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Homer Simpson vs. Peter Griffin

VO: Rebecca Brayton
One lives in Springfield, USA; the other in Quahog, Rhode Island. One works at a nuclear power plant; the other at a brewery. But they do have a few things in common: they’re both lazy, angry, stupid, working-class drunks. Oh, and they both have hot wives, a son, a daughter, a baby and a dog. In this installment of “Versus,” pits Homer Simpson against Peter Griffin to see which cartoon fatty reigns supreme. We compare personalities, families, friends and enemies, overall stupidity level and their respective cultural impacts. Special thanks to our user roxy for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page!

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Homer Simpson vs. Peter Griffin

They’re lazy, angry, stupid, working-class drunks. Welcome to, and in this installment of “Versus,” we’re pitting Homer Simpson against Peter Griffin to see which cartoon fatty reigns supreme.

Round 1: Personalities

Homer Jay Simpson – a.k.a. Max Power, The Pie Man, Colonel Homer, etc.
Likes: Rock-and-roll, Duff beer, the misfortune of others, doughnuts.
Dislikes: Flanders, work, not having TV and beer.

Springfield, U.S.A. wouldn’t be the same without Homer’s work at the local nuclear plant. Saying he’s prone to anger is an understatement, and he’s also known for his slothfulness, selfishness and beer guzzling. But he’s definitely not all bad.

Peter Löwenbräu Griffin, Sr. – a.k.a. Fat Man.
Likes: KISS, TV, boobies, the song “Surfin’ Bird.”
Dislikes: His daughter, Chris Martin, “The Godfather.”

Living and working a string of odd jobs in Quahog, Rhode Island is devout Irish Catholic Peter. He’s ruder, cruder, and lewder than his yellow counterpart; but you can’t deny, he’s a Homer Simpson rip-off – and that’s why Homie takes round 1.

Homer Simpson 1, Peter Griffin 0

Round 2: Families

They’ve got hot wives, a son, daughter, baby and dog – but that’s where the similarities between the Simpsons and Griffins end.

Homer and his high-school sweetheart, Marge Bouvier, live at 742 Evergreen Terrace with their kids –troublemaking Bart, book-wormy Lisa and baby Maggie – their dog Santa’s Little Helper and whichever cat is alive this week. Homer’s mostly a loving father and husband who will do anything for his family – but sometimes he takes parenting too far.

Peter married up when he wed Lois Pewterschmidt, and now they live at 31 Spooner Street with their idiot son Chris, awkward daughter Meg, genius sociopath baby Stewie and alcoholic talking dog Brian. Peter has had his moments as a dad and spouse, but mostly he’s a buffoon. Since we actually believe Homer loves all his kids, we’re giving him round 2.

Homer Simpson 2, Peter Griffin 0

Round 3: Friends & Enemies

Alongside Homer at Moe’s Tavern almost every evening are his coworkers Lenny and Carl, and the belching Barney Gumble. Considering all his stupid stunts, Homer has surprisingly few enemies: but his forgetful boss C. Montgomery Burns and his faithful sidekick Waylon Smithers are often on his case, while one-time coworker Frank Grimes was definitely not a fan. But Homer’s religious neighbor is his true nemesis.

Peter frequents The Drunken Clam with his group of buddies, including horn-dog Glenn Quagmire, paraplegic Joe Swanson and token black guy Cleveland Brown. We’re pretty sure half of Quahog would hate Griffin if they got to know him, but his most persistent enemy is Ernie the Giant Chicken. Since Peter’s supporting cast checks all the boxes on the diversity and hilarity scales, we’ll award him this round.

Homer Simpson 2, Peter Griffin 1

Round 4: Stupidity Level

Smart guys don’t sell their souls for a doughnut. Or half a mallomar. Okay, they’re both idiots.

To put it the PC way, Peter’s illogical and inconsistent behavior can be traced to his below-average intelligence. So, while he thinks he’s Jesus, doesn’t know what to call people in wheelchairs and puts his manhood in places he shouldn’t, at least his actions are explainable. Ish.

On the other hand: Homer may’ve been to space, but he was upstaged by a stick. He puts his health in jeopardy out of sheer laziness, is pretty oblivious, and doesn’t catch on quickly. But we blame Homer’s stupidity on the fact that he’s been hit on the head too many times. And cause of his near-constant exposure to nuclear waste. And all that beer. And the Simpson gene. And the crayon in his brain. Actually, Homer wins cause he chooses to remain a moron.

Homer Simpson 3, Peter Griffin 1

Round 5: Cultural Impact

From bowling a perfect game, to winning a Grammy, Springfield wouldn’t be the same without Homer. But his real impact is in the real world: he’s one of the most identifiable TV characters in history, and one of the most iconic representations of American comedy. Hey, his catchphrase is even in the dictionary. Sure, the show’s gotten lame over the years, but you’ve gotta give weight to its influence.

By arriving ten years later, Peter pushed the boundaries Homer couldn’t. But other than his Subway commercials, he’s yet to pack a pop culture punch as significant as his bald equal. Simply put, everyone knows that without Homer, there’d be no Peter.

Homer Simpson 4, Peter Griffin 1


By a score of 4 to 1, Fish Bulb takes the prize cause nothing beats the original.

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