Top 10 Purposely Annoying Beloved Cartoon Characters



Top 10 Purposely Annoying Beloved Cartoon Characters

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They're the most irritating characters ever – plus, they've got the worst voices. Whether they're a yellow sponge that lives in a pineapple under the sea, a yellow mouse crossed with a lightning bolt or a yellow girl with pointy hair and a holier than thou attitude, some cartoon character just get under our skin and make us change the channel – fast. In this video, counts down our picks for the top 10 most annoying cartoon characters from TV.

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Top 10 Purposely Annoying Beloved Cartoon Characters

They’re the most irritating characters ever – plus, they’ve got the worst voices. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 most annoying cartoon characters from TV.

#10 – Pepé Le Pew: “Looney Tunes” (1945-)

He may think he’s a suave romantique, but this stereotypical Frenchman is a horndog – plain and simple. Actually, we have a new idea for a cartoon: that girl cat with the white stripe painted down her back takes Pepé to court for sexual harassment. ‘Course knowing our skunky friend as we do, he’ll probably just sweet-talk the judge. Is this the worst stereotype, or what?

#9 – Lisa Simpson: “The Simpsons” (1989-)

This may be outta left-field; but there is an undeniable amount of internet hate-rage aimed in Lisa’s direction. Basically, no one likes a smarty-pants, and while she might be an inescapable part of the show, we’ve never warmed to her overachieving ways, rampant feminism and incessant causes. Constantly pushing her beliefs onto those she loves, Lisa is just plain dull. We guess you really don’t win friends with salad.

#8 – Orko: “He-Man: Masters of the Universe” (1983-85)

Y’know what fans of series like “He-Man” hate more than anything? Yes, even more than Skeletor. Wienies. And “He-Man”’s got two: Cringer and Orko. We’ll give Cringer a pass because, while he’s a big scaredy-cat, he does become Battle Cat. But Orko’s a meddlesome moron whose magic is always on the fritz. Also, the fact that he has no face but somehow has eyes just pisses us off.

#7 – Slimer: “The Real Ghostbusters” (1986-91)

How DARE they do this to our beloved “Ghostbusters” franchise? In the flicks, Slimer’s a peripheral character, who occasionally surfaces to scarf hotdogs and drive buses. But in the cartoon, it’s all him and his squeaky, Steve Urkel-style whining. Basically, Slimer’s the Ghostbusters’ pet and mascot, whizzing around in search of food and speaking with the most offensively obnoxious voice this side of, well, the Other Side.

#6 – Pikachu: “Pokémon” (1997-)

A character aimed at kids or people who like bright colors, shiny objects and repetition out the yang, Pikachu is the electrifying yellow thingy that accompanies Ash Ketchum through the Poké-verse. A cross between a mouse and a lightning bolt, he’s nauseatingly cute, with a catchphrase to match. Fans say Pikachu can kickass and take names with the best of ‘em – but even invincibility gets annoying after a while.

#5 – Snarf: “ThunderCats” (1985-89)

This is one of the ‘80s’ most kickass cartoons: Lion-O’s badass, Cheatara’s hot, and everyone in between is equally awesome. That is, with the massive exception of one of the most annoying characters known to man. Clearly, Snarf was added to the “ThunderCats” equation for comic relief. But since they bestowed upon him an awful voice, bumbling personality and the worst catchphrase ever, he fails on all counts.

#4 – Woody Woodpecker: “The Woody Woodpecker Show” (1957-77)

If we never hear that laugh again, it’ll be too soon. Woody’s raison d’être is to annoy, and he’s excellent at it; whether he’s using his moxy to do something he shouldn’t, pranking an unsuspecting passerby or pecking the hell outta something or someone. He may’ve helped folks laugh through WWII, but he’s still got one of the most grating voices in cartoon history. And definitely the worst laugh.

#3 – The Great Gazoo: “The Flintstones” (1960-66)

To answer your first question: yes, there was an alien on “The Flintstones.” No, we dunno why. It’s also beyond us why only a few dum-dums can see him. While floating around Bedrock, Gazoo smugly looks down on everyone, speaks in a snooty accent and helps Fred and Barney – ish. A last-season addition for the show, this jerk is usually considered “The Flintstones”’ jumping-the-shark moment. No kidding.

#2 – Scrappy-Doo: “Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo” (1979-80)

More like Crappy-Doo; amirite? But seriously folks: Scooby-Doo was scoobtastic in its heyday, and as with so many great shows, what wasn’t broke got fixed. Cue Scrappy-Doo to come in and steal Scooby’s spotlight and any goodwill the show had earned with his repugnant voice, aggressive attitude and stupid catchphrases. Overzealous, frantic and just plain irritating, Scrappy bugged just about everyone he came into contact with.

#1 – SpongeBob SquarePants: “SpongeBob SquarePants” (1999-)

Living in a pineapple under the sea, SpongeBob is silly, naïve, and enthusiastic to a fault – and those are about the nicest things you can say about him, at least since the movie was released. With a squeaky voice akin to nails-on-a-chalkboard, our pointy-headed friend has an overly-positive attitude that often leads to disaster. But he always keeps a smile on his face that we’d like to wipe off. Perfect.

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