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Top 10 Outrageous Female Music Fashion Icons

VO: Rebecca Brayton
While being fashion forward isn't a requirement for success in the music world, it can certainly help someone stand out from the rest of the pack. In recent decades, the industry has seen a number of strong female entertainers who taken the world by storm with their music and the clothes they wear (or don't wear). For this list, we’ve chosen women in the music industry who are strongly identified with their own unique style and sense of fashion. Join as we count down our picks for top 10 outrageous female music fashion icons.

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These women are musically inclined and fashion forward. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for top 10 outrageous female music fashion icons.

For this list, we’ve chosen women in the music industry who are strongly identified with their own unique style and sense of fashion.

#10 – Nicki Minaj

Though Lil’ Kim has accused her of copping her style, Nicki Minaj has also been called the black Lady Gaga thanks to her wild getups, numerous wigs and bright makeup. From pink hair to red capes, loads of accessories to tons of cleavage, Minaj has combined all the things she likes about fashion and given us what she calls the Harajuku Barbie look.

#9 – Rihanna

With those curves, long legs and good looks, it’s no surprise Rihanna’s never been shy to show off her assets. Wanting to be known as the black Madonna, the Barbadian recording artist continues mixing up her style and setting trends. Just check out her ever-changing haircuts and daring music video apparel. Her playful and experimental sides also shine through in her onstage and red carpet attire.

#8 – Lil’ Kim

Despite giving off a tough-girl vibe, she’s known for her sometimes racy, sometimes over-the-top costumes and vibrant wigs. And what Lil’ Kim lacks in height, she makes up for in bold and loud fashion choices. Though not all of her outfits are a hit – see: the pasties and unitard at the 1999 VMAs – this “Black Barbie dressed in Bulgari” is so committed to her style she’s started feuds about it.

#7 – Katy Perry

After kissing a girl and liking it, Perry made sure she was everyone’s teenage dream with her catchy pop songs and unusual sense of style. Often inspired by food, as well as different historical periods, Perry adorns her body with clothing spanning all the colors of the rainbow. She also makes sure to include just enough cute and just enough sexy in her look to appeal to males and females alike.

#6 – Björk

When it comes to this Icelandic singer-songwriter, her music isn’t the only thing that can be called eclectic. After leaving her pixie phase, Björk experimented with customized costumes and colorful onstage accessories. She even faced censorship from MTV for partial nudity in several music videos. But, of course, it’s that infamous swan dress from the 2001 Oscars that lands her a place in fashion history forever.

#5 – Grace Jones

The cross-dressing movement of the 1980s wouldn’t be the same without this Jamaican singer and actress. While she’s had several dance club and R&B hits, it’s Jones’ sexually ambiguous style that’s influenced dozens and dozens of artists, counting several on this list. Now considered a fashion icon, her signature look includes short and closely shaved hair, original hats, padded shoulders, sharp lines and outrageous clubwear.

#4 – Lady Gaga

When it comes to her music and her fashion choices, there’s no denying Mother Monster’s been influenced by Madonna. But Lady Gaga has also shown she’s a true artist and trendsetter in her own right: not only does she take chances with her choices and tries to make statements through fashion, she’s also willing to risk being called pretentious or a try-hard for her art. In short: she’s an original.

#3 – Diana Ross

With The Supremes, Ross shaped both the sound and look of Motown with her sparkly dresses and big hair. She turned on the glam even more as a solo artist when she brought out the curls, fur, sequins, and hats. Add confidence and sultriness to the mix and you’ve got a diva whose talents as a performer and entertainer rival only her unique style.

#2 – Cher

The Goddess of Pop didn’t only experiment with musical styles but also with clothing styles. After capturing our attention with her long black hair, bell-bottoms and Native American-influenced shirts, Cher dared to bare her belly button on television and donned sexy Bob Mackie-signed threads. She stood out even more with her many wigs and tattoos as well as her ability to seemingly effortlessly transform her look throughout the decades.

#1 – Madonna

She’s the Queen of Pop and the Queen of Reinvention. Starting with the punk-inspired lace, fishnet and short skirts look, The Material Girl showed us she was never afraid to change things up or create controversy. Ranging from sexy corsets and avant-garde cone bras to Christianity-inspired accessories and gothic attire to tight pink leotards, Madonna’s truly done it all – she even has her own fashion line!

Do you agree with our list? Which female musical artist do you think has the most unique sense of fashion and style? Be sure to subscribe to for more entertaining top 10s.

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