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Top 10 Most Memorable Moments From the Cast of The Expendables 2

VO: Mike
The sequel to the Expendables promises to showcase even more legendary action icons then the first! With so many so many classic film roles behind them, we couldn't resist taking a look at and poking fun at their greatest moments! Join as we take a look back at the most memorable moments from the stars of the blockbuster sequel “The Expendables 2.”

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Top 10 Most Memorable Moments From the Cast of The Expendables 2

This group of badass mercs had their moments long before appearing together on screen. Welcome to and today we’ll be taking a look back at the most memorable moments from the stars of the blockbuster sequel “The Expendables 2.”

Sylvester Stallone: “Cobra” - The Doctor Is In

Kicking off our list is the star of the show! We all remember Sly scaling the steps of Philadelphia in Rocky…and firing off countless rounds as Rambo…but his most memorable moment has to be his ability to pull off the sunglasses look indoors, all while rescuing hostages from a bomb strapped terrorist! He’s so badass he stops to drink a warm beer, use a toothpick, and taunt the criminal, before explaining that he is a doctor of “asskickiology.”

Jason Statham: “Transporter” - Getting Greasy

Okay, fighting a bunch of bad guys topless and covered in grease is a little homoerotic, well it would be for anyone else…but Statham uses the gooey substance and impromptu shoes to give his enemies the slip. Wait a second, doesn’t motor oil cause cancer? Whatever, this scene, causes awesome.

Jet Li: “Lethal Weapon 4” – The Unstoppable Bad Guy

Marking Li’s introduction to Hollywood, he spectacularly played the unstoppable villain who faces off against Riggs & Murtaugh. Not only does he move like the laws of physics don’t apply, but disables both cops with ease, before ending up in a Mexican standoff… which he manages to win! This movie is even more fun to watch if you picture Li as Chinese Nazi hunter out to get Mel Gibson the war criminal. Think about it.

Dolph Lundgren: “Universal Soldier” - Back in ‘Nam

In perhaps Dolph’s greatest screen role, with the possible exceptions of He-Man and The Punisher, Lundgren plays re-animated and unhinged solider Andrew Scott. In this supermarket scene, he creates a tense and terrifying atmosphere by giving a speech to captive shoppers, revealing that he believes he’s still fighting in Vietnam! Check it out: these aren’t only his best lines, but most comprehensible… fake American accent and all!

Chuck Norris: “The President’s Man” - Tree Kick

Since we already counted down Chuck’s top 10 best moments in our other clip, we’ve chosen an 11th entry to showcase his outrageous power! This kick would be impossible for anyone else, but not Chuck. That tree is lucky he held back…

Jean-Claude Van Damme: “Hard Target” - Upside Down Gunplay

No, Van Damme isn’t upside down while shooting…his gun is! As if that isn’t memorable enough, he empties an entire clip into his opponent, before throwing his trademark spin kick to knock the cigar out of the dead man’s mouth, thus teaching a very important lesson about health…ya…

Bruce Willis: “Pulp Fiction” - Bathroom Break

He may have done some crazy things in Die Hard as John McClane, but this takes it to a whole other level. After feuding with hitman Vincent Varga, Bruce’s character stumbles upon the hapless killer’s gun while he takes a badly-timed bathroom break. You’ve popped your last tart Vinny.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: “Hercules in New York” - Mis-bear-having

You’ve already seen all of Arnie’s best moments from his classics like Terminator, Predator and Total Recall…but we’re betting haven’t seen this one! In Arnie’s first ever film he plays the demi-god Hercules, and uses his powers to beat the crap out of a runaway bear! He doesn’t have to say anything - the background bouzouki music pretty much burns this entire scene into your memory… feel free to thank us in the comments section…

Terry Crews: “White Chicks” - The Man With The Power

You know this guy, he’s the crazy old Spice spokesman with the power! Long before battled odor he made us cringe while trying to pick up the then-undercover Wayans brothers in the half-baked comedy “White Chicks.” Check him out on the dance floor…terrifying.

Randy Couture: “Big Stan” - Testing the Limits

Rounding out the cast is the mixed martial artist who has had countless exciting moments in the ring. But we’re more interested in the silver screen right now! You’d think we’d show you a fight scene…but we’re going with his cameo as a inquisitive prisoner opposite Rob Schneider in the comedy “Big Stan.”

Agree with our list? What is your favorite classic moment from The Expendables 2 cast? For more entertaining videos, be sure to subscribe to!

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