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Top 10 Fighting Game Characters

VO: Dan
Tournament fighting is one of the greatest game types to come from the arcades. There are countless of games that have players fight each other as memorable combatants, each with their own elaborate backstory and move set. With these characters becoming franchise mascots, we thought it was time to show our respect to the most famous and popular tournament fighters around. In order to give several franchise characters a chance, we have limited our picks from to one entry per game series. Join as we count down our top ten favorite Fighting game Characters.

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Top 10 Fighting Game Characters

These are the most iconic tournament fighters to ever grace an arcade screen! Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our top ten favorite Fighting game Characters.

In order to give several franchise characters a chance, we’ll be limiting our picks from to one entry per game series.

#10: Haohmaru (Samurai Shodown)

Kicking off our list is the memorable series regular, the swordsman with no loyalties. Underneath his skill and brutal moves rests an easygoing man who cares only for food and sake. His powers include his iconic hurricane sword attack, energy slash and ability to deflect projectiles.

#9: Kasumi (Dead or Alive)

We would like to pick all the women of this series, but we’ll happily settle for this runaway teenage Shinobi. A sex symbol of gaming with spectacular physics, she also gets to wear the best outfits of the series. Obvious assets aside, she is best known for her high kick, cartwheel attack and great use of speed. Is she not the perfect woman?

#8: Dural (Virtua Fighter)

The main baddie of the series, Dural is only made playable by entering a code or attaining set game goals. Previously an incredibly skilled human action star, the mysterious Judgment 6 Corporation decided to transform her into a chrome-covered cyborg, reminiscent of the T-1000 from Terminator 2. She is both immune to feeling and more than a few technological enhancements. Speaking of which, boy she can flip around!

#7: Ivy Valentine (Soul Caliber series)

The illegitimate daughter of an undead pirate, Ivy was raised by a noble family, after her parents died in pursuit of the cursed Soul Edge sword. Thus, her goal is to find and destroy it. Her bondage themed outfit and whip sword, along with her generous proportions, have made her a series staple for years. Delicious.

#6: Morrigan Aensland (Dark Stalkers)

This demon gall is a vain creature that lives for the excitement of battle. The focal point of the series, she is an antihero who technically isn’t really evil, but packs quite a few surprises. These include reshaping her wings into spikes, using them as a shield, and forming a cloud of bats! Even if you don’t recognize her, you have no doubt seen girls dress like her at conventions. Now you get it eh?

#5:Jin Kazama/Heihachi Mishima (Tekken)

Jin is the hero of the series, and entered the Tekken tournament to avenge his mother’s death. Interestingly, he possesses the devil gene, having been branded by Satan, which allows him to transform into a demonic form called “Devil Jin.”

Equally iconic is the very funny, yet very evil karate fighter Heihachi Mishima. A man in desperate need of a comb, he has hosted half of all the Tekken tournaments, playing the role of final boss.

#4: Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury)

The hero of this series, this American fighter enters the King of Fighters tournament to kill a criminal who murdered his adoptive father. Terry is instantly recognizable for his red jacket, white T-Shirt and baseball cap. A cheerful and friendly character, he serves as hilarious stereotype of the “average” American youth. Oh japan…

#3: B. Orchid (Killer Instinct)

While many associate the robotic Fulgore as the figurehead of this series, this jade vixen easily steals the show (plus Fulgore is slow nobody ever picks him). Like any good secret agent, she wears a bright green and rather revealing outfit that had us snap to attention the moment her bio page flashed on the arcade screen. She uses her using her legs to perform jaw dropping spin kicks is able to transform into a cat for no apparent reason. Well Meow…

#2: Scorpion/Subzero (Mortal Kombat)

These feuding yellow and blue ninja warriors not only spawned a Ninja craze, but prompted later Mortal Kombat installments to feature counterparts sporting pretty much every color of the rainbow.

Scorpion is an undead ninja seeking vengeance against Sub Zero, a cryomancer able to generate ice attacks. While they are not always beyond “Friendship” (the Finishing move), these guys dish out some of the most gruesome fatalities the arcades have ever seen! (Come over here!)

#1: Ryu/Ken (Street Fighter)

Taking the top spot on our list are the white and red wearing karate buddies, who are also sparring partners and rivals. Both men fight to prove themselves against their archrival Sagat, while aiming to become stronger fighters. When it comes to overall recognition and iconic stature, these guys simply Hadouken the competition.

Agree with our list? Who is your favorite tournament fighting character? For more entertaining Top 10 lists, be sure to subscribe to

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