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Top 10 The Big Bang Theory Running Gags

VO: Rebecca Brayton
The American sitcom, “The Big Bang Theory,” made its television debut on September 24, 2007. Centering a group of friends consisting of four male nerdy best friends and an attractive female name Penny, the show has earned its actors multiple Emmy Awards. Thanks to its colorful cast of characters, “The Big Bang Theory” has come to be known for its use of inside jokes and repeated comical references. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Big Bang Theory running gags. Special thanks to our users, Erik blidner, Andrew A. Dennison, 1231heyo, Austin Devine, Shementing and LouisCampbell for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at WatchMojo.comsuggest.

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Bazinga! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Big Bang Theory running gags.

#10: Raj and Howard are Gay

They may consider themselves best friends, but others would probably argue otherwise.
Howard and Raj’s bromance hasn’t only been compared to that of a married couple,
but Raj is usually considered the wife because of his many girly interests. Even Leonard’s psychiatrist mom has called their relationship akin to an ersatz homosexual marriage! But, Raj insists he’s just very in tune with his feminine side.

#9: Howard’s Masters

As the only one without a Ph.D., Howard is often the center of ridicule among his friends and fellow Doctors. Despite the mocking, Wolowitz is proud of his Masters in Engineering: he cites the fact his work’s had practical applications as opposed to their mostly theoretical efforts. Since she’s an aspiring actress, waitress and community college dropout, Penny’s often the object of Sheldon’s derision as well.

#8: Soft Kitty

Sheldon may seem cold and emotionless, but he certainly has a special relationship with his mom. Not only is Mary Cooper the only person who can boss him around, she’s also one of the few who can make him feel better when he’s sick. One of her go-tricks is singing a children’s lullaby. After Sheldon teaches it to Penny, the song’s now often used to great comic effect.

#7: You’re in my Spot

It’s no secret Sheldon’s got quite a few quirks and compulsions. Penny learns about his spot the hard way when she unknowingly sits in his place on the couch in Season 1. Though Sheldon’s not just picky about where he sits at home, the fact there’s an entire episode around Penny’s paintball accident is proof enough that everyone should leave Sheldon’s spot alone.

#6: Video Chat with Raj’s Parents

When it comes to the guys’ parents, there’s Sheldon’s Fundamentalist Christian mom, Leonard’s extremely detailed and critical mother and Howard’s bossy and loud-mouthed mama. But since Raj’s parents are still in his native India, we actually only learn they’re Doogie Howser fans and want their son to marry an Indian woman through webcam. Surprisingly enough, the medium’s able to give us quite a few funny and entertaining insights about the Koothrappali family and beyond.

#5: Bazinga!

Sheldon isn’t exactly known for his sense of humor – and his inability to recognize sarcasm is infamous. However, when he does kid around or is playing one of his “classic pranks,”
there’s no way you won’t know: ‘cause it’s usually accompanied by this now-trademarked catchphrase. Whether or not we see it coming, we still love hearing him say it – though maybe not while popping in and out of a ball pit in the middle of the night.

#4: Raj’s Selective Mutism

Though he’s not shy around his male friends, Raj certainly has a hard time getting words out when he’s around women he’s not related to. In fact, for the first few seasons, he couldn’t, or refused, to speak in their presence and usually whispered his thoughts in his friends’ ears. But this has sometimes gotten him in trouble – as has drinking alcohol, which briefly cures his selective mutism but also uncovers his not-so-nice side.

#3: Mrs. Wolowitz

For the first five seasons, we see nothing of Howard’s domineering Jewish mother. But she makes her presence known by constantly nagging and yelling at her son with a deep, almost masculine, voice. What we do know about her is from their screaming matches and anything Howard’s mentioned, which includes her obesity and tendency to treat him like a child. Despite this, Howard loves her – and even appears more attracted than turned off when his girlfriend-and-future-wife Bernadette starts sounding like her too.

#2: Three Knocks

Though the show’s co-creator has denied Sheldon has OCD, it’s not tough to think he at least has some of its tendencies. One of his most famous behaviors is knocking three times on a door and stating the person’s name at least three times in succession. Since Penny’s usually on the other side, she’s learned to play along with it and even has fun interrupting him for the laughs.

#1: Roommate Agreement

The Roommate Agreement is a long and detailed document that Sheldon has Leonard sign when they become roommates. Ranging from ridiculous clauses in which Leonard must help Sheldon destroy A.I. to sections requiring notice of impending coitus, the agreement is often cited by Sheldon when rules are broken. It’s also probably inspired Sheldon’s Relationship Agreement with girlfriend Amy Farrah Fowler.

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