Top 10 Chris Rock Moments



Top 10 Chris Rock Moments

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Even before his first film role in "Beverly Hills Cop II," Chris Rock has been cracking us up with his hilarious delivery and sharp comedy. He was given an opportunity to reach a wider audience on "Saturday Night Live," where he often teamed up with the rest of the Bad Boys of SNL, like Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider and David Spade. Though that era of his career was not as fruitful as it could have been, Rock parlayed that into stand-up success and a movie career that has brought us many quotable lines. In honor of the release of “Grown Ups 2” on July 12th, 2013, counts down our top 10 favorite Chris Rock moments.

Top 10 Chris Rock Moments

He “Brings the pain.” Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Chris Rock moments.

#10 – Rap Rock

“CB4” has all the hallmarks of a Chris Rock classic: sharp satire, profane but clever dialogue and borderline ridiculous storylines. And no wonder: Rock helped write it. And he helps bring it to life as M.C. Gusto of Cell Block 4. Too bad neither audiences nor critics liked it too much, cause this is a forgotten piece of hilarity courtesy of a visionary comedian – with a little side of rap to help it along.

#9 – Rock and Ribs

Leave it to Chris Rock to steal all the attention with just one scene. This Wayans family comedy is a satire of Blaxploitation flicks, and it features some big name actors. But our favorite part of “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka” remains Rock’s contribution and unusual food order. Well that seems reasonable. Okay that’s ridiculous, but if he’s broke… Never mind.

#8 – Rock the Boat

Rock has been one of the best stand-up comedians on the scene since at least the ‘90s, so naturally he got his own late night talk show. But unlike your standard late night hosts, Rock didn’t play by the rules: he was funny because he was confrontational, smart and exciting. Even the interviews were entertaining, which is more than can be said for most. But the best part of “The Chris Rock Show” was always the skits.

#7 – Crack That Rock

Y’know how all comedians have one movie that proves they can actually act? “New Jack City” is Rock’s. Yeah, believe it or not, it isn’t “Pootie Tang.” A few years after his “Beverly Hills Cop II” debut and already in the middle of his SNL stint, Rock accepted a subdued role as crack addict-turned-police informant Pookie in 1991’s “New Jack City.” Well, it may not be subdued, but it’s definitely depressing.

#6 – Rock Goes Long

Years worth of comedy chemistry are put to good use in this remake: Rock and Sandler reunite from their days on SNL to play inmates in charge of assembling a team of prisoners to play the guards on the football field. And Rock’s character in “The Longest Yard” is the guy who cannot play football. But he’s a fast-talker who can get you whatever you like on the inside.

#5 – As “Politically Incorrect” as Ever

Not that “Politically Incorrect” wasn’t controversial enough, but when they brought Chris Rock on as a commentator, they brought things to a whole other level. Rock is knowledgeable about politics, but that’s not the only reason he was brought in to mix things up: he’s not a pundit, and doesn’t talk like one, so you get the everyman’s take on politics, with lotsa one-liners thrown in for good measure.

#4 – The Voice of Reason

“Everybody Hates Chris” told the vaguely veiled story of Rock’s youth, with Rock himself as creator and – more importantly – as narrator. And, since no one delivers dialogue like Chris Rock, and his family-centric sitcom gave him the opportunity to get the respect he deserves and give his younger self some much-needed guidance. Truly, it was “The Cosby Show” of its time.

#3 – Cracker Barrel Full of Laughs

He’s racist. He doesn’t respect comic book inkers. And he does not like boogers in his coffee. After a memorable turn as Kevin Smith’s thirteenth apostle, Rock steals the show again in “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.” Alongside a star-studded cast of actors in self-referential roles, he shines in his part – however brief it may be. You da man, Chris Rock.

#2 – Stand Up and Say Rock

It wasn’t the first, it wasn’t the last, but “Bring the Pain” was considered to be one of Chris Rock’s finest pieces of stand-up work. He took home awards and praise for the 1996 special, thanks to its blend of current events, relationship themes and opinions on race. In fact, it featured one of Rock’s most famous routines that sums up his comedy perfectly.

#1 – Solid as a Rock

Say what you will about his other work, but Chris Rock’s standup is hard-hitting, intelligent and wide-ranging – and while he’s got many stellar specials, “Bigger & Blacker” is his masterpiece. That 1999 show sees him riffing on gender issues, race, politics, you name it – and gets big laughs no matter what. Not only did this album win Rock a Grammy; it also spawned this gem of a bit, and for that we’re truly thankful.

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