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Top 10 Ferraris from Movies and TV

VO: Rebecca Brayton
These prancing horses race across big and small screens. Ferrari is such an iconic automotive brand, it’s played a role in some of our favorite movies and TV shows. Whether they’re used for a joyride, a high-speed chase, fighting crime or something else, we can’t help but notice their sleek lines and powerful engines. They may not always make it out in one piece, but they’re still memorable as hell. In honor of the death of Enzo Ferrari, founder of the Ferrari auto brand, on August 14th, 1988, counts down our picks for the top 10 iconic Ferraris from movies and TV.

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Top 10 Ferraris from Movies and TV

These prancing horses race across big and small screens. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 iconic Ferraris from movies and TV.

#10 – “National Lampoon’s Vacation” (1983)

What’s more clichéd than the hot blonde in the red Ferrari convertible? Well, the hot blonde in this case is Christie Brinkley, and it seems like she’s speeding along in her 308 GTS, license plate “LUV ME” btw, just to get Clark Griswold worked up into a sweat. Do you think the station wagon stands a chance next to her performance vehicle? Nah, we don’t either.

#9 – “Beverly Hills Cop II” (1987)

Where do we sign up to be an undercover cop, if it means we can requisition a fire engine red 328 GTS? Axel Foley catches all the lucky breaks, whether that involves solving cases in beautiful Beverly Hills, squatting in to-die-for houses or driving a Detroit PD-funded Ferrari. We’ll just pretend we didn’t hear that thing about it getting totaled by Mario Andretti Friedman…

#8 – “The Rock” (1996)

Which do you think would win in a knockdown, drag-out street-race between a black Hummer and a Ferrari F355? Here’s the deal: Sean Connery’s speeding through San Fran streets in a stolen Humvee. Nic Cage has commandeered the best car he coulda hoped for. Debris, people and windows get in the way, but ultimately it’s an errant cable car that gets the best of the yellow car.

#7 – “Tower Heist” (2011)

This movie may be forgettable, but its star is anything but. No, not Stiller; we’re talking about this. That’s right: it’s the King of Cool’s car, and it’s in the living room of a high-rise. Okay, that does mean there are no epic chase sequences. But did we mention it’s made of solid gold? Yeah, we do, that’s why this part makes us so nervous.

#6 – “GoldenEye” (1995)

What’s the only thing that surpasses James Bond’s Aston Martin? The cherry-red Ferrari F355 driven by Bond babe Xenia Onatopp, naturally. And a hillside race between the two is even better. This road battle wouldn’t be complete without the punchy back-and-forths, damsels in distress, perfectly-timed biker obstacle and epic spinout. Who do you think comes out on top?

#5 – “The Cannonball Run” (1981)

Y’know how to stand out in a cross-country race? Take a black Jewish guy, pair him with a drunken white guy, dress ‘em as priests and stick ‘em in a bright-red 308 GTS. Don’t forget to add some gambling, a little friendly competition and lots of drinking for good measure. Okay, the Ferrari doesn’t give this hilarious twosome a win, but it does give us ample laughs.

#4 – “Scent of a Woman” (1992)

If we had a dime for every time someone tried to cheer us up with a Ferrari test-drive… This Mondial Cabriolet is a beaut – not that Al Pacino’s character can see that, as he is blind. Yup, that guy behind the wheel of the $109,000 automobile cannot see a damn thing. But he can hear that baby purr. Ferrari fan or not, this is one memorable car scene, featuring one memorable car.

#3 – “Miami Vice” (1984-89)

Crockett and Tubbs are hands down the coolest and best-dressed cops anywhere, anytime. But even with the pastel blazers, slick shades and feathered hair, they’d be naked without their sexy lady in black: Crockett’s 1972 Daytona Spyder 365 GTS/4. However, it`s only a replica – good thing though cause… But all’s well that ends well: “Miami Vice” did so much for the brand, Ferrari donated a spanking new Testarossa for season-three.

#2 – “Magnum, P.I.” (1980-88)

Tom Selleck somehow made short-shorts, Hawaiian shirts and mustaches cool, and we figure it’s thanks to his cherry-red 308 GTS. Well, technically it’s not his; it belongs to Magnum’s mysterious benefactor Robin Masters. But either way, with the top down and the sun on his shoulders, the mustached one is ready to race around the Hawaiian islands, and occasionally stop to solve crimes.

#1 – “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” (1986)

A joyride around town on a beautiful day must be done in a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California convertible. After “borrowing” this prized possession from an overbearing father, charmed high-schooler Ferris and his buddies accidentally run up the mileage. That leads to bad things. For those of you lusting after this hot redhead don’t fret: it’s only a replica at the bottom of the ravine. But it still hurts!

Do you agree with our list? What do you think are some of the most iconic Ferraris from movies and TV? For more top 10s about your favorite flicks, be sure to subscribe to

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