

Jackie Chan 2/ Jet Li 1

Round 4: Stunts

In this category, Jackie Chan holds a huge advantage. Namely, he performed Bruce Lee’s stunts when still a teenager. Then, he went on to perform his own stunts as a movie star. Over the years we have seen him perform insane and life threatening aerobatics and maneuvers that few others could pull off, or even dream of attempting. Even more shocking is the fact that he never lets injury, get in the way, not depends on effects. Simply put, no one else would keep on performing with a broken ankle!

While Jackie had been forced to use doubles in his later career, Jet Li has always let them do the dirty work. To us, that’s a bit of a buzz kill.

Point goes to Jackie!

Jackie Chan 3/ Jet Li 1

Round 5: Awards and Cultural Impact

Going into our final round, it doesn’t look like this fight will be winnable for Jet Li.

Adding insult to injury, Jackie goes for the knockout strike by drawing on his legendary career status that emerged from under the shadow of Bruce Lee, albeit with an opposing style. He has since been given a spot on the Hollywood walk of fame, as well as Hong Kong’s avenue of the stars, not to mention taking home an Innovator Award for his choreography and a Lifetime achievement award for his stunts. And did we forget to mention that he even had his own cartoon series?

Both may have conquered the box office, but Jackie has risen to become the better known cultural icon around the world.

Jackie Chan 4/ Jet Li 1

The Verdict:

Sorry Jet Li fans, while the star wins in the pure martial arts category, he is left bowing in respect to Jackie’s wins in all other categories, resulting in an incredible victory of 4 to 1.

What do you think: did Jackie deserve such a major upset?

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