Top 10 DC and Marvel Copycats
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Top 10 DC and Marvel Copycats

Comic book creations seem to always be two of a kind. With so many comic characters out there, there's bound to be a few that feel all too similar. From heroes who share weapons, to those who share powers or other traits, it's easy to get a sense of deja vu when following superhero adventures. Join as we count down the top 10 DC and Marvel comic book copycats.

Top 10 DC and Marvel Copycats

Comic book creations are always two of a kind. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 DC and Marvel comic book copycats.

Just to clarify, we’ll be pointing fingers at superheroes, as well as super villains, who share much in common despite being from the separate universes. We’re also giving priority to higher profile characters over the extremely niche ones that no one takes seriously.

#10- Justice League/ The Avengers

Before we get down to specific characters, we thought we’d kick off our list by shinning a light on the two major comic book team-ups.

Justice League was the first to debut in 1960, featuring DC’s all-star lineup. Marvel’s team arrived three years later with it’s own heavy hitters. Both teams regularly update their roster while defending Earth from enemies too powerful for any one hero to face alone.

#9- Batman/ Iron Man

Don’t see a connection? How about the fact that both heroes are multi-millionaire playboys with no powers that use their vast resources to design their own suits, weaponry and gadgets. That’s all to wage a personal battle against injustice. Batman arrived in 1939, before Tony Stark arrived in 1963. To Tony’s credit, he doesn’t care for hiding his true identity, and also brings brains to his own superhero team.

#8- Robin/ Bucky Barnes

The two most famous sidekicks, it’s hard not to draw a comparison, especially since these young lads made their debut one year apart. The loyal allies of Batman and Captain America respectively, both proved to be effective in the field. Interestingly, they each eventually had a falling out with their mentors, taking on new darker superhero identities.

#7- The Flash/ Quicksilver

Okay now we’re getting to the copycats that copy from their predecessors with gusto! While DC’s Flash was the product of a lab accident that allowed him to zip around at unmatchable speeds in 1940, Marvel’s son of Magneto arrived with remarkably similar talents in 1964’s X-Men comics. Sure their color palette is unique, but they’re both essentially blazing speedsters who ultimately ran for good.

#6- Brainiac/ Ultron

These two advanced robot super villains are calculating foes of Superman and the Avengers exclusively. Both artificial intelligences,
Brainiac arrived first in 1968, before being followed up a decade later by the constantly rebuilt and upgraded Ultron. Interestingly, Brainiac, never really became as threat on the scale of the adamantium covered Ultron, despite a new all robotic look and streak of ruthlessness in the 1980s.

#5- Darkseid/ Thanos

Here they are, the two incredibly powered supervillain alien-demigods who seek global domination. DC’s anti-life equation seeking Darkseid arrived first in 1970, before the power gauntlet wearing Thanos followed suit three years later. Both are known for being morbid behemoths of incredible power that scour the cosmos for the means to achieve their goals.

#4- Deathstroke/ Deadpool

It’s Slade Wilson vs Wade Wilson, and both work as mercenaries who are both villains and anti-heroes. Need we say more? DC’s Deathstroke The Terminator arrived first in 1980 as a soldier injected with a super serum. When Deadpool came along years later, he bared so many similarities to Deathstroke that his writers decided to acknowledge that fact and make him a sort of parody. Also an ex-soldier, he’s differentiated himself by being a wisecracking and mentally unstable mutant with a penchant for breaking the 4th wall.

#3- Clayface/ Sandman

What are the odds that DC and Marvel would share shape shifters made out of dirt? Arriving in 1940, DC’s Clayface only gained the shape changing ability with his second incarnation in 1961, before Sandman arrived three years later. Both criminals, they each use their powers to pull heists while working with other super villains to cause Batman and Spider-Man similar grief.

#2- Killer Croc/ The Lizard

Here we go again! In this unique circumstance, Marvel’s Spider-man series was first to the punch in 1963 with a twenty-year lead! Its Lizard was once a scientist trying to grow back his arm, only to transform and become hell-bent on reptile supremacy. Batman’s Killer Croc transformed from carnival freak show to full on flesh hungry creature, likewise living in the sewer. While both started out with more human features, both have similarly evolved into larger more dinosaur-esque monsters.

#1- Green Arrow/ Hawkeye

Taking the top spot on our list are the two archers who make exclusive use of antiquated bows, albeit with enhancements and trick arrows. DC’s Green Arrow arrived first in 1941, before Marvel’s answer arrived like clockwork three short years later in 1964. Both are heroic members of the superhero team’s from their respective universes. The distinguishing difference is that Green Arrow draws direct inspiration from Robin Hood, with a little Batman thrown in for good measure.

Agree with our list? Which comic book copycat do you find the most mind-bogglingly similar? For more comic book orientated top 10s, be sure to subscribe to
Winter Soldier/Red Hood, Catwoman/Black Cat,
1. flash/quicksilver 2. green lantern core/nova core 3. Darkseid/Thanos 4. Anti-monitor/Galactus 5. green arrow/ hawkeye 6. Deadshot/bullseye 7. brainiac/Ultron 8. Robin/bucky barns 9. Justice Leauge/Avengers 10.Deathstroke/deadpool
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