Top 10 Modern Wedding Songs



Top 10 Modern Wedding Songs

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When a newly-married couple hits the dance floor, it's up to the music to tell their special story – and it'd better do a good job. From pop standards like Michael Buble and Bruno Mars to more rockin' artists like Nickelback and Lifehouse, there is a huge variety of music to choose from on your special day. Which song do you want to dance to on your wedding day? In honor of wedding season, counts down our picks for the top 10 modern wedding songs. For this list, we've chosen the songs we are constantly hearing as the "First Dance" tune at weddings, and which were released after the year 2000. Modern covers of older songs are not eligible.

Top 10 Modern Wedding Songs

When a newly-married couple hits the dance floor, it’s up to the music to tell their special story – and it’d better do a good job. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 modern wedding songs.

For this list, we’ve decided to stick to songs that were released in or after the year 2000, and that are not covers of older tracks.

#10 – James Blunt: “You’re Beautiful” (2005)

This sweet, simple, slow song has been a reception standard since its 2005 release – in fact; Blunt even played it at his friend Elton John’s wedding. Every bride wants to feel beautiful on her big day; however, the song’s tale of unrequited love is less appropriate. Sometimes, you’re better off ignoring lyrics when choosing a first dance song. And maybe don’t watch the video where the guy commits suicide.

#9 – Nickelback: “Never Gonna Be Alone” (2009)

The mind doesn’t jump to Nickelback when considering first dance tunes, but these Canadians have released some respectable power ballads that’d suit any rocker’s wedding. This song could easily be about love between family or friends; but it’s just as powerful when interpreted as romantic love. With its message about partnership for the long haul, it’s a great wedding option – even with Chad Kroeger’s gruff vocals.

#8 – Justin Timberlake: “Mirrors” (2013)

Justin’s been releasing wedding-ready music forever; but now that he’s a newlywed himself, his tunes have newfound maturity and emotion. As he tells the story of a man who’s found his other half, Timberlake flaunts his trademark falsetto while Timbaland shows off his signature sound. The tempo may be fast for some, but the message and melody are so great, we’re guessing most couples won’t mind.

#7 – Alicia Keys: “Fallin’” (2001)

This Grammy-winning wedding staple introduced Alicia Keys to the world. Set to fluid harmony and soulful piano, this song chronicles the ups and downs of relationships in true R&B style – with Keys’ stunning voice holding it all together. While it’s a great reception song, newlyweds might find this a good choice later in the evening, after the guests have gone home – if y’know what we mean.

#6 – Train: “Marry Me” (2010)

Wedding season wouldn’t be the same without new romantic ditties competing for our attention. But, some newer tracks cut through the clutter, and this is one of them. Couples will fall into each other on the dance floor swaying to this low-key ballad, whether it’s the original or the duet version. Is it a little schmaltzy? Sure, but that’s the mark of a great first dance tune.

#5 – Christina Perri: “A Thousand Years” (2011)

If it’s good enough for Bella and Edward, it’s good enough for us! Twi-hards everywhere know this tune as that couple’s anthem, but others choose it as their wedding song simply because it’s beautiful. The universal message about the fear of falling for someone touches everyone, and Christina Perri’s voice and quiet melody provide the perfect background music for a romantic dance – whether or not you’re a vampire.

#4 – Norah Jones: “Come Away with Me” (2002)

Doesn’t get more romantic than this. As she flaunts her standard jazz sultriness, Norah Jones provides newlyweds with the perfect piano-driven slow dance soundtrack. Her haunting voice, plus the song’s intimate feel and gentle rhythm are the ideal combo for a cheek-to-cheek waltz, and the recipe for a little mid-song smooch. Simple, peaceful and beautiful, Jones’ music is always wedding appropriate.

#3 – Michael Bublé: “Everything” (2007)

This crooner is a natural fit on a wedding DJ’s playlist, and this is one of his most romantic originals. Without the backing of his usual big band, Bublé compares his love to, well, everything and calls her his stability in a crazy world. Sure, the song is about his ex, but that doesn’t make it any less wedding-perfect. Plus, everyone can sing along at the lalala part!

#2 – Bruno Mars: “Marry You” (2011)

With his heartfelt lyrics, and sweet, sweet vocals, Bruno Mars is the new king of wedding songs, with several possibilities for this list. We’ve opted for the obvious “Marry You” because its up-tempo beat mimics the excitement of new love, its message is cute and contemporary, and it’s got wedding bells – too perfect. It’s not a slow jam, but if you’ve got dancin’ shoes, it’s an adorable choice.

#1 – Lifehouse: “You and Me” (2005)

You know it’s a popular wedding song when the band releases an extended version for extra-long first dances. This love song was inescapable in 2005, whether at weddings or on TV. With its slow, stripped-down melody and meaningful message about love and togetherness, this is one song that doubles as a second set of vows – which is what all couples want on their big day.

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