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Top 10 Celebrity Train Wrecks

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Fame can be unkind. Some stars use drugs and alcohol as a means of escape, while others act out and get the wrong kind of attention. Celebrities who took their spot in the limelight at a young age seem to be most susceptible to "train wreck" behavior, as cases like Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Edward Furlong and Tatum O’Neal could surely tell you. Meanwhile, people like Courtney Love take the sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle a little too literally, while supermodels like Naomi Campbell are prone to diva-ish meltdowns. In this video, counts down ten of the most tragic celebrity train wrecks.

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Top 10 Celebrity Train Wrecks

Fame has not been kind to these celebrities. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the ten most infamous celebrity train wrecks.

For this list, we’ve left off any celebrities whose addictions have led to their deaths.

#10 – Edward Furlong

Kicking off our list is the “Terminator 2” star who began his career on a high note, then proceeded to stay high. Since his days as John Connor, Furlong’s been in and out of jail, received a restraining order from his ex, and has even been on suicide watch. Fortunately, he has sought treatment, so let’s hope this story has a happy ending.

#9 – Naomi Campbell

This supermodel’s cocaine addiction sent her to rehab in the late ‘90s, but today all signs point to her recovery. However, even more highly publicized than her drug use were the accusations of assault against her by her former help. She even pulled a Russell Crowe and used a phone as a weapon. Basically, if you go to work for Naomi, you’re doing so at your own risk.

#8 – Tara Reid

She made it big with her “Lebowski” role, and even bigger in “American Pie.” But after her breakup with Carson Daly, her best-known role was as a party girl who couldn’t keep her top on. Aside from her admitted plastic-surgery-gone-bad, there’s been rehab and even some partying with Tom Cruise after his breakup with Katie Holmes.

#7 – Amanda Bynes

Taking a page out of Lindsay Lohan’s book, Bynes is another child actor who lost her footing. She was once known for her stance against the club scene, but clearly that opinion has changed. There have been hit-and-runs, DUIs and even a night in jail. She lost her license and her Beemer, and after claiming to retire from acting – TWICE – she’s trying to make it as a fashion designer.

#6 – Tatum O’Neal

She has gone through the ups and downs of addiction for decades. After winning an Oscar at age 10, she coasted for a long time. O’Neal has attributed her problems to abuse she suffered in her youth, and her broken relationship with her famous father, Ryan. She lost her kids to their father, John McEnroe, in the ‘90s and to this day has been unable to kick her habit.

#5 – Britney Spears

The pressures of celebrity finally turned “Toxic” for Spears. Too many nights out with Paris Hilton, a Vegas marriage, another marriage to her backup dancer, rehab and even a trip to a psych ward were just the tip of the iceberg for her problems. Worst moment? Shaving her head and going nuts with an umbrella. Fortunately for her kids, Spears seems to be on the road to recovery.

#4 – Mel Gibson

And you thought he was acting when Riggs was being nutty. Gibson has said odd and controversial things before and has been battling alcoholism for decades, but it wasn’t until “The Passion of the Christ” that things really went downhill. Many considered the movie anti-Semitic, and Gibson did nothing to help matters when he was stopped for a DUI and blamed the Jews for all his problems.

#3 – Courtney Love

She takes the sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle a little too literally. Love’s managed to stay in the limelight after her husband Kurt Cobain’s death with her band Hole, her acting career, and her crazy antics. Her struggles with substance abuse have been well-documented, and at one point she even lost custody of her daughter. Today she claims to be clean. We’ll let you be the judge.

#2 – Charlie Sheen

This bad boy always lands on his feet. Rumors of him being drunk – or worse – on film sets have circulated for years. He’s overdosed, been arrested, been to rehab and lost woman after woman for crazy reasons. Like, he shot Kelly Preston in the arm. But, his rock bottom moment didn’t come until 2011 when his tiger blood got him fired from “Two and a Half Men” and he went on a #winning streak.

#1 – Lindsay Lohan

Taking the top spot on our list is yet another child star who tried to escape the spotlight with drug abuse and partying, but did the exact opposite. It started off innocently enough, but soon, it was affecting her work and she’s barely been able to keep a steady job since. Not to mention the car crashes. And the ankle monitor. And the rehab. And the arrests.

These stars may have fallen from grace, but we hope their futures hold the key to recovery. For more top 10 lists about your favorite celebs, be sure to subscribe to

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