Top 10 Hilarious Movie Explosions
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Top 10 Hilarious Movie Explosions

Violence and mayhem are always entertaining, but it's nothing without some eye candy in the form of something blowing up! Fortunately, Hollywood is keen on exploding anything and everything! Best of all, explosions aren't contained to action films and don't always make sense! Join and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top 10 hilarious movie explosions.

Top 10 Hilarious Movie Explosions

If there’s one thing we like better than big explosions it’s… um…
Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 funniest movie explosions.

#10- “Grow House” Pineapple Express (2008)

Kicking off our list is the comedy in which Seth Rogen and his drug dealer, James Franco, end up captive in an underground grow operation. Escaping and fighting back, the struggle ends when an Asian gang member decides to go all Kamakazee. This leads Rogen to take off his burning pants and carry his beloved pal to safety. When the fire spreads to the propane tank, it’s a light show that only the un-killable Danny McBride could casually walk away from…

#9- Cart Pursuit “Undercover Brother” (2002)

Escaping from a mansion onto a golf course, undercover brother makes one heck of a daring escape, as he’s chased down by security agents via golf cart. Buckling up, they give the brother one hell of a slow speed chase. Unfortunately for them, they’re just can’t handle the intensity; lose control and ram into a propane pipe. Huh, I guess they had nothing to worry about... Oh wait, there it is!

#8- Fish Fillet “Jaws: The Revenge” (1987)

Oh boy, here we go. This one isn’t funny for being funny, but for being incredibly stupid. Here, Michael Caine and his fellow marine biologists are by the eponymous killer shark. Managing to plant a bomb in the beast’s mouth at great cost, it turns out to be a dud. This prompts them to do the obvious and use electrical impulses to antagonize the creature while channeling the shining to glimpse how the original shark was killed. Not having a gun, they instead simply ram it. Who needs a gun when you have momentum right?

#7- Splitting The Beer Atom “Young Einstein” (1988)

In this Australian comedy, Yahoo Serious- yes that’s his name, stars as a youth Australian Albert Einstein. Here, the geniuses’ works are represented as being a little more practical for everyday folks. Namely, he spends an entire night coming up with a formula for making beer taste and froth better. This of course involves managing to split the Beer atom…with a chisel. I should have been a physicist.

#6- Waiting for the Boom “21 Jump Street” (2012)

In this comedy, Jonah Hill and Chaning Tatum play undercover cops trying to bust a high school drug ring. After following the dealers to an exchange with a biker gang, they accidentally blow their cover. Making a run for it, they’re chased through heavy traffic, commandeering several other vehicles along the way. This spurs a freeway chase full of close calls that continually defy expectations, including one with a propane truck, and an oil tanker. You’ll never guess what does go boom…

#5- Yeha! “Dr. Strangelove” (1964)

In this black comedy about nuclear annihilation, an American bomber plane finds its release mechanism damaged by Soviet anti-aircraft fire. In steps the hero our Major Kong who decides to solve the problem with a little elbow grease! A true cowboy, he goes out doing the only thing he can and relishes his blaze of glory! It’s probably best that he doesn’t know that the order to carry out the bombing was also a mistake…

#4- Collision Course “Lovely But Deadly” (1981)

This B movie action film has an equally trashy premise- namely that a cheerleader is recruited to go undercover to fight her high school’s drug dealers. The natural course of events that ensue eventually lead to a frantic boat chase. It’s too bad for these guys that they were careless enough to let their boats ever touch. This is why I don’t go boating…

#3- Gas Fight “Zoolander” (2001)

When fashion model Derek Zoolander feels down, he turns to his equally ridiculously good-looking model friends to cheer him up. This of course involves going out for Orange Mocha Frappuccino’s, and watching his pals have just another one of their famous gasoline fights at the pump. But the real hazard isn’t the gas, but smoking. Smoking kills, kids. Remember that.

#2- Methane “Black Sheep” (2007)

In this offbeat horror, genetic engineering transforms ordinary livestock into murderous bloodthirsty sheep. With the survivors ultimately finding a way to round up and contain the beasts within a fence, they decide to end their nightmare by hurling a Zippo at the most flatulent of the group. [Boom] And that’s why farmers don’t smoke. The more you know.

#1- Wait in the Van “MacGruber” (2010)

Taking the top spot on our list is the outrageous explosion that is given substantial build-up. Here, MacGruber goes through the long process of tracking down and recruiting all of his old army buddies to form the perfect dream team, in the form of a classic montage! Leaving them in a van on the tarmac along with a set of explosives. While he’s outside antagonizing the rookie who wants to come with, it all just blow-up in his face.

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