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Top 10 Bruce Lee Moments

VO: Dan
He's the most legendary martial artist of all time! In his short life Bruce Lee not only raised the bar on action to ridiculous and never before seen levels, but changed everything we knew about action on the big screen. Always imitated and paid tribute to, he will never be replaced. Join http://www. and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 Bruce Lee moments.

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Top 10 Bruce Lee Moments

He’s a legend for a reason. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 Bruce Lee moments.

#10- Ice Factory “The Big Boss” (1971)

Kicking off our list is scene in which Lee’s character is ambushed and outnumbered at an ice factory. Though unarmed, his attackers soon learn that they made a big mistake when he starts improvising. Hilariously, Lee even throws one though the wall roadrunner style! Seriously, with ice picks lying around, is this not the worst place to pick a fight with Bruce Lee?

#9- Nunchuck fight “Way of the Dragon” (1972)

In this flick, Lee is sent to Rome to help his family fight the local mafia. When he’s taken to the back alley to be offed, Lee quickly turns the tide. Interestingly, the bad guys regroup with the laughable order of killing him without using their guns. This pretty much allows Lee to pull two sets of nunchuks out of nowhere and practice on their asses….no for real, where did he get those?

#8- Upgrades “Enter The Dragon” (1973)

When Lee finds his way into the villain’s top-secret underground lair, he is forced to get topless and take out the countless henchmen in his path. This fight keeps intensifying as he upgrades from bare-fists as each opponent brings him a new goodie. This includes a stick, metal rods, and finally nunchucks. If there were any more bad guys he’d probably be rolling out of there in a tank!...

#7- The Giant “Game of Death” (1978)

It’s yellow jumpsuit time! In this high point of this posthumous film, Lee battles the shades wearing 7ft 2in basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. From the onset, Jabbar’s size and power had Lee looking like a midget in comparison. Fortunately, Lee manages to use his opponent’s size against him, while coming to the conclusion that even a giant needs to breath…

#6- Vengeance “Enter The Dragon” (1973)

In this especially personal confrontation, Lee comes face to face against the bearded, sadistic and facially scarred O'Hara in a martial arts tournament. The man who caused his sister to commit suicide, Lee beats him to a pulp without ever taking damage. When O’Hara breaks the rules, Lee does more then hurt him, he crunches his nuts and blows his mind. By that we mean he kills him by jumping on his head. Ye-ouch!

#5- Facing Petrov “Fist of Fury” (1971)

Simply put, Lee is on a quest for revenge against those who killed his master. This leads him to face Petrov, a sinister suspender-wearing Russian played by Robert Baker, one of Lee’s own Jeet Kune Do students. This fight is memorable for its punishment and dry humor, as Lee confounds with smirks and blurry hand movements. He even bites Petrov’s leg, sidekicks him to the head and leaves him gasping for air. Brutal!

#4- No Respect “Fist of Fury” (1971)

This is the fight that helped transition Hong Kong action flicks from swordplay to barehanded fighting! With Lee’s dead master mocked by a rival school, he shows up on their doorstep to teach them respect. This ballsy challenge led him to taking down an entire dojo. Of course, he has to do this topless, while creating a human hurricane, laying down a beat with nunchucks and ultimately making them eat their words.

#3- Finish Him “The Big Boss”, A.K.A “The Chinese Connection” (1971)

In this classic, Lee plays a man who has sworn an oath of non-violence, but is forced to break that pledge in a big way. Specifically, this prompts a violent confrontation the man who murdered his family. Ultimately, Lee manages to win by deflecting a knife throw, before going Mortal Kombat and thrusting his fingers into his enemy’s chest! Striking with every bit of energy he’s got, he ultimately collapses in fatigue.

#2- Hall of Mirrors “Enter The Dragon” (1973)

Here, Lee plays a martial artist who enters a tournament in order to spy on a crime lord. Eventually, this leads to a face off with the claw-wearing Mr. Han, while acquiring the scratches across his body and face that became the most iconic image of his career. The fight also goes totally surreal when he is led into a chamber of mirrors and forced to defy superstition.

#1- Versus Chuck Norris “Way of the Dragon” (1972)

Taking the top spot on our list is cinemas ultimate martial arts showdown that pitted Lee against Norris in the Coliseum. Everything here is legendary, from Lee’s crackling preparation to systematically coaxing, taunting and tearing down his opponent under the watchful eye of a stray cat. A grueling encounter, he doesn’t even shy away from ripping chest hair. Remarkably, Lee cannot walk away without acknowledging a worthy adversary.

Agree with our list? Which Bruce Lee Moment is your favorite? For more entertaining top 10s, be sure to subscribe to

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