Top 10 Dragons from Movies and TV



Top 10 Dragons from Movies and TV

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These legendary creatures are often portrayed in stories, movies, books and video games as larger-than-life beasts with serpentine or reptilian traits. They appear in many cultural myths as well. No matter their shape, size or color, they're bound to capture our imaginations. While they're not always scary, they're almost always associated with flight and fire-breathing. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 movie and television dragons. Special thanks to our users Jackhammer, Grungyto, Zlatin dotin and Zitagirl1 for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at WatchMojo.comsuggest.
They fly, breathe fire and are scary as hell – most of the time. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 movie and television dragons.

#10: Saphira

The film may’ve been wildly panned, but it still made almost 250 million worldwide. And you can’t deny that this fantasy-adventure film features one of the most magnificent dragons ever. Thanks to its CGI work, Saphira truly comes to life. Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, you can’t help but wish for a special connection of your own with such a fantastic creature.

#9: Mushu

He may be a lot smaller than you’d imagine a dragon to be, but Mulan’s protector is a true hero with a big heart. The blue-horned Chinese dragon may have his faults, but he’s got good intentions and he’s extremely funny – due in large part to Eddie Murphy’s voice-over talents. He doesn’t only help save the day but is justly restored to his former role as a guardian spirit.

#8: Draco

Thanks to its stunning visual effects, for Draco in particular, this fantasy adventure was nominated for an Oscar. Voiced by Sean Connery, the dragon possesses such realistic detail and human-like personality. We can’t help but feel his pain – kinda like how he feels ours too. Meanwhile, his one-of-a-kind partnership with Bowen makes us believe dragons’d make wonderful human companions.

#7: Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion
“Game of Thrones”

We first see these dragons as newborns during “Game of Thrones”’ season 1 finale. But it’s in Season 2 that we see a relationship akin to mother and child between Daenerys and these mystical beasts. While they seem small at first, don’t be fooled: these little dragons have got a flaming bite, are loyal to the core and grow up quickly.

#6: Hungarian Horntail
“Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire”

Though there are several dragons in the Harry Potter series, including Rubeus Hagrid’s Norwegian Ridgeback Norbert, it’s the Hungarian Horntail dragon in “Goblet of Fire” that really stands out. To learn the ways of the wizard, our beloved Harry battles the flying, fire-breathing creature in an unforgettable scene. The majestic beast doesn’t only instill fear and courage in the wizard’s heart but also elicits thrills, excitement and inspiration in ours.

#5: Shenlong
“Dragon Ball” Series

With a name like “Dragon Ball”, it’s not surprising dragons are important to the series. But it’s Shenlong, also known as Shenron, who makes our list. Not only does this larger-than-life divine creature have wish-granting abilities, it’s also what the characters hope to summon once they’ve found all the necessary dragon balls. Simply put: there wouldn’t be a series without it!

#4: Vermithrax Perjorative

Even though this fantasy flick’s special effects may seem out-of-date, they actually astounded many in the early ‘80s. In fact, “Dragonslayer” use of go motion animation earned them an Oscar nod - so the filmmakers’ decision to allot a quarter of their budget to this kickass dragon was certainly well-founded. With its cool name, swooping wings and threatening look, Vermithrax is everything you’d imagine an evil dragon to be.

#3: Maleficent
“Sleeping Beauty”

When it comes to cartoon villains, you can’t get any more menacing than this. After the Mistress of All Evil’s plans to bring death upon Princess Aurora are foiled, she transforms herself into a dragon so scary it’s unquestionably haunted the dreams of many kids. The beast is so evil that even after Prince Phillip puts a sword in her chest, she makes one last attempt to eat him while falling to her death.

#2: Toothless
“How to Train Your Dragon”

Though there are lots of scary dragons in this DreamWorks fantasy flick, at its core is the friendship between a young Viking and the Night Fury he calls Toothless. The dragon doesn’t only show Hiccup the truth about their kind, but develops an unlikely bond with the teen. Toothless’ original and cool design and lovable nature so moved audiences that he later made his way onto TV and will appear in two movie sequels.

#1: Smaug
“The Hobbit”

Since “An Unexpected Journey” is only Part 1 of “The Hobbit” trilogy, the main antagonist doesn’t actually appear that much. However, the presence of the smart but evil, gold-loving Smaug is definitely made known. And the Fire Drake will undoubtedly be shown in all its glory in the sequel(s). So anyone who knows the book and the animated 1977 musical TV special knows Smaug is the ultimate fire-breather – gold-and-gemstones-encrusted belly and all.

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